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  1. If you did want to try some acetone on an inconspicuous area, has Kristina got some nail varnish remover, which is basically perfumed acetone, to give it a go? If it does work, larger bottles of acetone can be purchased online...I get mine from ebay.

    Acetone probably won't work on a water based or acrylic varnish...I don't know what the answer to that would be.

    Pretty sure there'll probably be some Youtube tutorials on the subject if you search them out.

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  2. In addition to @scottswatches Scott's suggestion, I would also try and watch some past episodes of 'The Repair Shop'. The show's resident art restorer, Lucia Scalisi, often starts by gently cleaning canvases with a mild soap and water solution, before moving on to stronger alternatives if need be. The very strongest solvent I use for cleaning/ degreasing objects is acetone, but I think this might also remove the actual paint underneath the varnish if used incautiously. Whatever solvent you do eventually settle on, make sure you try it first on an inconspicuous area that won't be seen, such as an edge that will be covered by the frame, to check if it works.

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