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  1. My son's baby pink toed tarantula on my hand...
  2. Two notable ones for me, and unusually, both Seikos. The first was the limited edition 'Blue Lagoon' Samurai...I didn't like the hands, and the whole thing was very underwhelming. I might have kept this one if it'd had the original Samurai style hands. The second was a stainless steel baby tuna, which I had wanted for ages, but when it arrived, once again I didn't like the handset, and it looked too much like all the other tunas. Not sure why Seiko insist on using that awful large arrow hour hand on their ProSpex models. Both were flipped within hours of arriving.
  3. This...for the compass function.... ...this...just because I like it... ...and this...er...because it just looks nice?......and it has a bit of yellow...... End of the day, none of them will let you down. 'G-Shock' all the way.
  4. Sadly, have to admit I'd never pick up a CW...even in a sale. I just don't connect with them.... nothing says 'Buy me'
  5. Today will feature a watch generously donated to me by one of our stalwart members, Dave @Davey P, a respected forum friend and favourite. Dave kindly gave me this watch when he offered it up as a find in a random box of several others that came his way around Christmas time last year. A true gentleman, and, I hope, what this forum is all about. All it needed was a new battery, and a bit of TLC to remove some very insignificant swirlies to the acrylic crystal and SS bracelet. This watch is now one of my favourites. Thanks, Dave! It's the Casio 1922-A220 'Futurist' Illuminator. This one has a negative display, but is still easy to read in daylight. The backlight at night is green. The main feature of this watch is that it has a vibrating alarm, which alerts you via....well....vibrating on your wrist. Just make sure you keep it on when you go to bed... Night vision... Multiple adjustments on the clasp...about an inch (25mm). Reminds me of this...the watch that James Coburn wore in the film 'Our Man Flint'....not sure about the 'Apple' tag, though.....'Apple' hadn't even been thought of when this film was made...
  6. Yep...this wouldn't work... Pretty horrific, though when he gets mugged and the JLC crystal gets smashed...
  7. Watch winders need to be either vertically oriented, or at a sharp angle ( say a minimum of 45o), or the weighted rotor won't turn. In a winder, the rotor actually remains hanging downwards while the watch rotates around it. Laid flat, and with the slow rotation, the rotor will simply revolve with the watch as a whole, so no winding will occur.
  8. Heads up on Pimms at Morrisons at the moment...£9.99/litre. Bought several to put away for the summer! And Schweppes lemonade to go with it (normal or diet) £1 per 2l bottle. Got some of those, too...
  9. The garden flowers continue to bloom... Candytuft, Iberis sp. Yellow Delosperma. More ornamental toadflax, Linaria sp. Angelica flowerheads. Wild viola. Hibiscus 'Blue Bird'. 'Blue Chiffon' 'Woodbridge' 'Red Heart'
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