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  1. Happy birthday Joey.....great watch!..............
  2. Just remember to put a bog roll and a tube of Bonjela in the fridge to soothe your 'burning ring of fire' tomorrow! :lol:
  3. Yep...you can't beat the good ol' Lidl tea box......
  4. Have you seen the two videos I made last weekend, Mike...I don't know if they might help a bit more...view them full screen size...the HD kicks in after a couple of seconds. One point to note, the split screen effect I use in the first one only works if you are using Windows 7...for older versions, use the 'restore down' icon up in the top R of your screen (the two overlapping squares) and place the two frames side by side. The drag and drop will still work.
  5. Out to my sister's for lunch today, so probably the SMP.
  6. For example... Seiko 7T32... Seiko 6139.. Accurist.. A couple of Casios.. And although really a pilots watch, the GMT..as it's an oyster.
  7. A few from over the years...Seiko SKX 009.....(no longer have this one) Orange monster.... Seiko SKX 251... Omega Seamaster Pro. Seiko SKZ211J1.. Bulova Accutron Deep Sea... Plus several other 'divers style' watches
  8. There is a mechanism in place that blocks so called 'rude' words...a pretty common feature on a lot of fora...you can get round it with a little lateral thinking....eg.balance c0ck
  9. Think that's Aiden Yep...Aiden definitely had a mesh on.
  10. That looks really nice, Alex...great choice....wear in health...and a bonus that you didn't get stung for duty, too! :yes:
  11. Hi, Lewis...can I have 45 please? Donation made...... great idea. Thanks.
  12. Got to be the new one for me today....
  13. Thanks for all the appreciation chaps...as promised, some better pics... Bezel and crown detail Nice unmarked (unusual for a pre-owned) triple-lock clasp. Obligatory lume shot. ...and the wrist shot.
  14. It was a private sale from the Bay, Brendan...see above ^^^^^^^^, though there are plenty still available from dealers on eBay and the jungle river site.
  15. Hi, Alex...this one came from the Bay, after another member gave me a heads up....got it for a good price, especially as it was a J (Japanese, rather than K = European) version. Great to hear yours has arrived safely with no charges. Look forward to the pics! :thumbup:
  16. I must just clarify a point here...the hands in these pics... ...were some stamped hands I bought from Cousins, and while they are perfectly acceptable as hands of the era, I thought they looked too 'heavy' for the clock. Because the original minute hand was a bodged thing made out of two pieces,I therefore decided (and this is all available to read near the end of the Grandfather Clock Project) to make my own minute hand, to match the original hour hand, as seen in this pic... If you visit the thread, all will become clear.
  17. Thanks, Scott...I think that secretly, everyone likes the slow reveal type thread....it just adds to the anticipation......! :lol:
  18. Sorry I can't be of more help, Dan..I went straight to Cousins as well and found the item you're after....first of May is a month away, but I reckon it's your best bet........
  19. Aiden also has something pretty chunky....can't make it out though...
  20. Cheers, Mach...I'll hopefully get some better piccys up tomorrow
  21. I'll have a go....a random Pic..... ....with no gaps between the pic and the text.... And again, but this time hitting 'Return' twice, between the text and pic. seems to be working OK...................?
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