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  1. Hi, and welcome to the forum! You'll find it a little quieter and more relaxed over here.
  2. Is your wet leak detector a Cousins item, Jon? I've been looking to buy one for testing watches after battery changes. A lot of the cheaper ones seem to be rated to 6 bar (60 m...approx 200ft), which wouldn't test a diver rated to 200m. However I've also seen it stated that a 3 bar (30m) pressure test would be sufficient to check if any of the seals were leaking, as if it's going to leak, it will do so at that pressure. Perhaps you might be able to confirm?
  3. Agree with Scott here, Wrench. When I first started adjusting certain Seiko bracelets, I wasn't aware that the collet or tiny split tube that fits over the pin is usually located within the centre link and needs to be inserted before the links are aligned and the pin pushed through. The collet will only fit in one side of the centre link and should just drop in. Align the links and insert the pin. It should be quite a tight fit...certainly not moveable by finger pressure alone. The video below shows the principle. If you have the simpler split pins, they may be worn and need replacing... Split pins...they can sometimes be mistaken for screws when viewed from the side... These aren't screws, but the ends of split pins. Hope this helps a bit.
  4. Roger the Dodger

    Mafws Game

    I didn't expect a surprise!... JUMPS.
  5. Oh hello...did someone mention yellow? There have been a few over the years, and I still have most... Casios Seikos... Tauchmeister... I still keep a look out for an original yellow Brietling Super Ocean...the modern ones are hideous, and a yellow Doxa wouldn't go amiss...and I might consider a yellow Luminox Navy Seal.
  6. Roger the Dodger

    Mafws Game

    Will a trained elephant remember?.. THINK.
  7. I'm not surprised... that is gorgeous, you lucky bugg chap...enjoy to the full...
  8. Thankfully, I have no input...she does it all and I just turn up at the airport with the money....
  9. Didn't he nick a load of booze....oh no...that was Richard Madely and Antony WT...( allegedly)...celebs, eh?
  10. You actually need to tell Sheila this as she's the money expert in our house...I'm hopeless...
  11. The main thing you have to think about is budget. On holiday, the sky's the limit if you've saved enough. However, we think as we do at home. Once the fights and villa are paid for, our budget for a months stay is around 1.2k €. Divide that up on a daily basis. For a month it works out at 1200€/ 30 days = 40€ per day. Now back home, you would be hard pressed to spend £/€40/ day...well we would...and what we save on one day rolls over to the next and so on.....I don't know why I'm explaining this...it's the same as being at home, the only extra expense is the flights and accomodation...and as explained, you need to hunt the deals down. This is where Sheila is on the ball...not only does she collect Avios points (towards your flight cost) through shopping at Tesco, but when BA release their flight details a year in advance, you need to jump on them straight away as flights can be as cheap as £25 (less than a taxi fare to Gatwick) if you can take advantage...and they go up every day. Yes, I know some are tied by restrictions at work, but for us that aren't, there are serious savings to be made. Just make sure you book on your credit card in case the airline turns its toes up like Monarch a few years ago, then you can claim a full refund. At the end of the day, we're only here for the weather. We carry on as normal as if we were at home. Sightseeing and coach trips hold no interest for us. It costs no more to live here than in the UK, apart from your flight and accomodation for an extended period if you do your research and are prepared to self cater as you would back home.
  12. Crikey! Sadly he's gone now, but as a dour Scotsman, he would have been delighted.
  13. It's the same in Menorca, another of our favourite places. Because it's a small island, everything is imported and thus expensive. Where we are on the Algarve, prices are similar to the UK now. Meat is slightly cheaper...I just bought 3 1" thick peppered fillet steaks (0.8kg = 2lb in the UK) for 10€...that wouldn't happen back home. Branded booze is about the same as the Uk..significantly cheaper for non branded. Remember, we are self catering in either a villa or an apartment, so no all inclusive hotel...but you need to search out the best deals. You also need to check out the deals on flights as soon as they are released. We do a trip to the local supermarket to stock up once a week...basically, the same as we would do at home, but all in the sun. It's amazing how little you need to spend to have a good time. There is one huge proviso here. We are both retired now, and what we do is what we like. We're not 'on holiday' but just doing as we would back home, but in the sun. We're not into trips or sightseeing. No hire cars required, we walk to the supermarket then get a 5€ taxi back. Our trips away are an extention of our life back home, except in the sun. It won't suit everyone. I refuse to be tied to times that hotels enforce...this time for breakfast, that time for lunch and dinner, etc...I want to eat when it suits me, the reason why I shun hotels, all inclusive or otherwise. Hope this gives food for thought...
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