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  1. Been on my want list for a few years but I pulled the trigger on a Pelagos LHD at the weekend. It was just too much to resist. Still love the Heritage though.
  2. Yea left hand wrist for me. Just thought with 1k off it’s a good purchase.
  3. I’m looking at purchasing a Tudor Pelagos with a little dealer discount. I’m very tempted as price is good but the only thing that bothers me is it is the left hand drive model. Would this affect resell or trade in value? Just want opinions please.
  4. Where I work we send em to a jewellery manufacturer. Come back looking great but the plate is never as good as the original and wears quickly if worn regular. I would reccomend having the old plate removed completely for a better finish. Where in the country are you?
  5. Yea crown and stem available as is a replacement movement. Just fitted a new ETA in mine.
  6. Naah! but there is a minimum brain cell requirement, most of us there don't have enough! :lol: :weed: . No point in me going in there then!
  7. The battery was flat. My friend did contact Traser who have said if it can't be repaired they will give him a credit towards a new watch which is £300 to purchase but no quote for credit amount. . Micky could you let me know where you can obtain a new movement? It is a Ronda. Thanks guys.
  8. Can anyone recommend a repair agent for Traser watches. New battery fitted at Watch Doctor and watch will not start. (it's not my watch, I wouldn't use them) Thanks in anticipation.
  9. Hi Curtis and a warm welcome. 18 and dad has let you get a hold of the tools eh! If you listen and and take in all his knowledge I'm sure you wont go wrong. I don't know him but many speak highly of him so with that accolade I hope you can follow in his footsteps.
  10. Buy a cheap damp meter and check out the interior carefully. Damp is an expensive problem to cure. Good luck.
  11. As Mel states some vehicles brain monitors your driving It is called adaptive driving style. It will alter the rev range and in auto gearboxes the actual point of the gear change based on previous driving. If you drive like Miss Daisy all week then floor it the vehicle will under perform untill it has adapted to your new driving style. As I stated earlier this is more common on Auto's.
  12. I've had three but only one a restoration job. They do feel dated or even unsafe on all drum brakes after driving a modern car. You still get the looks and attention and it will put a smile on your face. Bits are cheap and if you have the skills required go for it. Strangely enough I have just had an impulse moment and bought a 1976 MG Midget. Just waiting for the month end and some sun to get the hood down. I know one will be here before the other.
  13. I use it in my diesel Audi I wouldn't say it improves MPG but the Audi being a lumpy engine on tickover is much smoother using Redex. It is not only about improved MPG but engine wear and cleaners. I have used it on old carb engines pouring it directly into the carb and it cleans up the varnish a treat. Modern engines have a longer life but for me the extra few pence is worth it.
  14. This may help but before parting with any cash I would do some google research. http://www.recovermyfiles.com/
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