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  1. I did read on a Tudor owners group it's near 6000 now. I'm just considering if I should register for one.
  2. As promised an update for my purchase from Swiss Watches Direct. Well the watched arrived this week and had an email the day before shipping to advise of delivery and tracking with Royal Mail special delivery. The Tag F1 watch is pristine as expected for a new watch and the international guarantee card filled out by an Italian dealer. My expert of using these guys had been nothing less than perfect. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend them based on my experience and save a few £££ into the deal.
  3. I’m waiting for a Tag F1 from them. The watch is direct from Tag to an AD cards stamped and shipped to me. All legitimate and not a grey import. Read the reviews. They are all favourable including 1 or 2 that needed warranty work. Tag is inbound so will report back when it arrives.
  4. I have that watch. It’s a great timepiece but a bit of a lump.
  5. Rodico is the stuff to use for fingerprints but be very careful on the rotor. Probably best to remove it to clean or have it done on service.
  6. Calendar wheel looks mis aligned. Buyer beware. Just noticed this is a 2019 post. No longer relevant.
  7. Can’t comment on your choices but there is a good chance someone on here can give a second opinion on your Omega It may be worth saving for less than Omega prices
  8. Err that’s a little too random, more info could be helpful. Make? Model?
  9. Try Mark Lovick The watch repair channel on YouTube. Always find his vids interesting and he does plenty.
  10. Check out Pagani Design as mentioned earlier. They use a Seiko auto movement.
  11. Date wheel looks like it’s got a problem but other than that stood the test of time.
  12. Mods if this is not allowed please delete. Just want to make Invicta fans aware there are some good deals on Amazon for this brand of watch, both quartz and auto’s. Just search Invicta plenty available.
  13. Doubt that Rolex would want to see an old used bracelet on eBay so hang on to it to prevent this and maintain a market for the new bracelets.
  14. Great collection. Nice to hear they are bought for love not profit. Keep treating yourself.
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