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  1. Not arrived yet, Paul ? :sadwalk: Negative!
  2. I wonder? Must have been a sharp eyed collector who spends many an hour searching for treasure (7A38's) on de bay !
  3. Not my best photo Bruce! Could have done with a bit more light but as you say it is in very good shape. Thanks! You have to look hard and close when it comes to buying 7A28's and 38's!!! As you probably now know! Paul (Seikofan) is the master at unveiling the franken and has saved me in the past more than once from being the UNlucky winning bidder!
  4. No, you should be able to find one very easily. Just be patient, and broaden your search criteria - Think laterally. At the risk of allowing this thread to keep going (the subject is 7A38-xxxx divers not 7A28's ) .... I'll ask the other Paul(66) to show you his example. Welcome to the forum Bruce! This is my 7A28-7040 that I picked up on ebay not so long ago. It is in excellent/ near perfect condition, I can't remember exactly how much I paid for it though (maybe Paul will know ) but it would have been around £100 or less. I'd have to agree with Paul that these do come up quite often so keep an eye on ebay and I'm sure it wont be too long until you bag one. Good luck.......
  5. WOW!!!!!!! That is blingy Paul..............1st one I've seen and very nice as well Just like London buses........ you wait and wait for one to come along and then two turn up at the same time!!!!!!
  6. Thanks for all the great comments about the watch guys! When I get a little more time and some good light I'll have a go at taking a couple more shots and put them on. I must admit that photography is a mystery to me and I take my hat off to those who have mastered the art Mechanical Alarm........As for the language displayed on the day wheel of the watch I think I'm right in saying it's "Kanji", japanese , the other language on the wheel is english. This is the Kanji symbol for Sunday in the day window, funny how it looks like an 8 and there being only 7 days in the week
  7. That's a fair point, maybe the tone of a couple of my posts was a little harsh. I just got the impression that the opening post may have been a little bit of a wind up as it is obvious to me that the watch has had a lot of work. My apologies Danyel, I did not mean any offence! Welcome to the forum.... Paul
  8. Nah mine got a kanji/roman date wheel as well Kanji day wheel is correct for your speedtimer...... Brown bullheads also come in additional “SpeedTimer†variants. SpeedTimer Bullhead variants were simply those produced for the Japanese Domestic Market. They were sold in Japan and the surrounding areas. Bullheads produced for the rest of the world wore the standard "Chronograph Automatic" markings. There are two versions of the brown bullhead SpeedTimer. One type is marked "Seiko SpeedTimer" at the top of the dial; while the other variant is marked "Seiko 5Sports SpeedTimer" at the top of the dial. No black dialed "speedtimer" version was ever produced by Seiko. See watchking1's link in the post a few above
  9. Paul - as per phone call 15mm long and 0.9mm Ø sounds about right. Thats the boy!!!!!!!! Going to order some of these for myself........good work Holmes
  10. I can't help you with the bracelet pin but I'm sure these must be fairly easy to find. If I were you I would email or phone a watch part supplier and hopefully they can sort this out for you!
  11. If you mean the spring bar that fits through the bracelet end piece that connects it to the watch then I use 22mm spring bars on all 6138-3xxxs aswell as 6139-6xxxs(Pepsi's). They can be bought cheaply from ebay or Cousins UK, £2.00 I think. I've had some from Cousins, think their part no. is S190CS. I also get them from Jules Borel in the US where they are a little cheaper and I think the part number is A190CS. Hope this helps.
  12. They are a "lump" for sure and do sit high but I do enjoy wearing my other Bullheads and I don't have big wrists. Gives me that 70's feel
  13. The sweep/second hand should be red. Although most do fade to orange/yellow! Your one which is white is a replacement/re-paint but looks great. The original hands on these do get repainted alot as they are very prone to fading!
  14. Seiko produced two versions of the Speed-timer Bullheads Gaz. A "Speed-timer" signed dialed version (your dial) and a "5 Sport Speed-timer" signed dial (see my thread posted earlier today). Did you fit those hands yourself or did you buy it with them already fitted? I quite like the white sweep second hand!
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