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  1. I once found two £20 notes folded together on the pavement in Cornwall....I said to the 'little piranha' do you think we should hand this in?......The next second, it was in her purse faster than Paul Daniels could wave his wand....
  2. Roger the Dodger

    Mafws Game

    Can't really invite my ex.... WITCH.
  3. Sadly, no RLT 29 up for grabs...
  4. I agree with JoT...something is causing the coils in the balance spring to adhere to each other, thus increasing the amplitude. You seem to be pretty well equipped if you have a timegrapher, so I guess you know your way around a movement. Whip the back off and see if there's a stray blob of lube sticking a couple of coils of hairspring together, or as JoT said, check it's not magnetised. Failing this, give @simon2, our resident watchmeister a shout.
  5. Is anyone else else experiencing this. Sometimes when I make a post, I click the 'submit post/reply button, and then get the spinning circle of doom, followed by either...'The site can't be reached'...or 'The Watch Forum took too long to respond'. This only happens for TWF...all other sites respond as quickly as normal, so I don't think it's a problem at my end. I usually leave it for 5 minutes, then try again, when it normally resolves itself, but it's really annoying when it occurs. Would appreciate to see if others are experiencing this so I can ask Roy about it.
  6. Roger the Dodger

    Mafws Game

    Crime leads only to Hell... FELON.
  7. Hi and welcome to the forum! I fear that you may have just put your foot at the top of one of these....like so many of us!
  8. Ah well...at least I can look at the videos every now and then....
  9. Not many watches catch my eye these days, but this video about the Ulysse Nardin 'Freak' made me sit up and look. It's just so different, but I'll bet the price is freaky too....
  10. To be honest, I think you'll be hard pushed to get a metal cased watch with 200m WR, temp. sensor and under 100€, unless you go for a Casio...which you've said you're not keen on. Most G Shocks usually feature 3 sensors...temp, compass and altitude, though like most watches with temp. sensors, they need to be taken off for at least 20 minutes before you try to get an accurate reading, otherwise, they pick up your body temp. and factor that into the reading too. My Casio Rangeman will add at least 10oC to a temp. reading if kept on the wrist. Have you tried the Casio Protreks? Some have titanium cases, but I'm not sure of the prices. The one below has a resin/ss case and is £70/€... https://www.davidchristopher.co.uk/product/casio-mens-protrek-watch-sgw-100-1vef-3/?gclid=Cj0KCQiA04XxBRD5ARIsAGFygj-l2SQtN86Wrwomyk4iKTv_ZCt4wolwHTTSJ_5ljcumy7KsE25m66QaAravEALw_wcB
  11. Only another 12 weeks until the next break away...a month in Menorca....
  12. Changing taps and wastes on all the baths and basins today.
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