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  1. Went for it and bought one, took a week to arrive. But its worth the wait. Quality is really good too and comparing it to a CWC SBS diver I had at the same time. I felt it was time to get rid of the CWC! This German watch feels better on the wrist, the illumination at night from the dials and hands is fantastic and the for the price ,you can't get better!
  2. ******I tried to amend my last comment post but I cannot edit for some reason!******* 189 Euro = £151.34 (at current rate) I asked them about import taxes to the UK and they replied back by saying there wouldn't be any because, I quote: "We are in located in Germany so you do not pay any tax, customs or VAT" ? Can anyone verify that?
  3. Good point! I will make them an offer via ebay and point out the difference elsewhere on the other site. I asked them about import taxes to the UK and they replied back by saying there wouldn't be any because, I quote: "We are in located in Germany so you do not pay any tax, customs or VAT" ? Can anyone verify that?
  4. Hello I saw this on ebay, made in Germany. (Couldn't add German tag as one doesn't exist!) http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Praetorian-Night-Patrol-Black-PVD-Military-Watch-Tritium-Illumination-T25-/261016972935?pt=Wristwatches&hash=item3cc5d2ee87 http://www.milwatches.com/product_info.php/language/en/info/p1762_Praetorian-Night-Patrol-Black-PVD---Nato-Armband.html Looks good I thought, does anyone own one? Are they any good, they have a Quartz Citizen/Miyota 2115 movement inside. Any replies are welcome. Thanks
  5. Just had email from buyer 'bd272' as I asked about their dealiings with 'maze55555' and the authenticity of the CWC watches they recently purchased. This is there reply to me via ebay: **************************************************************************************************************************** Dear bd272, Sir We regret to inform you that the watch you have purchased item 110823717724 is stolen from us, the seller maze5555 has been arrested for the theft of many watches from us. We are the manufacturers of CWC watches and in the first instance we would very much appreciate if you could call us on 0207 790 0900. The police may require your watch as evidence and regret that you have been duped by this person. Also the warranty card is forged by this person and will not be covered by our warranty. Please could you email a copy of the warranty to mal@silvermans.co.uk and also a copy of the purchase receipt from maze5555. If we do not receive this from you the police may well be in touch further pending investigations into this matter. - dodge5700 *************************************************************************************************************************** It all makes sense now, the seller was stealing to order! I don't think the buyers who actually received the watches will get their money back at all or get to keep the watch, as there now classed as evidence!
  6. Unfortunately there wasn't any feedback when I bought and yes I too have fallen for the scam of maze55555 aka / Andrius Vika / paulius ruikis paulienas@hotmail.co.uk Phone: 01708341267 v bertasiute Flat 2 92 campbell road E3 4ea LONDON http://www.tz-uk.com...&st=0&sk=t&sd=a Spent an hour and a half reporting to ebay via chat feature, was it worth it? did ebay do anything? NO The seller is still free to advertise more CWC watches freely, the negative feedback rate for this cheat is rising rapidly! I placed an ebay community buyer warning on ebay about this seller, it was removed ebay because it breached the 'NO naming and shaming' of members policy! Is it worth informing the police, would they do anything? Looking at the sellers feedback, its primarily buying and selling trivial items such as toothpaste, socks,stockings,stickers,leggings etc - building a false confidence in their activities then pulling a scam for selling a more expensive item that doesn't exist. Or the item did exist, only 1, then the seller realised how much easy money they could make repeating the sale advert - stock pictures, same text in the ad, no communication! The double whammy is ebay don't give a toss, as long as they get their fees! Any approach to ebay is always met with their 'policy and privacy' guidelines answers, thanks for informing us will we look into it!
  7. Hello Can someone explain what the 'C 31' means on the back of a CWC Quartz watch? 0555 / 6645 - 99 7573314 /|\ C31 95 Also how can it be verified if a cwc watch or similar military watch has seen action or actually come from a serviceman? Many thanks
  8. Hello Can anyone tell me about this or particular watches made by the same company around 1960 ? Also what sort of price would you expect to pay for one, I mean are these expensive ? Thanks. "> ">
  9. Hello I have a divers watch & for example the DAY in the DISPLAY window on the WATCH half showing. It seems to be mis - aligned for some reason ? Is this an easy job to fix - ie taking apart etc ? If anyone could share any advice on how to fix this problem I would be grateful. Thanks in advance.
  10. Forgot to mention the casing is Black presumably PVD & the dial has the DAY & DATE windows & it says QUARTZ also
  11. Hello Could anyone decipher this back plate for me please, its from a CWC divers watch. 0555 / 6645 - 99 7995443 I'm curious to know what the numbers mean ie is it a new watch or an old issued one. I'd upload the pic from my desktop, but there's no option for that for some reason? Thanks for all your help.
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