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  1. scottswatches's post in 18k favre leuba automatic was marked as the answer   
    It is solid 18k gold without doubt.  There will be confirmation inside the case, but no one puts an 18k bracelet on a gold plated case.
    I would say early seventies. Solid gold watches became difficult to sell in the late seventies due to the price of gold increasing 4 fold in a decade.  Plus those O marks on the dial are actually the Greek letter Sigma, used by the Swiss in the early seventies to tell people the indices and hands were also made from high end materials (gold in this case)
  2. scottswatches's post in Vivienne Westwood Finsbury VV065SLBK Battery? was marked as the answer   
    If you can, take the back off the watch and see what battery is currently fitted
  3. scottswatches's post in Quartz Watch - Date Stopped Working was marked as the answer   
    Probably broken
    Vague answer to a vague question, but probably accurate.  Has it been serviced?  Many people don't service quartz watches but in reality the calendar mechanism is much the same as a mechanical watch 
  4. scottswatches's post in Selling vintage watches in the UK was marked as the answer   
    If they can send me photos I can try and help.  I am a dealer and I am buying every day.  But don't be surprised if the values are not much different to auction houses - buying a 50 year old Omega chronograph can be a real wallet opener if it needs work, and if you (or your parents) have little or no feedback then selling on eBay then you simply will not get the same prices that a dealer with 1,000+ feedback for selling watches will.
  5. scottswatches's post in IWC from 1924 -1935 was marked as the answer   
    You won't get valuations on this forum, for that you need to show the watch to either an auction house or dealer.  Otherwise you will get someone saying it is worth £10, and someone else saying £10k
    If it is that early it probably won't have another name, but a picture speaks a thousand words
  6. scottswatches's post in Buying luxury watches at auction- a good idea? was marked as the answer   
    Buyer beware indeed.  I frequently buy at auction, but only select auctions where I have built a level of trust over many years with the staff there.  I have been told to leave certain lots alone in the past.  And remember that some people will use auctions to get rid of troublesome watches - broken date wheel is difficult to spot if it only happens on the 27th for example, or watches that may have had the wrong parts fitted in the past - they might run now, but be 20 minutes out a day.  No guarantees remember
    And the amount of watches that sell at auction for more than retail price always surprises me!
  7. scottswatches's post in Watch stops when I wear it was marked as the answer   
    It may need a service.  Any watch can run differently in different positions, and if for example a part had worn out that particularly affects it with the crown down (walking with it on your wrist) that same worn part might not show when it is dial up (sleeping or on the bedside table).  It could be a cracked jewel leading to this, but it could also be some dirt or hair in the movement too.  I have seen watches with broken balance pivots tick away perfectly happily dial up, but stop once tilted
  8. scottswatches's post in Longines Case Back was marked as the answer   
    You are better to ask Longines.  Only they will possibly have access to parts, and even then I would not hold out much hope unless the watch is very modern.
  9. scottswatches's post in I need help was marked as the answer   
    This forum can't help on values, but if you post some photos up we can at least tell you a little about what you have.
    Alternatively a local auction house could help
  10. scottswatches's post in Tissot PR50 J176/276K was marked as the answer   
    Cousins sell the stems, part number ETA956101401L1850 according to their screens.  They also sell pin vices to grip the old stem to allow you get the crown off without WD40...
  11. scottswatches's post in Are there any watch repairers in Atlanta Georgia area? was marked as the answer   
    You could try the NAWCC website 
  12. scottswatches's post in Help please JW Benson was marked as the answer   
    Pictures would help
    It isn't normal to have a stainless steel back and a gold case.  The steel is harder than the gold, and wears it out.  It is more likely that the mark between the lugs might say something like 20m Plaque, for gold plating.
    There are exceptions, and the case back might have been replaced at some point with a steel one.  I have an Omega with a yellow.gold case and a white gold caseback, which is very unusual but correct for the model.
  13. scottswatches's post in Aquaplunge (rotary) was marked as the answer   
    Unfortunately the bezel is the most frequently lost part, and also therefore the most sought after
  14. scottswatches's post in Can you help me identify this watch ? was marked as the answer   
    It's a terrible fake, which is why you will not find anything about the model.
  15. scottswatches's post in Omega Seamaster running REALLY fast was marked as the answer   
    My first suspicion would be a sticking hairspring.  If any of the coils touch it shortens this regulating spring considerably,  speeding up the watch massively.  Strange that it would repeat every few years though.
  16. scottswatches's post in "Tissonic" battery change was marked as the answer   
    Shouldn't be an issue at all.  Tissonics use IIRC the ESA 9162/4 movements so it should be straight forward
  17. scottswatches's post in Bulova Accutron service/repair in EU was marked as the answer   
    You SHOULD be able to send a watch to the UK  for repair without the UK person having to pay duty, and you paying duty coming back to Luxembourg.  However, my experience in the past six months is that customs duty is being applied to everything each way, which you have to pay and then appeal.  
    I think they assume everyone is lying until proved otherwise.
  18. scottswatches's post in Mont Blanc Meisterstück 7027 Parts was marked as the answer   
    I think only Mont Blanc will be able to help here.  
  19. scottswatches's post in Advice needed on a basic set of watch oils was marked as the answer   
    This is a big can of worms, as watchmakers all have slightly different ideas, but this is what I use
    8000 on the pallet jewels
    D5 on pivots (and pin pallets)
    8300 (grease) on springs and levers.
    Some movements will specify different oils and greases for different applications
  20. scottswatches's post in Becoming a watchmaker was marked as the answer   
    If you did go down this route you will find plenty of work.  Many watchmakers are at retirement age, and too few trained during the quartz years to keep up with demand now many people want mechanical watches.
    I have done courses at the BHI and would recommend them.  They also do distance learning courses.  As well as the cost of the course do factor in coming away with a list of tools you will want to buy that will run into several hundred pounds.  Many things can be bought used, such as staking sets, which will save you hundreds of pounds.  But you can easily burn £200 on just screwdrivers and tweezers.  And oils cost a small fortune!
  21. scottswatches's post in Regulating - tips for moving the arm in REALLY small steps was marked as the answer   
    A very steady hand
    I prefer to use the fork end of a spring bar tool to make adjustments.  Lots of watchmakers use tweezers though.  And adjust the beat rate error first before the timing, but you will need a timegrapher for that.
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