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  1. Roger the Dodger's post in Best angle to hone a screwdriver ? was marked as the answer   
    There are two types of screwdriver tip...the tapered, which almost all are, or the parallel, which are found on more expensive sets. If you are proficient at sharpening, you can  dress normal tapered tips on an oilstone, or a diamond pad by hand. However, you can purchase a rolling jig that holds the screwdriver at the correct angle...these are available from Cousins UK or ebay.. From this diagram, the slope should be roughly 3-3.5 times the width of the blade.

    Parallel tips need a more sophisticated jig to sharpen them that uses two round abrasive stones with the tip slid back and forth between them...there is also a flat stone (behind the round stones in the pic below) that flattens and squares the end of the driver. The Horotec one springs to mind...but at £280 probably a bit excessive...

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