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  1. As promised, here is a picture of my Heath Spotted Orchids which have just flowered. As can be seen, they are a lot darker pink than the Common spotted orchid.
  2. Watering the garden this morning, so something with a little WR needed in case I splash myself...
  3. Hi, and welcome to the forum! Good luck with the Omega.
  4. I've activated the push notifications on my Samsung phone and tablet, so will see what happens and report back.
  5. It's good that everyone has different tastes and makes different choices...otherwise we'd all be looking at pictures of the same watch. The forum would be pretty boring with only one watch on display.
  6. I used to get a bleep on my tablet and PC when someone replied to my posts, but this seems to have stopped since the upgrade. Has this now gone, or do I need to switch something back on? I can't see a 'Sound a tone when new content posted' option in my account settings anymore. I found this very useful.
  7. Another yellow, Seiko 'Caesar' chrono, based on the 7T92 movement.
  8. 1924 Elgin Masonic PW from my days in the order. The green gold case houses a size 12, 17 jewel movement, grade 345. The cream dial displays symbols of craft masonry.
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