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  1. That's correct...a 'ruler' is a King or Queen, a 'rule' is a measure. I was guilty of referring to a rule as a ruler in my post above... Should have known better...
  2. That's a term I haven't heard for a few years...the pattern makers shop. We had a pattern makers shop at BroomWade, where they made all the wooden patterns to create the sand moulds in the on site foundry. The pattern makers were really skilled carpenters, whose tapes and rulers were calibrated to be slightly bigger than normal. This allowed for the shrinkage of the castings as they cooled and thus ended up more or less the correct size, ready for final machining. Big castings like the crank cases of the big 'V Major' compressors went outside for a year to 'season' before being bought in and put through a huge shot blasting chamber before going to the machine shop.
  3. That's 9pm on ITV1 tonight. Looking forward to it as well...the last one was really funny.
  4. Roger the Dodger

    Mafws Game

    Smoking tobacco offends people sometimes... SMOKE.
  5. Been modifying my bird boxes today seeing as the birds are starting to nest. Last year, both my boxes were attacked by Green woodpeckers. This morning I have cut some old roofing slates to size and screwed them to the front of the boxes, and reinforced the entrance holes with some aluminium chequerplate squares. I also removed the old wooden tops and made new ones using slate again. The woodpecker might end up with a bent beak if it tries it this year...
  6. Skyhooks and a metric adjustable spanner were always good items to send rookie apprentices to the stores for.
  7. Roger the Dodger

    Mafws Game

    Just attacked paranoid Australian nutcase... CRAZY.
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