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  1. That's strange....I wonder if Virgin charge according to where you live in the country, My phone(weekends and evenings free) / TV (2nd lowest package, 'Mix') / broadband (100mb, medium speed) package was costing £89/month. Losing the TV package and cutting the phone to weekend free calls only has dropped it to £49/month, which is still £2 a month more than you're paying for a full package. I reckon we pay more here in the south! (and I've been with Virgin for over 20 years...the robbin' bar-stewards) Seriously going to look at BT fibre now.
  2. Hi, and welcome to the forum! Well done on acquiring a Gorillaz LE watch. Is it one of the original 2018 series, or the later 2019 series. My son managed to get an original 2018 'Murdoch' (green) one for his girlfriend who's mad on Gorillaz, but it was mightily expensive I seem to recall.
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