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  1. Fab colours, Rafy...I think you need a pair of these to go with it...
  2. I don't know very much about them, Nigel as I've not really looked at them before. Apart from having a date sub dial at 3 instead of a date window, I think they're basically the same as a 7T32. Interestingly, most seem to be labelled 'Flightmasters', and looking at Google Images of 7T34s, you can see why. Kev might be able to throw some more light on them?
  3. That is a fabulous collection, Davey, but I'm going to be boring and agree with the majority of suggestions above. You have Omega represented twice, so of the two, I would keep the Seamaster and ditch the Speedy in favour of a Zenith Rainbow Flyback...which would also add a subtle bit of colour. My favourite, since you asked, is the JLC.
  4. Well I didn't agree with the No. 1 comedian, Stan Laurel, and I was expecting to see a lot more of our 'older generation' of comedians such as Benny Hill, Dave Allen, Dick Emery et al.
  5. Seiko 7T32-7F70, yellow version for the BH.
  6. Tomorrow, in a Michael Caine style voice, you might be saying 'I was only supposed to blow the bloody glass off'.....
  7. Yelled enthusiastically at rowdy supporters... IDIOT
  8. Just taken my whole collection of Dick Francis paperbacks down to the Oxfam shop as they are now all on my Kindle.
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