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  1. Is the bezel fixed by those Allen bolts, or are they purely decorative? The reason I ask is because I had this Precisionist, and the bezel was non rotating due to the bolts.
  2. Another Seiko...7T92 based 'Caesar', named presumably for the fanciful resemblance to a Roman leader's laurel coronet when viewed from the side. Quite large at 46mm diameter, it wears very nicely on the bigger wrist.
  3. I quite like watching the gold hunters, both American and Aussie, and also Aussie opal hunters, but they make me wonder how many hours of video are shot in order to show the 'finds'. Or do they only film when a target is found? If it was as easy as they make out, everyone would be doing it.
  4. I have a couple of titanium watches and love them for their lightness on the wrist. The colour is darker than SS, more like a satin grey...
  5. Ah well....at least you were relieved of 'real' cash and didn't have to perform a 'risky' online purchase. No paper trail, see. Cash is king...as it always has been and always will be. Pretty cool watch, too!
  6. Sorry about that, John...I wasn't thinking...a common problem these days...
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