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  1. Of course, there's always the other option.....just quickly knock up an hour hand out of the same steel and then they'll come out the same colour!!!
  2. I want to go to that shop!........but not get caught on candid camera :bag:
  3. Thanks for all your hints and tips re blueing the hands, guys. Steve, I have tried the new piece of steel for colour and it seems to work well...bear in mind that I've got to get rid of the black paint that someone's put on the hour hand, so that will be wet 'n' dried back to bare metal before re bluing with the new one. If they come out different colours, I can always fall back on painting them black. Here's the new minute hand with the outside edges roughed out, before drilling and filing the piercings. (I'm too tight to go and buy a piercing saw for a one off!) And here it is with the internal piercings roughed out. There is still some finishing filing to be done to make it as delicate as the hour hand , but you can see the shape starting to emerge. Here's the hour hand, the new hand and the bodged hand together. In this pic you can see the stamped out 'bought' hand from Cousins on the left. The new hand already looks more delicate, and it's not been refined yet! The new hand on top of the bought hand....much better already! Will continue with the filing process tomorrow, before deburring and polishing ready for blueing.
  4. Started making a new minute hand today, that will be much finer and more like the original. Sourced a suitable piece of steel from a joist support, ground the galvanised finish off on a linisher, traced the outline and started filing. When it's finished, I'm going to heat treat it to blue it..(along with the original hour hand). I forgot to take the camera to work today, so will post some pics tomorrow.
  5. Bill...we need stage by stage pics of the build progress as in the 'Grandfather Clock' project! :thumbsup: (UK clock and pocket watches)
  6. Roger the Dodger

    Two Plus

    Hamilton Edit....scrap that...I clicked on 'go to last unread post' and went from the bottom of page 105! Sorreeeeee! :bag: But the letters are the same so.... :yu:
  7. I like your style Jeorge....a bit like mine in 'The Grandfather Clock' project. I'm sure your ingenious mind will come up with a solution....sometimes you have to think 'outside the box'. Keep posting your progress and pics. From the support I've had in my project, there are plenty of interested members out there. Good luck! :good:
  8. You could be looking for a needle in a haystack here...Open faced pocket watches have the crown at twelve, hunters have it at three. However, I've not seen a pocket watch with 3 sub dials....some have a seconds sub at six....but that's about it. If there are any vintage pocket chronographs, they'll be collectors items and very expensive.
  9. Maybe we should have another pinned topic in general watch discussion entitled 'Acronyms and their meanings' as there have been several threads on the subject. :yes:
  10. I'm sure all you lot want to see is another gorgeous Rolex balanced on top of an equally gorgeous ladygarden.........there... I've said it! :whistle:
  11. Mel, Feenix and Dobra.....thanks for the vote of confidence guys!
  12. If it's an acrylic crystal, try some 'Polywatch' scratch remover....check out the RLT sales site and look under watch tools....£4.50 a pop. :thumbsup: Edit: Hmmm...1947 eh? May not be acrylic unless it's a replacement.
  13. Roger the Dodger

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    Android Only another 22 pages to go to beat the F1 thread! edit...Bu**er!
  14. Have a look at this thread that I started a couple of months ago... watch books There are several recommendations there. Having just completed 'The Grandfather Clock Project', I would say the most useful book I got was from the local library...there were lots of books on watches there. :thumbsup:
  15. As an addendum...the clock did stop a couple of times during yesterday. Refering to my library book Finding and Restoring Longcase clocks by Antony Ells, there is a section on getting the beat right. Listening to the ticking, I could hear that the beat was slightly 'lopsided'...a lighter tick and a heavier tock. To correct this I followed the instructions and made a 'beat plaque'...basically a line with the centre marked and some small divisions (1/8") either side. This is taped to the back of the case behind the pendulum at rest with the end of the rating screw on the centre mark. The pendulum is moved by hand to one side until the tick of the escape is heard, and the position of the screw marked. Then it is moved to the other side until the tock is heard and that position noted. You will see from the next pic that the beat (the distance between the marks) is way off centre. To rectify this, a slight bend is put in the crutch rod at the back of the movement, in the direction of the larger beat, a little at a time until the beat is centered. It took two attempts to do this. Now the clock is ticking evenly and hasn't stopped since the adjustments.
  16. Funny you should say that, Mel.....I am just in the process of printing out and laminating a summary of what has just been done along with the date to put inside the case for when the next person has to do some work on it. I think that's a better idea than scratching dates on the back of the dial. Thanks for the compliment BTW.
  17. The hands were from Cousins and I just thought a new pair might finish the clock nicely, but I don't really like them. There wasn't anything really wrong with the old ones, in fact nothing with the hour hand, but half the minute hand had been broken off at some point and a straight piece of steel badly soldered on in its place with no attempt at re creating the curves and points of the original. I think I will definately repair the old minute hand. In all, I suppose I spent an hour a day in the workshop on average, and the total outlay for parts was just under £100. Here're a couple of pics of the minute hand, back and front...as you can see it shouldn't be too hard to fix.
  18. The pendulum is added and seems to swing OK. So far so good! The dial is attached. The new hands are added. The hood is replaced. And, finally....she's back together! The clock is running beautifully though I'm sure I will have to make some adjustments over the next few days. The striking is spot on...the new rack tail is working well. If there's one thing I'm not happy with, it's the new hands...they seem a little 'heavy' compared to the old ones....a future project may well be to restore the original finer and thinner hands. So there it is....all that remains for me to say is I've thoroughly enjoyed doing this project and sharing it with you all. I hope you've enjoyed it too! My thanks go to everyone who's looked, given tips and advice and posted positive and encouraging replies and especially to Steve (Clockworks) who's knowledge and advice have been invaluable. Thanks, Mate. Bye for now! Rog.
  19. So...today's the day! Very apprehensive :sweatdrop: ... not only for the clock, but I don't want to let you guys down who have been following this topic from the start. For those who may have just come straight to the last page, here's the movement at the start, with a lot of bodged DIY repairs. ...and now all the cleaning and repairs have been finished. Ready? Here we go! The empty seat board awaiting the movement. The movement, finally back where it belongs, firmly bolted into position. The lines are threaded through the weight pulleys and knotted through the seat board. The weights are added and the cling film removed from the barrels.
  20. Good news! I managed to get the broken end of the pendulum rod out of the flat with a screw extactor and re-threaded the end of the rod. So now the pendulum is back together, I'm going to fit everything back in the case and hopefully bring this thread to a close. Off to the pub for a well deserved pint I think...so no more posts tonight. See you tomorrow for the gripping conclusion!
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    Regulator watch Edit...Sorry, not quick enough! :bag:
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