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  1. Will a jig saw and metal cutting blade fit in there?
  2. Lightning, thunder and pis-istently raining here in rural Berkshire this morning, so something to cope with the splashes...
  3. Just superb! And bag on the head moment, ...I hadn't realised that Credor was the very highest end of the Seiko group...I had always thought that was Grand Seiko. You keep learning here...the forum that keeps giving. Thanks for posting, Bernie.
  4. That's one of the benefits of being retired... you're no longer ruled by time (granted, the odd appointment still has to be adhered to). Your life is your own to do what you want, when you want, something I should have done far sooner than I did two years ago. It's like being a kid again in those far off, long, hot summers when you went out in the morning and didn't come home 'till it was getting dark or you were hungry. Now that's changed to 'getting dark or drunk, whichever is sooner'...... I have Sheila for that...
  5. As I've said many times before, (personally speaking) a holiday is for relaxing, not constantly looking to see what the time is. You don't actually have to wear a watch to be a watch enthusiast. Just my humble opinion on the subject, you understand...
  6. Quite simple for me...I never take one.
  7. Off to the dentist for routine 6 month check up today...
  8. Something frivolous today. 1990s Lorus Mickey Mouse watch with Seiko 17 jewel auto movement.
  9. Ok...following my first abortive attempt where I hadn't read the rules properly and posted 4 different brands... I'll go with Seiko. Pilot's (well the dial is certainly pilots style). Seiko 'Spork'. Diver's. Seiko 'Sawtooth'. Dress. No white dials in my Seiko collection, but this Seiko silvery LCD should fit the bill and it's quartz. Seiko G575-4010. Casual. Seiko 'Caesar'.
  10. Is that a new acquisition, Cassie? Looks lovely! I was tempted by one in the SC. A bit of brightness for this lovely sunny weather...we'll soon be approaching Portuguese style temps if this carries on...
  11. Don't know how I missed this one, Jon...great result, though. I do love a good photo tutorial.
  12. Lovely looking watch, Honour and at a snip, too! Sorry to hear of your unfortunate fall and hope you recover quickly . Stay safe and well.
  13. Just like to add my best wishes for the future, Kevin...stay safe and well, chap.
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