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  1. Can’t comment on your choices but there is a good chance someone on here can give a second opinion on your Omega It may be worth saving for less than Omega prices
  2. Err that’s a little too random, more info could be helpful. Make? Model?
  3. Try Mark Lovick The watch repair channel on YouTube. Always find his vids interesting and he does plenty.
  4. Check out Pagani Design as mentioned earlier. They use a Seiko auto movement.
  5. Date wheel looks like it’s got a problem but other than that stood the test of time.
  6. Mods if this is not allowed please delete. Just want to make Invicta fans aware there are some good deals on Amazon for this brand of watch, both quartz and auto’s. Just search Invicta plenty available.
  7. Doubt that Rolex would want to see an old used bracelet on eBay so hang on to it to prevent this and maintain a market for the new bracelets.
  8. Great collection. Nice to hear they are bought for love not profit. Keep treating yourself.
  9. We have a jeweller in Doncaster that does laser welding but it wouldn't really look pretty. The eBay link is a good buy but there again it wouldn't be all your dad's watch.
  10. I worked for a couple of years in an independent watch repair shop. We had an excellent reputation well above the high street named repairers. Although profitable it was the battery changes, re seals, pressure testing and minor repairs along with sales of fashion watches sub £200 that made it viable. Mechanical repairs and servicing were touch and go. Trade repairs weren’t even worth taking in. As a watch repair specialist it was a service that had to be offered but wasn’t by any means as profitable as other sectors of the business and it could not survive on the mechanical repairs alone.
  11. I used to have this discussion with the other half but she didn’t agree. We’ve come to a compromise I’ve got rid of most of my low end watches with the agreement I’ll have less in number but more high end watches. It’s a win win situation for me.
  12. Certainly not disappointed with the Pelagos. Saving up again now and after all the favourable comments I think a CW may be my next purchase. Thanks for all the info.
  13. Hmm! I’ve just purchased the Pelagos.
  14. Within that budget Tudor have a good range. Be aware though the GMT has had a lot of date wheel problems.
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