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  1. My favorite watch. This is probably my last post for awhile since I'm heading to Arizona on another assignment.
  2. A few more. Ejection training. Or the day I lost my hemorrhoids Post ejection water entry training a.k.a. the tower of terror.
  3. No, we don't have any kids. They were the daughters of a colleague in the Municipal Force. His dad was a Mountie. Hard to believe that these girls are now probably married with kids of heir own. I feel old all of sudden.....
  4. Managed to retrieve some lost ones thanks to Photofuckit. So here we go again...... Already planning for the future. Flight Officer Cadet. First year Military College. Ca, 1985 getting the RCAF Medal. 1988 RCMP Academy. School talk picture ca. 1997.
  5. Well, if she starts a garden and it looks like this.....
  6. Shoveled the snow bank left by the plow at the end of the drive right after my contractor cleared the driveway... *Sigh* Not today my Precious. ..and no gardening.
  7. Nope...Canada is a great place. And I've been practically everywhere.
  8. Your yard in April looks like mine in June.....I still have about two feet of snow.
  9. Currently listening to a local garage band called 999 Megabytes. They still don't have a gig.
  10. I guess I should start posting watch pics again.
  11. Good time to catch-up on some relaxing piano music. Going through the discography of Ludovico Einaudi. Also listening to Michael Ortega on YouTube. ( Music available as downloads only.)
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