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  1. Hi Paul. Yes, you are right, the edit function times out at around 15 minutes after posting. After that, you can ask a mod to do it for you if you really need to. I would agree with Kev that a Luminox with Tritium tubes would fit the bill nicely, even a Vostok Europe.
  2. There used to be quite a few of these on here...they seem few and far between now. Seiko SRP043K1, aka the 'Spork'.
  3. This one should just about be old enough to make the list...18ct Garrard PW dating from 1845.
  4. Hi, and welcome to the forum, Wolfie!
  5. Hi, and welcome to the forum, Karen Marie! Have a look at the pinned topics regarding posting pics at the top of the Watch Discussion section.
  6. Hi, and welcome to the forum, Pinx!
  7. What! Do you think I'm made out of money....? No, I think I still prefer the original.
  8. I use (like lots of others here) the Lidl one which is perfectly adequate for the occasional bracelet/case clean. I don't use any special cleaner, just hand hot water and a few drops of washing up liquid. Obviously, for more frequent or professional use, a more robust machine would be required.
  9. While I love and covet Roy's new Springdrive, I think if I had that money to spend it would go on a proper SBDX001 Marine Master (not the newer ProSpex style) as I like chunky dive watches.
  10. Great review, Kev. I've pondered many times over Rob's black kinetic. I still have the yellow quartz version...one of my favourites! Here's the review I did of it when it first arrived back in 2018.
  11. Citizen 'Ecozilla' today. 9 oz of comfortable heft.
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