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  1. actually, Roy appears to think it is an economical repair :) Off to find a padded envelope....
  2. I hope I didn't suggest this guy was dishonest, he actually suggested that it would be cheaper to get a replacement... What sort of money would people expect to pay for a fixed balance and service on a watch of this type?
  3. I finally got around to taking this to a watch repair place at the Trafford Centre in Mcr. The guy said that it was probably (without inspecting) most likely a very expensive repair due to a broken balance pin or something along those lines. I didn't leave it to be fixed as to be honest I only paid slightly more than his quote for the watch in the first place! Can anyone recommend a cost effective way of repairing this? Do we have any "hobbyists" who want to take a crack at this? Thanks in advance for any advice... Paul.
  4. It seems to be happy in all positions, but as soon as it turns over past vertical from any axis to the face down position, it immediately stops.
  5. Whilst attempting to attach my Sekonda Strela 3017 to my wrist last week on holiday I dropped it. I dropped it onto a ceramic tiled floor! At the time I was horrified as it is my current favourite, but it appeared to still be ticking away nicely with no visible signs of damage. A few hours later I glanced at it to find that it had stopped, but a light shake of my wrist got it started again. So this is the situation, I have an intermittently ticking watch in need of repair. Any suggestions? Any idea of costs? Paul.
  6. I think this Strela is getting too much wrist time! Not very "summery" I'll admit...
  7. On a tripod this time, default "auto" settings, macro mode without a macro lense... Need to work out how to avoid reflections now. (think I should find a duster too!)
  8. Beautiful, very jealous, still on the lookout for a cream dial myself! As a long term owner of a strela, perhaps you can tell me how to get the second hand to stop? so I can set the time accurately, I have been puzzling over this for a week. Yes I have tried applying slight back pressure with the crown out as suggested on here, still no luck!
  9. Since my new budget camera has arrived (cheers kc), I may as well join in the thread... This has been on my wrist all week ;) Excuse the poor photography, new camera, handheld on default settings in the kitchen!
  10. Grabbed a cheap camera from kc on the sales forum - £41 delivered, some ebay macro lenses - £15 delivered. Took a quick handheld snap, no lighting, default auto settings in macro mode with the cheap lenses: I bet with a tripod, some decent lighting/diffusion, a quick play with the settings, this will take some superb budget pics!
  11. Thanks for the advice, but having spent a good 5 minutes trying to slow the passage of time with this method, the second hand hasn't even lost a second!
  12. Can anyone advise how to synch the second hand on a cal. 3017? The seconds continue to tick away regardless of the position of the crown... Thee has to be a better way to do this than let it run down! Paul.
  13. As it is only the clasp that is missing, is there a source for 16mm S/S clasps?
  14. Wow, I had no idea a UK business would shut down for an entire two weeks!
  15. Yeah, I thought of that, but assumed the replacement part would cost more than the watch is worth, I have seen these on ebay go for 30-40 quid!
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