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  1. When I first started out, I tried positioning a brand new set of hands with tweezers...never again. One pinged off into the wild blue yonder and it took me ages to find it, and the tweezers had marked it. That's when I took a leaf out of Mark Lovick's book (of the Watch Repair Talk channel fame) and have used Rodico ever since.
  2. Try a bit of Rodico next time (or Blu tac). I find it invaluable for positioning hands.
  3. I think its a comedy show...not sure. Ideal World shopping channel trying to flog 'Swiss' Hanower quartz watches... They want up to £400 and the seconds hands don't even hit the markers...
  4. It appears to rotate, but that's because of so much 'bumping'.
  5. Sorry, not for me...and I normally like Grand Seikos. Just my humble opinion and each to their own, as they say.
  6. Not today, but at the weekend, got my quartzes out to check that none had stopped due to needing new batteries....especially the Seiko G757 which needs a new one as soon as the display starts flashing. Luckily, all OK.
  7. Roger the Dodger

    Mafws Game

    Becoming observant ornithologist took years... BIRDS.
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