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  1. My new GW 6900A (the yellow one) missed a few synchs when we went to the Algarve in Portugal last year. It only picked up twice IIRC.
  2. Hello I read somewhere they were made that way because. The the space mission launch date and the development of this watch were running side by side with the watch development very slightly in front, When you look thro the window of the space module you can see the world in all its glory, The people at Bulova decided that the same should happen with the watch, Spaceview was born. The watches were given to the astronauts and were worn during the mission (the official time pieces). I was offered 2 of these 25+ years ago for a fiver the pair, But I wasn't interested in watches at the time and I refused them, (if only I knew then)What an idiot as Roger mentioned, I too stand to be corrected. But whatever the reason they are one hell of a watch and are definitely on my wish list or when I have the money . I have several other types of Bulova but If anyone wants me to look after one of these for them I promise I won't scratch it. Hello. Found this which blows my contribution out of the water big style. www.accutron214.com/AccutronSpaceviewHistory. It just shows how stories get out of hand. My apologies if I have misled anyone, It was done good faith from memory albeit a bad one hopefully this will keep the record straight. Working link here I knew I'd seen the story of the Spaceview somewhere, but it wasn't that version...that was very interesting though....still looking for one!
  3. Yep!....that 'Spaceview' is lovely :wub: ....I'm not jealous...no,no,no....not me....never...who me?........ :lol:
  4. Welcome to :rltb: Deco....glad you found us. Don't forget to post some pics!
  5. Hi Cliff, and welcome to :rltb: Currently looking for a 70's LED watch to add to my collection....
  6. There's this one up on the Bay at the moment 6138-0030
  7. Very, very sought after now, and very expensive too....I don't know if its an urban myth, but I read somewhere that the original 'Spaceviews' were demo pieces produced by Bulova when the Accutron movement first came out so that the dealers could show prospective customers how the watch worked. So many customers wanted to buy the demo models, that Bulova started producing them as a standard line. (I stand to be corrected on this though.)
  8. Like the Bulova 'Spaceview', middle row, 2nd from right...one of my grail watches.
  9. Have you had a look at the Vogel stands...I put a Vogel 8000 series in for a friend..very well made, take a 32-50" LCD/plasma...swivel and tilt TV bracket...adjustable brackets for the DVD player/cable/Sky box, and all the cables are hidden in the upright. About £275 IIRC. Check them out at that well known emporium with the name the same as a long jungle river! :thumbsup:
  10. Hi, Mark...welcome to :rltb: spent many happy holidays in Mevagissey, and a very relaxing fishing break at White acres!
  11. Welcome to to :rltb: Dan. Remember we like to see lots of pics!
  12. I would agree with Shangas, Kev...if it's 1908, it must be 'gold filled' (some sellers put gold plated when they mean gold filled). I don't think they had electro plating back in 1908! I did a post in the thread 'What Watch' about the difference between the two, and the photos that I used were of my 1908 Waltham! Here
  13. That's a lovely Spaceview, Danyel :man_in_love: ...one of my grail watches....did you just post the pic so we could see it? :P
  14. Good luck, Shangas....let us know which one makes it, and don't forget the pics when you get it back! :thumbsup:
  15. OK..here's my two pees worth...and I've had a few glasses of wine so I'll probably regret this tomorrow.....I like the look of the 'Submariner' style...I have several already. My favourite Sub is the Rolex Pepsi bezel GMT. However, I have a house that needs the outside painting...I also have two teenage boys, who, for some unknown reason think I have bottomless pockets....I've not had a raise for four years due to the recession, yet everything keeps going up regardless. I cannot justify spending upwards of £3,500 on the watch I really like at this moment in time. Therefore until the happy time arrives that I am in a position to fulfil my dream, I have to rely on the odd homage...that is why I was happy to settle for one of Roy's best ever, the RLT 36 'Nautilus'. At least it's a limited edition of 21....not like the thousands that Rolex produce! To those of you with the necessary disposable funds, I say enjoy your good success and have the objects of your desire...but... there are some of us out here who would dearly love to be in that position, but at the moment have more important things to consider. I'm a bit pi$$ed so....I'll get me coat! :bag:
  16. These are my favourites today (apart from mine, that is!) What are yours...this could become a regular feature!
  17. Left for me...even for watches that don't have a crown...eg. my G Shocks.
  18. Mine today....sorry about the old pic.... :bag:
  19. Must say..never eaten them myself, but I remember my Mum stewing them up for the 'old man'....I presume she bunged them in a pot with all the veg....much as you would with a straight forward casserole...try a slow cooker.
  20. Cor!....you struck lucky there, Renato! :thumbsup:
  21. Looking sharp, Shangas, but with that cool getup, it looks like you should be in Dodge City, not the Australian outback!!! All you need now is a couple of six shooters!
  22. Just a quick post to say 'Thanks', Paul...for sorting me out when I was a fairly new member....I bought a Seiko 7T32 off t'Bay (Yeah...I know it wasn't a 7A38!) that had some problems with the pushers (I've looked , but I can't find the original post). Although that wasn't your favourite model, your advice, links and general encouragement saw me end up with a watch in pristine condition. Thanks once again, Paul for your informative threads, advice and help to one and all....congrats on making 2000 posts! Rog. :thumbsup:
  23. Just a quick update on this particular watch.....Roy has informed me that he has a set of the proper hands for this watch, so it is going away tomorrow to have them fitted. Expect lots of pics when I get it back!....Rog.
  24. As Mach said, thanks for sorting that so quickly, Roy. (Have you read my PM yet?)
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