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  1. Hi Roger I really am surprised that no one has mentioned Marmite and Peanut Butter on toast S'been my breakfast for more years than I care to remember :D Chris :)
  2. Mornin' John Long time since we last spoke :yes: A Granville lathe came up in our local sale room some months ago, I was tempted to make a bid but it was in very poor condition and both tailstock and toolpost were missing Still on the lookout for something about that size though. I seem to remember you were collecting bandsaws at one point :D Did you ever manage to get that car out of the garage ? Chris :)
  3. Mornin' Roger, long time no speak :D I just wondered if you have tried running the watch face down, then face up and finally held vertically. There may be significant differences to the run down times - if there is, it should give a good watch guy some help in identifying an issue. May be an age thing but I've always followed the old addage of if it ain't broke, don't fix it :yes: and letting someone loose on a vintage timepiece can prove costly, Just a thought, hope things go well as I've always liked that watch. Chris :)
  4. A very happy and healthy New Year to you Alan And a very Happy New Year to everyone else as well :cheers: Chris :)
  5. Pretty watch Knowing the watch size will help but crystals have their own sizing code system, which to be honest, still baffles me after all these years You need to use a pair of vernier callipers and take several measurements around the rim (and make a note in both metric and imperial) and that will give you an idea of the size of crystal you need. I would then have a look here. The guy is very helpful and I'm sure he'll be able to fix you up Have to say, if it was me, I would order a couple as they are very easily damaged when trying to fit :whistle: and very often you have to 'fettle'
  6. Welcome to the forum Dougie, it's a nice friendly place. A couple of things which might help you, have a browse around the place and find a thread which shows you how to post a picture (Roger did a good one) and then post a few pics. You can also browse flea bay to get an idea of valuations but the gold ones will, more than likely, be bought for scrap so check out the gold prices for that day. You are wise not to mess with them, I would take them to a local watch repairer - if you can find one - not a jeweler and ask them to show you how to open case, set the time etc.. Chris :)
  7. My car registration number which contains my initials Had the plate for over 30 years now :D Chris :) Edit : If you see my car being driven by a distinguished, good looking gentleman, please don't wave - call the cops 'cos it will have been nicked
  8. Very difficult to say, your pics seem to show a solid silver hunter case and, importantly, the dial is mint A premium price will be achieved if it is keeping good time and it has had a full service but that's the problem, the cost of a full service will probably be equal (if not more) than what it could fetch The usual route is to sell it as it is and let the buyer have it repaired or you could have it fixed and keep and enjoy it. Chris :)
  9. I've always been partial to Elgin watches and still have a couple of examples I can't really tell much from your pics but it looks to me like a silver hunter with a dial that is in excellent condition If the serial number on the movement matches the one on the case, then the watch was made in 1891 There's quite a bit of info' available about the Elgin company and the picture of factory in this link gives you some idea of how big it was, how many people must have been employed and how many watches they must have produced Chris :) Edit: more factory pics and info here
  10. It certainly is And isn't nice to see a 'gentleman's' pocket knife on the chain Some really nice watches in this thread Chris :)
  11. Yes I agree that loads of pics is the way to go I discovered some good ideas here Using a foot switch enables you keep hold of the fiddely bits with both hands and still take pics WiFi'ing the pics straight to your computer saves a lot of hassle as well Chris :)
  12. a6cjn


    Vodka, Tia Maria and Coke Put's hairs on yer chest (So the wife says) Chris :)
  13. It's not a view I've shared before but I do find it irritating when sellers can't be a*sed to make a bit of an effort with their ads Giving a link to a website or, more often, a link to the previous owner's advert and 'pictures available on request' always make me think well if you can't be bothered, neither can I. Apologies for a Victor Meldrew moment Chris :)
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