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  1. Wow! Now THIS is what I remember from the good old days of the Electric Watch Forum. An inspiration for the newcomers, too! The photos are fantastic. I would love to see the discussion come back, but I just don't know if that wonderful interest in the great electric watches shown in these pictures here is still a burning desire anymore.
  2. Many years ago this particular electric site used to be very much alive with posts. It was in the good old days when Hamilton Electrics and tuning fork Accutron posts ruled. Rene and Paul and Martin regularly posted in- depth posts which went on forever(like the famous one about the Elgin Electronic). Boy, do I ever miss those days! I do know that Hamilton Electric collectors are alive and well, based on Jared's sales and demand, but those collectors are just not posting here. I asked several of the "masters" out there what the heck happened, and the replies ranged from people on the electr
  3. I understand the comments from the forum members who feel that this type of Rolex is almost always seen with the metal strap built for it, but soon as you posted the photo with the leather strap(a nice one), I immediately felt it looked great! Concerning calling it a fake, I think you should be honest with people. No one is going to think you are trying to show off by wearing a Rolex, if, after the few that even notice it ask, and if you reply by telling them it it is a very special as it belonged to my father and he passed it down to me. Concerning it showing signs of use, usually if you wear
  4. The Glashutte Original is magnificent inside, but in my humble opinion, the simplicity of the dial shown here is exactly what I was referring to. Sure, the printing quality must be top notch on that watch , too. But for that kind of money, there is so much more they could have put into the dial. But some of us like that, which is fine. And it seems to be a current trend...simple and very basic. To me, some of the Brietlings from just a few years back, the ones with all the markings around the dial...which some would call too busy...was always my dream watch. When the Seiko Presage line came ou
  5. Went to the mall today. Looked at the Rolex, Cartier, and other higher end watches, and was really surprised that the dials look is so simple and basic . Sure, it is what inside that really counts, but the dial is what you look at all the time, and it just appears to me that manufactures across the board don't seem to be putting much effort into making great looking dials anymore. The exceptions can be seen in many multi-dial watches, some divers, and of course the extremely expensive Swiss and German watches that I see in my friend's exclusive top, top-of -the -line watch magazines....they ar
  6. Yes, I feel this way about most of them that I have left. My main way of selling a watch is through ebay. Unless all the ones a person wants to see are in very high demand or very rare and there is a good chance there will be a bidding frenzy (none of mine, really), after ebay and Paypal takes their 13-15% total, you can end up really getting very little . Also, soon as you start wearing some of your fabulous condition watches on a regular basis, and you have to add those many new normal wear scratches to the description when selling time comes, you can expect to get a lot less at selling ti
  7. The movements of all Timex watches, in my humble opinion, tend to be sort of throwaways. So unless you have a very special case and dial, like the Mickey Mouse one above or a solid 14k(very rare) case, they are hardly worth the repair cost. Also, they can be purchased quite inexpensively, so movements can be swapped(non-working for working ones). Timex is very good with there warranties and replacing a defective watch with a new one(for a modest cost) even after the warrantee ends. Taking to them is like going back in time. I think the same lady down South has been working there and answeri
  8. Great looking watch! I don't know if it is still in existence, but there used to be a whole website dedicated to Timex watches. This is a perfect example of how they would take existing technology, cut production costs so the everyday person could afford one, them mount them in great looking cases with innovative dials! There is no way back then when I was making $1.25 an hour (which equals .986887657 half sterlings or quarter pences or euros or whatever you guys are using over there, this week) that I could afford $89.00 for a Hamilton Electric. But I could save and eventually get a Timex Ele
  9. Hamilton 996 or Illinois Bunn Special..both 21 jewel versions...used....fully serviced....on ebay. Check feedback . Make sure it was timed and says excellent accuracy and offers a refund if not as described. My opinion. Oh, with a salesmen's display back, but not the cheap repo display cases out there. You will know because they all look the same and are poorly made.
  10. See, its really not that big on my wrist after all. My wrist diameter is 7 1/2 inches (oh, forgot, most of you are not from the Colonies) = a zillion or so millimeters. OK, I'll Google it to be a little more precise..............19.05cm. It's like 2am where you guys are and I'm getting replies!
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  14. Original 1906 Elgin movement and dial, added to a commercially available case, but you need to be able to do the drilling and stem size adaption and it must be precisely done to work properly. I believe the stem is the one that comes with the case. I think most would prefer an onion type, too, but the case is so nice, especially with the mineral glass front and back, you take what is available, I guess. It works very smoothly. The strap is only 20mm, which helps with the perception of it being smaller than it actually is. As mentioned, it is so darn comfortable, I forget that I am wearing it.
  15. Still wearing this since it arrived today. Going to wear it to sleep . Hope I don't konk the wife on her head, it's so big. Size16 pocket watch movement.
  16. This is one picture,anyway. Still waiting on the wife to add more. Meanwhile, if you want to see the back, go to ebay USA , Advanced search, completed, #272889680991. Great photos there. The guy is from Poland, he expertly restores the movement, does all the mechanical mounting(stem needs to be adapted and hole perfectly drilled). Wait till you see how great the movement looks!. I haven't taken this watch off since it arrived. The wife was supposed to put it away for Christmas. Nope! Shipping to US only took a week! Thank you to all that posted other ways to mount these for wrist use.
  17. My better half, is at at a yet- to-be born baby "reveal" party, and she takes the best pictures in the family. Gotta tell you what a "reveal" party is....not only does the future kid's mom get presents at a normal baby shower, but before that, a hall is rented, tons of friends show up with presents, for the sole purpose of opening up a sealed envelope in front of everyone, that shows the sonogram and" reveals" whether the baby is a boy or girl !! This has got to be a chick thing! Photo of the watch will be forthcoming when the lady of the house returns. Boy, times of changed. I wonder what wou
  18. Very few of us collectors like the idea of taking a perfectly original watch and mounting it in another case that was not originally meant for it. The term Frankenwatch comes to mind. Likewise, destroying a 14K watch case by selling it for a gold melt down and leaving an uncased otherwise perfectly good movement, is another high crime for us. But, as a person who really appreciates the beauty of a top of a great pocket watch movement, without the daily hassle of wearing it in my pocket(with a display case salesman's back, of course), we are not left with many other choices other than displayin
  19. I used to go to a middle range department store, and maybe 15 years ago, all the movements were Japanese made and most of the cases were also. In the past few years, since total production has switched to China, I have really noticed a general increase in cheapness of both the movements and the cases. The dials are even worse...extremely poorly made...and the cases are full of glass, blingy crystals!. But I have noticed a decline in dial quality in other watches, as well. Even when I go to the mall and look at the Rollex watches now...some of the dials look pretty basic to me.....compared to o
  20. Have no memory of my Mom or Dad ever wearing a watch. When I was 5 years old, my Grandfather gave me a Micky Mouse watch. In my teens, I bought a manual wind Waltham that drove me crazy because it would always gain or lose time(very positional). While I owned it, I used to go to the jewelry store and and pine over the first Spiedel Twist-O-Flex watch bands. Watch bands at that time(early 60's) would break easily, and the idea that you could tie a watch band into a knot without breaking it just fascinated me. Could not afford the $12 price, however. Those Spiedel bands can be blamed for the ou
  21. Yesterday,by chance, I just happened to mention this topic of larger watches being the main focus of this section of the forum to a friend, vs the smaller gold and silver dress type we grew up with and prefer(we are both in our sixties). Kidding around, he said something to the affect that he can't imagine walking around with a tin can on his wrist. I had to laugh!
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