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  1. Tidied the garage out ready for the arrival of my drill press and bench grinder and conversion into a workshop.
  2. Roger the Dodger

    Mafws Game

    STORM. Sadly, the optician retires Monday... BLIND.
  3. Casio GW-9400 Rangeman conversion today. From this... To this...
  4. Roger the Dodger

    Mafws Game

    DOMES. Disgraceful odour...my emissions stink!... WINDY.
  5. @Biker.... Just at a quick glance...the top bright green plant is a spurge aka milkweed (Euphorbia sp). Called milkweed as it produces copious quantities of white sap which can be irritating on the skin. Usually grown for their brightly coloured foliage, the flowers are usually insignificant., The smaller plants surrounding it look like various 'chickweeds' and should be pulled or hoed up, or they'll seed everywhere and you'll have even more next year. No. 2 The blue flowers are cranesbill geraniums...the red ones might be as well, but I can't see the leaves properly. If not cranesbill, they may be Potentilla. No. 3 is Zantedeschia aka Calla Lily. No.4 Is a Potentilla (I think) aka Cinquefoil. No. 5 The red flowers on the dark foliage are Dahlias and the fluffy pink spikes are Astilbe aka False Goat's beard. No. 6 Is also a Dahlia.
  6. Hi! Welcome to the forum. I think you've had the best advice already from the posts above. Good luck with the sales!
  7. Hi, and welcome to the forum!
  8. Hi, and welcome to the forum! Nice trio, and well done sorting out the pic posting!
  9. Omega SMP 2231.80. Cal. 1120.
  10. Roger the Dodger

    Mafws Game

    CROCK. Can really old codgers knit?.... CREPE.
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