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  1. I hope you've only got one packet of Cheddar open, or are you using the individually wrapped fingers?... ...and for goodness sake make sure you put the lid back on the Branston properly....
  2. I must ask if you are taking this particular game seriously, Q...another mention of a 'foreign johnny' location definitely means a spell 'in Nidd' for you, unless you can come up with an acceptable answer for your choice. Queensbury.
  3. Time to give the 'Spork' an outing as I haven't worn it for a couple of weeks....
  4. Lovely watch, whether you were stressed or not...
  5. Whatever makes you say that?......... 3 'Urchins' on left.
  6. Roger the Dodger

    Mafws Game

    Some men ordered kippers, eventually... FISHY
  7. Sacre Bleu, Q! That definitely sounded Franglais, but as it's your first go I suppose we can let it pass...however, once more and it'll be 'in Nidd' for a couple of goes. A completely British and stiff upper lipped Notting Hill Gate is my next move.
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