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  1. Up to date with one of my favourites...Katy Perry...2019.
  2. Roger the Dodger

    Mafws Game

    Crushed old Seiko to smithereens... SMASH.
  3. My Lidl one has 3 pre-programmed settings... 180 secs (3 mins), 300 secs (5mins) and 480 secs (8 mins). You can buy specialist watch cleaning fluids, but for amateur use (Ie. cleaning bracelets and case parts), I always use slightly hotter than hand hot water to help start the grease melting and a few drops of detergent (washing up liquid) on the 180 second setting. This always gives me perfect results. Make sure you rinse and thoroughly dry the parts (I put mine on top of a radiator for 20 minutes) before reassembly. You will see an accessory in the pic that looks like a bridge...this is to fit a watch to so that the head stays above the fluid while the bracelet is submerged, but I wouldn't trust this not to fall over when the machine starts...far better to remove any bracelet from the watch first. Others may use different methods and timings.
  4. For anyone who wanted a Lidl Ultrasonic cleaner, they will be available in the middle of Lidl from next Sunday 8th Dec. while stocks last. Anyone on here, including myself, will tell you how useful they are.
  5. Roger the Dodger

    Mafws Game

    Some Hublots are very expensive... PRICE.
  6. The only Vostok I would have considered...the 'Red Square' Mk2 in blue and on the bracelet. Sadly, these seemed as rare as hen's teeth back in the day, and although I saw many red ones, the blue version never crossed my path. The Mk2 version had a much nicer dial (smoother) than the Mk1, which had a waffle texture to it. Vostok Europe watches are still sold quite regularly on the shopping channel 'Ideal World'.
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