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  1. Can’t believe my luck (overdue), I left a £10 bid on a stopwatch at an auction I couldn’t attend and ended up with a fully working, great condition, Junghans pre star. I’m over the moon and have no intention of selling it.
  2. 1878

    Omega Cal 286

    Fantastic job, it's guard to believe what can be done
  3. Something else has turned up Dynamic no day or date blue second hand and a de ville 1968 with 565 movement bought from member of another forum.
  4. Thanks for the advice I was a bit supprised to find it wasn't waterproof I will wait and see what else turns up .
  5. Hi all I've been looking at 151461561849 with a view of having a go for the right price. To my uneducated eye it appears to be the genuine article but I would appreciate any comments from the experts on it and the going rate for it. Thanks
  6. Hi all has anyone sold watches to Birmingham Watch Co or similar I'm thinking of selling a few none of which are of great value but don't want to sell on here or other sites as I don't want to get into disagreements about age condition or anything else. I understand I'll get less but it's hasle free. Has anyone had any dealings I live in South Wales. If you don't want to discuss in the open please send me a PM. Cheers
  7. Lefty not at all ambidextrous watch on left have worn on right odd occasions just feels wrong.
  8. Just my luck, its my birthday on Saturday and ive got 2 tickets for me and my son to watch Utd against the Swans in Swansea only 3 miles from my house on Sunday.
  9. I had a nightmare last night woke up in a state I had dreamt that there was a blue moon but then I looked out and observed it was huge and Red thanks to Robin Van Persie.
  10. 2010 Mondeo hatchback for towing caravan, favourite previous car was a yellow and black capri in the 70s which flew, also liked my passat but not was very good towing.
  11. 1878

    Seiko 5 Lover

    Good price but you were very very lucky it could have been an expensive lesson, I bought one to knock about in work and am happy with it. Ebay bidding can be addictive lost count of things i spent too much on. Now i check the new price on several sites first and bid accordingly. I cant believe the number of items people try to sell at high street prices or more, they sell taking account of what they paid a year or two ago when the price now is half the original.
  12. Thats a lot cheaper than I thought, thanks for that.
  13. Hi I bought an eco drive a month ago which is radio controlled, i use it to set the time on my other watches im happy with it. I also have several tissots which I enjoy wearing. The only trouble with this site is your watch collection grows and grows and for some reason they get more expensive and diverse .
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