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  1. Montgomery - our Basset. Still only a pup, 8 months old.
  2. swapped the bracelet on my OM for a Seiko rubber - taking advantage of the dry day to do some garden clear up..
  3. I've never owned a Rolex - but I've always wanted a Datejust, one with a gold bezel and bi-metal jubilee bracelet. I think it stems from when when I was a kid in the early 80's and the rise of the Yuppies. They all seemed to have Rolex watches, drive Porsches and drink champagne. For a kid from a working class background in a northern town, these guys seemed to live in a different world. A world that I wanted to swap with mine. Fast forward 30 years and I now see those people as what they really were - vulgar consumers of wealth that they didn't earn. But I'd still like a nice Datejust ;-)
  4. I did it a few years back - loved it. quite a lot of waiting around etc, but I found it quite relaxing, better than work anyway :-)
  5. Seiko 7A28 7000 that Ripley wears in Aliens
  6. When this story first came out I went and bought one of the Casio's from Argos. The guy there said they had sold loads of them over the previous couple of days and he could't explain it - so I told him about the terrorist connection... Anyway, my wirst was too big for the skinny strap, but my lad still wears the watch.
  7. HappyLad

    Best Photo

    Top work PCThug. The sweaty lady is my fave :D
  8. hmv retail website is down - so guessing its all over for them :(
  9. Some excellent pictures there - but he could do better with a camera/lens that didn't have so much chromatic aberration.. Notice the blue fringes round high contrast areas on the dial shots
  10. IS on the 70-200 f4L would be nice, but the price put me off. Its quite a bit more than the non-IS version. Same with the 100mm macro. If price isn't an issue, then get the L series lens with IS. But... if you are doing 1x macro photography then chances are your going to mount the camera on a tripod, and then IS becomes a non issue. The L series is optically better though..
  11. EOS 550D with grip, Tamron 17-50 f2.8, Canon nifty 50, 70-200 F4L, 100mm f2.8 macro. All of which spends most of its time in a bag in the cupboard and I end up taking more photos on my phone than my camera... so.. I just bought a Lumix LX7 compact that I can keep in my coat pocket :-)
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