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  1. Hawaiian basketball uniform from the 70's?
  2. That's quite true. When I'm asked what I drive or ride, I always say BM. We do have a lot in common!
  3. You and Bond must be the only ones in the U.K...he he he Even the BMW Car Clubs on your side of the Pond refer to BMW cars as Bimmers. https://www.bimmerforums.co.uk/ But hey ho, as far as I'm concerned the only important part is knowing which one is which when I enter the garage.
  4. From my collection to yours.
  5. True. It looks from the picture that by twisting the knurled knob, the light could be used left or right.
  6. From the weird and wonderful to the cute and downright bizarre.
  7. Good morning, afternoon and evening depending on where you are located.
  8. Custom made RLT. Manual Trench Officer design.
  9. There is just too much electronics controlling our lives. And you are correct. Not only unreliable but annoying. I took a BMW X3M for a test ride recently equipped with the "Driver Assistance" package. The car kept on pulling me back into my lane when I was passing a vehicle on a four lane highway. Thankfully the system can be modified or defeated. Computers can be downright dangerous especially when flying a plane. Don't get me going.
  10. My loaner was blue manual with a funky beige leather/textile plaid interior.
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