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  1. I have a couple of titanium watches and love them for their lightness on the wrist. The colour is darker than SS, more like a satin grey...
  2. Ah well....at least you were relieved of 'real' cash and didn't have to perform a 'risky' online purchase. No paper trail, see. Cash is king...as it always has been and always will be. Pretty cool watch, too!
  3. Sorry about that, John...I wasn't thinking...a common problem these days...
  4. Make sure it's pressed on squarely. Use a crystal press with the right sized dies installed...the bottom one to support the caseback correctly and the top one to bear on the bezel only...not overlap onto the crystal. It's only got to be slightly scue-whiff and it won't turn properly. As mentioned above, lightly lubricate the tension/click spring and gasket with silicone grease before pressing home. It once took me several attempts to replace a Seiko Sea Urchin bezel, but once seated correctly it turned perfectly.
  5. For attaching my old Chinon (Ex Dixons own brand) 8 x 20 zoom binos to my tripod, I bought an adaptor from a country show stall many years ago. It simply screws into the socket at the bottom of the focusing wheel, and then screws onto the plate on the tripod. Very useful for bird watching and stargazing as it eliminates wobble...especially when zoomed right in.
  6. Rescued DW-6630B G Shock today.... From this... To this...
  7. Always liked Natalie Cole's version of 'Pink Cadillac'...but the extended dance re-mix was the best...
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