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  1. D is for Dauphine hands. ( Had to dig for that one...)
  2. A pittance of time. Based on a true story.
  3. The big Seiko quartz were the darlings of some of my co-workers every time a flight was dispatched to Asia. Last Summer, my 1st Officer had a G-Shock.
  4. In all honesty, any watch can be a "Pilot" watch. I just wear one so I'M never late for Happy Hour. BTW, not a bad scorecard. Will need to work a little harder on his communication skills especially when flying in congested airspace.
  5. Croton Aquamatic. Seiko/Epson VX33 Quartz mvt. Tauchmeister 1937 Frankfurt Limited Edition T0019. Seiko/Epson VX42 (5Y22) Quartz mvt.
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