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  1. Very nice! I like the mini screwdriver! I made something similar many years ago when I had to get into a very tight spot on a foundry conveyor belt at BroomWade. It's even smaller than a normal 'stubby' screwdriver and the only thing I had to hand at the time was a bit of hex bronze which makes it quite heavy. It's got me out of a lot trouble over the ensuing years and the fact it can accept all 1/4" bits makes it worth it's weight in bronze!
  2. I had been toying with the idea of a combined belt and disc sander for the workshop for a while, and had decided on a Clarke item that was around the £125 mark. It was the usual small workshop version with a 150mm (6") disc and 100mm x 915mm (4" wide by 36") belt. However, on visiting dear old Lidl today, they had the exact same machine for a lot less. (£79) Despite being branded 'Parkside' (Lidl's own tool brand) it's actually made by Scheppach and is a very robust machine. The chassis is cast iron so it's nice and heavy and the motor is the same 370w unit as all the others I've looked at. I
  3. I think you're supposed to put it on the watch, Roy...not have a bath in it...Has it removed your patina?
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