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  1. Sadly, I don't have any pics, but used to buy the pen fittings and turn the cases from offcuts of Corian (acrylic marble) and exotic hardwoods. The local shop where I bought my supplies kept ready cut pen and lace bobbin blanks, now sadly closed down...
  2. Hi Paul! Have a look here on the Watch Repair Talk channel. They discuss all the tools and lubes you'll need, and Mark's instructional videos are superb. https://www.watchrepairtalk.com/forum/21-watch-repair-tools-equipment/
  3. Agree with the above. For cases and bracelets, I usually use fairly hot (not boiling) water and a drop or two of Fairy (other brands of detergent are available ) as I feel the heat softens any oil or grease and helps with the cleaning process.
  4. Another Mickey Mouser. This 31 year old Lorus dates to 1990 and was purchased in Disneyland, Ca. When I bought it from an American collector in 2013, the plating on the case was worn, so I had it replated. It uses a Seiko Y621-6050 automatic movement, quite unusual as most Mickey watches are either hand wind or quartz. The display back features a gold Mickey motif. Although the date is correct, this is an old pic taken before the case was re plated.
  5. I suppose I can live with the '-bre', '-tre' conundrum, but the ones that do annoy me, are '-our' words spelt without the 'u' . Ie. colour/color, labour/labor, neighbour/neighbor. The ultimate one that cringes me is the American way of spelling and pronouncing aluminium, by missing out the last 'i', and pronouncing it al-oo-min-um when everyone knows it's al-you-min-ee-um....
  6. I see the list is now back on the RH side of the home page. Thanks, Roy.
  7. Seiko 7T32-7F70, yellow variant. There were two other variants, black dial with black subs and a blue dial with silver subs.
  8. As a prolific reader, I've more often seen these nouns spelt the -'tre', or -'bre' way. Therefore, I always spell them the same way, ie. Metre, litre, spectre, calibre, fibre, mitre, lustre, sceptre, etc. I guess there's no right or wrong way, it's just down to whether you prefer the 'English' way or the 'American' way.
  9. Bulova Accutron Mickey Mouse watch. This dates to 1977 (N7 on caseback) It uses the slightly later 2192 mov't, which only used one tuning fork coil, the other being replaced with a counterweight. It still has the seamlessly sweeping second hand and produces the high pitched hum that gave Accutrons the nickname 'Hummers'. This was serviced by our own 'Silverhawk' of Electric Watches in 2014. 2192 mov't with its single coil. Note that the cell goes in upside down.
  10. As I mentioned above, the bracelet must add a bit of heft, but the scales don't lie, as per the pic above near the top. The watch is nearly 19mm (3/4") thick and has a 6mm thick crystal. It sits fairly high on the wrist, and you certainly wouldn't get it under a shirt cuff.
  11. Seiko SRP043K, aka the 'Spork'. Awesome lume.
  12. Yes, you're correct, Jay. There's a titanium version above in @bowie's first post, mine and @Sulie's are the SS version. There was also an auto version aptly named the 'Autozilla' in titanium. Here's a Youtube vid of one compared to a titanium Ecozilla. The auto version was the only one of the 'zilla' models to be equipped with a HEV and it displayed the day as well as the date.
  13. Looking great, ol' pal...well done!
  14. Hi, and welcome to the forum! Plenty for you to see in the Japanese, Chinese and Russian sections.
  15. Hi, and welcome to the forum. When you get your pics up, I'm sure someone will be able to ID your Seikos.
  16. I did have a quick look on Cousins site, but they only appear to have the caseback gasket. However if you measure the thickness and internal diameter of your existing gasket, you should be able to order a generic one of the right size, or as I did, opt for a box set of assorted sizes which has stood me in good stead over the years... I think the whole box was only around the £12-13 mark. https://www.cousinsuk.com/category/o-ring-rubber-gaskets
  17. Garrard key wound and set PW dated to 1845 in an 18ct gold case.
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