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  1. My favorite watch. This is probably my last post for awhile since I'm heading to Arizona on another assignment.
  2. Well, if she starts a garden and it looks like this.....
  3. I guess I should start posting watch pics again.
  4. Trying to get my girlish figure back on track on the stationary trainer. I'll wait until we have a few days of rain to clear the roads of salt dust before I venture out with either bikes. You know the drill: One hour cleaning time for every minute on the road....
  5. Does it have two or four wheels? Silly boy.....he he he.
  6. That's quite true. When I'm asked what I drive or ride, I always say BM. We do have a lot in common!
  7. You and Bond must be the only ones in the U.K...he he he Even the BMW Car Clubs on your side of the Pond refer to BMW cars as Bimmers. https://www.bimmerforums.co.uk/ But hey ho, as far as I'm concerned the only important part is knowing which one is which when I enter the garage.
  8. From my collection to yours.
  9. True. It looks from the picture that by twisting the knurled knob, the light could be used left or right.
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