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  1. A few here for you, but as above from the last time.
  2. 1924 Elgin Masonic PW. The green gold case houses a size 12, seventeen jewel movement, grade 345.
  3. Just heard on TV and bought back a few memories
  4. Please don't think I'm insulting you, Ging, but are you sure they are screws, because usually, if the links are screwed, they will fit a normal watchmakers screwdriver. What I've been caught out with in the past is split pins that appear to look like screws, (and I've wasted plenty of time trying to remove them with a screwdriver! ) that require pushing out rather than screwing. The slot in the end of a split pin is much smaller, but gives the illusion of a tiny screw. Here's what I mean in the pics below. I did a thread about this problem once, but can't find it now. These are what the scre
  5. Spoke to the Peugeot dealer where the car was bought and they have asked me to bring the car in for a diagnostic check on the paintwork on Feb 2nd. According to the original invoice, we paid for 'Peugeot Protect' at the time of buying which was a 'For life' paint protection product. Will be interesting to see what transpires. Pretty sure it's not rust, but rather a failure of the paint/lacquer itself.
  6. It can be used for household knives though I don't use mine for this. In addition to the chisel and plane blade jig that comes with the machine, you can different jigs as accessories to fit the standard tool rest including long and short knife jigs, wood turning gouge jig, axe jig etc.
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