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  1. ( Not an excuse but a rebuttal) Wife: You don't need two watches. Me: Why do you bother buying a bra? Silence... And now I have two dozens. he he he.
  2. Gevril Submarine GV2. Ref.4500 ETA 6497 manual winding.
  3. Custom made RLT. Trench Officer design. Manual winding. Kevlar deployant strap.
  4. Made in Würselen Germany by Marcell Kainz. Marcello Tridente
  5. Damn right you are...! Sexiest Bimmer of all time.
  6. Had sex on the kitchen counter. The egg timer was broken.
  7. I just wanted to give @Roy some inspiration....he he he.
  8. Glycine Stratoforte. Ref.3803 Valjoux 7750.
  9. After an online vote in 2011, Toyota announced that the official plural of Prius was Prii. But several anus are called politicians.
  10. Almost eleven years old. Still pulling like a locomotive.
  11. ...or the rider makes the bike? Harley vs Crotch Rocket.
  12. Yes it is...! I will follow suit with my N2 Accutron 218.
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