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  1. So I'm led to believe, but I'm definitely no expert. ...the SAR http://www.vintagewatchstraps.com/myrolexpage.php#sar
  2. Does anyone know the crown size, should it be a 5.3mm one and is that OD or ID?
  3. I found this recently on a car boot of all places, it needs work but the dial is passable and the balance swings....serial number seems to date it to roughly 1934 unless I'm reading it wrong?
  4. Cheers Mach for posting this, it's actually this wheel it appears to have lost it's end pin, .....it"]. it's all very clean I wonder if it was dropped early in it's life and was put away in a drawer since the condition is so good!
  5. The dials on both are pretty much mint, the marks on the Apex are on the 'glass' the dial is in great condition.
  6. Not posted for a while as I don't generally look for watches too much as I now have plenty to keep me going though I do read the posts that interest me. Here's a couple of watches I got at the weekend for a couple of quid each, neither work but condition was too good to pass on them IMHO! The Apex just winds and winds so I guess the mainspring has gone though balance appears fine, the Ingersoll doesn't wind but when you pull the winder out to set the time and twist it the hands go round and the gears engage and the second hand also rotates at speed.
  7. Here you go...sadly no gunships! "The World Helicopter Championships as an event was conceived over 30 years ago after two helicopter pilots (British & German) met by chance in an airport lounge, and discussed the subject as to which country they thought had the world's best helicopter pilots. This eventually lead to the first World Championships being held in 1971 in Vodick, Poland. The event now takes place every three years and continues to maintain a strong interest with potential host nations competitively bidding every three years to hold the event. The rules for the Championships are determined and controlled by the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI). The current world rules can be found here. All participating countries are members of the FAI Rotorcraft Commission. Most delegations from each country hold their own national competitions every year in their home country to the rules of the World Championships. Each event within the World Championship is designed to test the flying and navigational skills of both pilot and co-pilot." from the British helicopter team page.
  8. I am not a massive fan of plated watches preferring stainless or gold(when I can afford it!!!)...if it were stainless and I could swim in it It'd defo be a keeper, I love my two Amphibias and do wear them often and the scuba diver one for swimming and when abroad in Spain as it's pretty unburstable and sweat proof....I may just Ebay it, actually I never thought of the rare dial bit and yes I guess it would fetch more than the £4 I paid :)
  9. Thanks for that Kutusov, not sure what I'll do with it yet but I had to save it especially as it was still in it's original packaging and being unworn.
  10. I haven't posted in a while mainly because I haven't found or bought any wristwatches in a while....however I found this Vostock at a flea market today, can anyone decode the dial inscription? I guess it's a 1994 commerative watch of some sort....it has a screw down crown ...I am not sure if the case is plated or stainless steel??? the back just says water resistant I believe? Anyway here's a few pics I don't think it's even been tried on as the strap has no wear at all, so far it keeps good time having bought it at 10.35 this morning and it's bang on with my old trusty Accurist quartz..
  11. my Gran had them all...we used to sit for hours with them playing 'bags' in the air rifle, toy and bike sections...later in our teens we moved onto different sections! The watch is 'white metal' nickel or whatever but polishes up nicely and is quite heavy, the glass is great and gives it a jewel like quality, not sure if it's a 7 or 15 J and it's running too well to go taking the dial off to see!
  12. Thats what I thought too Mel....and we were both right! http://www.kaysheritage.org.uk/10797.html
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