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  2. ron


    Hi Stan, I for one will be waiting for the Lenovo U1 Hybrid Seems (on paper) to be the best of both worlds - a (non-Apple) tablet that can dock into a regular laptop base with a full physical keyboard The full article (and picture) can be seen here Interestingly it runs Windows 7 docked, but switches to a Lenovo Linux (called Skylight) when in tablet form. This might put some people off, but I have a dual-boot XP/Linux setup now - so this would be perfect for me There seem to be some rough edges still, but it's a few months off official release, and definitely something I'll be keeping an eye out for
  3. Citizen Eco-Drive for me today :)
  4. Many thanks Matt - that's a great help! Hopefully some RLT6 owner will see this post also
  5. Hi all, I have a couple of RLTs - purchased 4 or 5 years ago - that now need new batteries. I removed the original batteries at some point, as they must have run down. My problem now is that I cannot remember the model numbers of the RLTs, or (more importantly) the original battery sizes they took Can anyone help and tell me what batteries these need? I think the fist picture is an RLT15(?) - but I cannot see either watch listed for sale on the RLT Sales website ( http://www.rltwatches.co.uk/acatalog/RLTwatches.html ) Many Thanks RLT15(?) RLT??
  6. "You survived 0.321 seconds" Attempting to play it over a SLOOOOOOW (censored) Chinese internet connection probably had something to do with it I'd have done better otherwise Honest
  7. Vostok! Mystery solved Thanks
  8. For reasons I do not understand, NEC have just issued this "new" model Based on the old "brick" designs of the 80's Works fine though, but I have had some funny looks whilst walking around with it in my pocket Shown for comparison next to a Motorola V3
  9. Another recent purchase Made in China - literally And yes, his arm does "wave" The back
  10. Another recent aquisition - can anyone help in 'translating' the manufacturer - shown on the back in the first photo? It's a manual wind, with a screw down crown (yes, I know...) Here's the front - not seen many like this... "Made in USSR"
  11. Bought this last week in a market here (HK). I like world timers in general, and had not seen a Casio like this. It seems quite 'old' as it only has a 3 digit model number on the back (387), and is not listed in Casio's Watch Manual Archives as an available download. Still, I contacted Casio UK and they have said they can snailmail me a manual for it. Don't need it now really, as I think I've sussed out all the functions. Set me back 2.94GBP (the guy originally wanted 3.67GBP!)
  12. Thanks for the info Roy 1988 is still 17 years old (yikes!) - almost vintage Bry - you got me curious so I just checked - the date (year) on mine actually runs up to the year 2099! (actually from 1980-2099)
  13. Thanks Jase Will try to up the posts - but work been v busy of late I have another interesting one I bought last week though - will do some pics of that next Watch this space (except next post will be in the Russian forum...)
  14. I have just bought (in HK) a Seiko worldtimer - very similar to the one Roy currently has for sale. They are very similar, but have some interesting differences... Does anyone know which is the earlier model? Markings on the back of mine are 830162 and A708-5000 (followed by AO in square box) The obvious differences are: 1. Green LCD background v grey 2. Full country names v abbreviated 3. Date at top, time at bottom of screen (Roy's) or reversed (mine) Anyway, I like them both (thanks to Roy for letting me use the RLT picture)
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