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  1. As an aside, Lidl were selling a 12v re-chargeable 'Dremel' style rotary tool (branded Parkside) for £16.99 this week. It comes with a few tools included, but they also had some other attachments to fit it, sold seperately. Cousins also sell all the relevant gear.
  2. As mentioned by @Davey P above, try Cousins UK. https://www.cousinsuk.com/category/0130mm-spring-bars
  3. Bulova Accutron 'Mickey' hummer from 1977 with that mesmerisingly smooth second hand. At only Ø34mm, it's way too small for my stupid 8" wrist, but Sheila wears it on a regular basis, as she is today.
  4. Is this Tinder for watches? Swipe left.
  5. That's better... the Blue Knight we all know and love...
  6. If you just need one individual size, ebay might be your friend here. I bought an individual 2mm tap from the bay recently, not available in any sets I had seen. Cousins also do taps and dies, both expensive (Bergeron) or cheapey (Indian).
  7. From just an enquiry, this thread is proving to be very enjoyable. Having re built a grandfather clock and an anniversary clock, (both projects are detailed on the forum) I was sure that the pins should have been standard tapered clock pins. As @nevenbekriev says, they were probably proper tapered pins originally, but have been replaced with substandard wire at some point by an amateur. Get yourself some proper tapered pins and do the restoration correctly. Links for the above mentioned projects here if you are interested.
  8. A cabinet saw for my workshop. £15K's worth. https://www.scosarg.com/martin-t60c-sliding-table-panel-saw
  9. The watch I showed in today's WRUW thread is quite a chunky beast at nearly 19mm deep and weighing in at just over 9oz.
  10. Because of my stupidly large 8" wrist, 40mm (Rolex 16710 GMT) is the smallest I'd go. Most of mine are in the 40 - 50mm range.
  11. I had a Luminox 'Navy Seal' and the Tritium tubes were underwhelming in terms of brightness to say the least. As mentioned above, they are nowhere near as intensely bright as, say, 'Super Luminova' or Seiko's 'Lumibrite'. But then on a watch designed for covert operations, a super bright lume system might be a bit of a give away. As Tritium has a half life of 12.32 years, expect the initial glow to diminish over a period of 10-15 years until it finally becomes useless as a light source.
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