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  1. Bought this beauty after the passing of my mum. Have a nice day all. Colin.
  2. Good morning All, Still wearing the Skyland Apologies for yesterday’s wrist shot, Colin
  3. This far from small beauty arrived today from JonnyOldboy, Good weekend to all Colin
  4. Been wearing my GMT but on pro 3 rubber. Enjoy the new week all. Colin.
  5. Sorry to everyone don’t know how it’s happened. Regards Colin. Skyracer again today. Colin.
  6. Another week done on my return to work,G shock off and time to wear my watch for the weekend. Enjoy all Colin.
  7. A nice piece of 90’s Breitling.Added bonus of the lovely dial colour. A good weekend to one and all. Colin.
  8. This beauty arrived Friday,Seiko Samurai blue dial. Quite a chunky watch but fits lovely on my 7.5ish wrist, Thanks and a pleasant evening to all. Colin.
  9. Bit late to the party,this arrived earlier in the week. Seiko solar perpetual. A good weekend to all. Colin.
  10. There’s a nice Oris on Sales that is very nice and may still have warranty Colin
  11. Just got my Skyracer out ready for my holiday tomorrow. Hopefully a nice week in the sun. Colin.
  12. Old photo but still wearing the speedy reduced. Colin.
  13. Wearing my speedmaster reduced that I bought for my dads 60th in 2002. Thanks for looking. Colin.
  14. Nice photo of a classic watch. Colin.
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