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  1. In April, it will be 14 years since I retired the Red Serge.
  2. Grocery getter replacing another one. Now shopping for a Summer toy. The 2022 Cayman S is on my list with enough horsepower to make it fun and a 6MT to make it even funner. (!)
  3. Okay...Okay... You're stressing me out. I just got here and on my first coffee.
  4. Yes I do still do. Older pic, sorry.. I have to start making fresh ones. . SMP Ti. Re: 2232.80. Omega caliber 1120.
  5. Okie Dokie. Do I need to study a specific topic or can I just ad lib.?
  6. This is my 3rd retirement, so I have lots of experience. I see you got busy on the Forum. and now a Mod.
  7. None of the above but I have lots of that in reserve.
  8. Thanks Roy. I'll see if I can come-up with something original.
  9. Dropping-in to say "Hi". I am actually, really for good, retired. No more months away from home and now able to spend some of my earnings. My wife is happy and I don't smell like jet fuel anymore. I see that there were some changes on the Forum. Mike
  10. It's almost the 25th here. Might as well post something. One of Roy's creations.
  11. My favorite watch. This is probably my last post for awhile since I'm heading to Arizona on another assignment.
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