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  1. Citizen 'Ecozilla' today. This is the SS version, it was also available in a titanium model. This thing is huge...48mm dia., 19mm thick, a 6mm thick crystal and weighs in at just over 9oz/255g.
  2. Of course, I nearly forgot the squarest cased watch I currently own, the Seiko G757-4010, one of their early (1980) LCD watches. And then there were these two...again, more rectangular than square, but worthy of a mention. The retro looking Majestyk LED watches with their unusual 'lobster tail' bracelets. These were quite big watches and have rocketed in value if recent 'sold for' prices are to be believed. Wish I'd kept them now... And another squarish watch I'd completely forgotten about (shows how often I look at my collection!) is this Casio Illuminator that @Davey P gave me... ...and a Briel that I think I won in a competition on here... And despite looking for ages, I never found the tank watch that I really liked and would still have today if I could find one, was the Mk 2 Vostok Europe 'Red Square', in blue and on the bracelet. They never have these on Ideal World!
  3. I only had one, and it was more rectangular than square...the RLT 25 'Franck Muller'.
  4. SMP today. Model 2231.80. Made in two versions, one with a black dial and this one with an electric blue dial. Full size case, bezel and insert, 'Bond' bracelet and crowns are all titanium. Calibre 1120 (a modified ETA 2892-A2) self winding chronometer with rhodium plated finish and 44 hour power reserve. Rhodium plated sword hands. Domed, sapphire anti reflective crystal. Bezel insert has blue enamelled numbers and markers. Luminova to markers and hands. 45mm diameter. Serial number dates it to 1999-2000, the blue models first appearing in 1999. The black version was the commoner of the two, though I've never seen one and I've certainly not seen another blue one on here for a long time...I think Mike ('Blue Knight') might have had one.
  5. Lorus Mickey Mouse watch dating to 1990. Originally bought in Disneyland Florida, I purchased this watch from an American collector in 2013. It features a Seiko Y621-6050 A1, Singapore made, 17 jewel automatic movement with quickset date and a crystal case back with a Mickey logo in gold on it. The cream dial with raised gilt numbers features a 'Pie eye' caricature of Mickey in superb condition with no fading of the colours. Mickey's arms are the hands. This is the only 'gold' wristwatch that I possess and also the only one with a strap, as I normally deplore them. I disassembled the watch in 2014 and had the case refinished and re-plated. To this day, I have never seen another one like it.
  6. Yes, that would work, but I think it might be fiddly...you'd probably be quicker just using a marking gauge. The first one is really just for centering. A mortice marking gauge.
  7. Apeks today. At sub £150 brand new for the 1000m version, one of the best VFM watches out there. Powered by the reliable Seiko VX42 quartz movement. Also available in 200 and 500m versions.
  8. I have a router base that uses the same principle as the first jig to automatically centre the router over the wood for milling a mortice.
  9. While the weather was somewhat inclement over the last few days, I used the time to make a couple of centre finding jigs/devices. They are basically just cut, drilled and screwed together so I won't go into the construction details as it's really basic. The only thing I will say is that all the holes have to be drilled very accurately, or the devices won't work properly. The first is a small one, made of oak, a strip of 3mm aluminium, two bolts and some small bearings. It will draw a centre line down the middle of any piece of wood that will fit between the bearings. The jig is placed on the wood with the bearings on either side and twisted until they contact the sides. When moved along the wood, it will draw a line exactly in the centre. The second one is based on the principles of a parallelogram, and is for use on larger pieces of timber. It's made from 15mm square aluminium tube and 19mm aluminium strip. Again, it is placed over the wood and the sides squeezed until they contact either side. When slid along, it draws the centre line. It can also be used to mark out a mortice (or tenon) by scribing along the outer edges of the central bar. By using different width central bars (this one is 8mm), different sized mortices can be marked out. Drawing a centre line. Marking out a mortice.
  10. Thank you! The new ones that I bought last year, 'Walberton's Rose Moon', are just having a last 'Hurrah' before the autumn sets in. These two plants have done really well this year, being covered in blooms from August until now. There are just a few more buds to come. This particular variety is a cross, H.syriacus x paramutabilis. It has the hardiness of H. syriacus combined with the huge 5-6" flowers of H. paramutabilis, which resemble the exotic flowers of H. rosa chinensis, the tropical hibiscus which isn't hardy here. My two plants have doubled in size since last year, and with some careful winter pruning to remove crossing branches and those growing inwards should hopefully become well shaped bushes next year. The Morning Glories are also putting on a final show before the cold weather sets in.
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