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    Mafws Game

    PREEN. Poor Richard eventually expired nastily... VIRUS.
  2. The strap on that OM was a 22m Hirsch pure Caoutchouc rubber item. It cost quite a lot IIRC...around £35. I gave it away to a member on here.
  3. That's one that I had, the fabulous Seiko OM...no collection pic, but one of me wearing mine at work many years ago...and I just remembered who bought it. It was Brendan (@YouCantHaveTooManyWatches), who only lives a mile or so away...
  4. Keep a sharp eye on it, Norm. If new growth appears, all should be well. One way to check if a shrub or even a dead looking branch is still viable is to scrape away the bark with a sharp knife in a small area. If it's still green under the bark, it's still alive...if it's brown, it's dead.
  5. Nothing has changed. You can't, in most cases upload to the forum directly from your device, whether that is a PC, tablet or phone. This forum, as with most others, needs a URL (uniform resource locator) to find and display your pic. This URL or code is automatically generated when you upload to a third party site such as Flikr, Imgur et al. The Gallery here will do the same. Your phone or tablet on its own won't generate a URL, so that's why you can't post directly from it.
  6. Norm...has it been healthy up till this year, or has it been getting weaker for a while. If the latter...poor shoot growth, underdeveloped leaves, no flowers etc., then maybe the tree has a disease which may or may not be curable. However, and I hope this is the case, it may have just been frost damage. Late and unexpected frosts can burn and destroy developing flower and leaf buds if they are extremely cold. I've had whole, established Wisterias at work devastated by a late frost and lost the whole years flower display. This year, a lot of my Box topiary (you may have seen them in other threads) have been affected by frost...at first I thought it was 'Box Blight', a fatal disease of Box, but I now think it's frost scorch, where we had a particularly hard frost one night in early May and the developing tender buds were completely frozen and killed...the same may have happened to your Magnolia. There's not a lot you can do physically, but as long as new growth starts to appear and grow strongly in the summer sunshine, then the tree isn't dead and I wouldn't worry too much. Keep an eye on it.
  7. You'd think that a quick spray with WD40 might be the answer, but the stuff stinks to high heaven...trust me, the baby oil (and I use the best...Johnsons, and if you're watching Johnson marketing chaps, all royalties to the forum, please!) is the best solution I've ever found because it's unscented. Try it on your stainless toaster, hob, oven, sink, BBQ etc... it really does work. Cracking job, John! Well done, chap!
  8. A few weeks later and here are the very protective females with their egg sacs attached by a thread to the end of their abdomen. They are incredibly fast across the ground when it's hot, so difficult to photograph...the modern phone is the photographer's friend. At only 1cm across, even @Cassie-O wouldn't be scared of these...there are thousands in my garden!
  9. One tip I learned from the fabulous ladies that used to come to do our 'builders cleans' before the newbuilds went on the market (while I was still working, you understand) was to use baby oil on stainless steel surfaces. I was a bit skeptical when I heard this, but tried it...and it beats any other protective / polish / cleaning agent out there. Just rub it in, then wipe off any excess...and it works inside and out. Before winter sets in properly, we clean down all the surfaces (Stainless surfaces and enamelled/painted ones) then wipe them over with baby oil... then cover the whole lot with a cheap blue polypropylene tarp (available everywhere). Following spring, take it off, brush out any wildlife (spiders, etc), polish up again with baby oil and good to go! A quick rub with baby oil once or twice during the season also keeps it looking like new.
  10. Roger the Dodger

    Mafws Game

    GONER. Generally, only need exercise rarely... SLEEP.
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