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  1. Roger the Dodger

    Mafws Game

    Old Duchess often ran starkers... NAKED.
  2. Roger the Dodger

    Mafws Game

    Farts are terribly smelly outbursts... STINK.
  3. Bull - 1, tosser - 0......
  4. Welcome to the 6139 club, Nigel....that's a stunning looking piece!
  5. If you have a couple of Samsung devices like a phone and tablet, they can be synced together using the Samsung 'Sidesync' app. What this does is make your phone screen appear on your tablet, and you can then control the phone from the tablet screen. In photo mode, this means you can use the tablet as a remote shutter release and capture shots while being metres away from the phone. I set my phone up on a tripod out in the garden, focused on the bird feeders, then synced it to my tablet. I was then able to go indoors and remotely operate the phone camera without scaring the birds. Everything that the camera could see was on my tablet in real time, so I was able to click the shutter whenever a bird landed on the feeder. This was just an experimental first attempt, and some of the pics aren't too clever as the feeder was moving when the birds landed or the wind blew...I must tether it so it can't move for the next attempt. Only a few of the more common tits about today...hopefully I'll get some pics of the Long Tailed tits and the Nuthatch that frequent the feeder soon. Blue tit, Great tit and Marsh tit. Blue tits... Great tit... Marsh tit... Coal tit... Robin. The set up...
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