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  1. Slow leaks are terribly exasperating... EMPTY
  2. Final Hatton Garden tonight...this has been an excellent programme.
  3. Led an unfamiliar girl home... QUICK
  4. Off on a fishing trip today, so something inconspicuous...my old daily beater, Casio Gravity Defier. 200m depth rating so I should be alright if I fall in!
  5. Don't forget the third installment of 'Hatton Garden' tonight at 9.00 on ITV. The first two were superb!
  6. Here's something a bit unusual...it's a condition that plants sometimes get and it's called 'Fascination', from the Latin for 'band' or 'stripe'. It occurs when the growing tip or meristem of the plant is affected by a virus, injury, bacterial infection or even frost. Instead of producing a round stem or flower, the growth becomes distorted, usually resulting in flattened stems or elongated or multiple flowers such as these examples... Facination of a Dandelion stem.... ...and this is facination of a flower (on the R) I've seen this many times over the years at work, but last Autumn, noticed some developing Hazel catkins that had become fascinated by some means or another. Instead of producing just the normal two or three catkins, this bud produced over 40. The first pic was taken back in October of last year, when they were developing, and the second shots were taken this spring when they opened up. It was quite an unusual sight! October 2018. March 2019. @johnbaz...Is your Acer the same as this one, which has very bright orange leaves as they emerge, later fading to lime green, then finally red? If so, this variety that I had at work was called 'Orange Beauty'.
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