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  1. Here you go... https://www.manualsdir.com/manuals/150167/seiko-7t32.html
  2. Agree with @JoT...great demo, not often described so nicely. If you still feel this maybe beyond your expertise, or you don't have the tooling, you can buy a very nice sharkmesh with removeable 'H' links. Each link consists of the H and two rows of mesh which shorten the bracelet by about 10mm each and there are also some micro adjustments on the clasp. They are screwed links and the beauty of these is that the links can be replaced if necessary, which you can't do if you cut rows out. Watchgecko do a nice one.
  3. Correct! The images of the 'Commando' watch, which first appear just after Arnie jumps out of the plane into a swamp, state that it's a modified H558-5009, which is the usual 'Arnie' as we know it, but I can't find any other reference to this modification...in fact, if it is a mod, it must have been pretty extensive...like a different module, as there are no central hands, a central LCD and two sub dials at the top...and no branding. Personally, I think it's a completely different watch.
  4. I'm never sure why people get this one wrong. This was the watch he wore in Commando...as this screen shot shows. which is different to the one usually called an 'Arnie'.
  5. Another quick update: The shower wall samples arrived today, and very impressed with them! We ordered samples of 'White Sparkle', 'Gloss White' and 'White strings'. White Sparkle is a nice, bright white with a faint background pattern and iridescent flecks in it, White Gloss is as its name suggests, a very bright, shiny white, and the White Strings is slightly creamier with silver lines running down it. We went for the White Sparkle. The panels are 10mm thick and very rigid...I couldn't bend the samples at all. I tried cutting with a fine panel saw and it cuts very easily, and it also cu
  6. I eagerly awaited the much hyped release of the LE Seiko Samurai 'Blue Lagoon', even though I knew it didn't have the same hand set that the original Samurais have. I liked the originals, but they were very expensive, if you could get hold of one. Anyhow, I thought I'd give it a go, despite it having the horrible 'large arrow' hour hand that Seiko seem to insist on putting on all the Prospex range. It arrived, I took one look and immediately put it up for sale in the SC where it sold within a few minutes. Probably the fastest turn around of a watch ever! The 'Turtle' version of the same watch
  7. 8.00am this morning, and I don't think there'll be many people flocking to pub gardens here in the 'sunny' South....
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