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  1. Hello Everyone. I have a couple of watches made by "Reidenschild Germany" which says on the back "DFC glass", I have googled it and it seems to be associated with making wine glasses !, but cant ascertain what it actually stands for?, and, being has the how the makers feel its important enough to say so, how does it stand in the scheme of things watch glass wise? in amongst mineral crystal, Seiko Hardlex, Sapphire ET AL. Thanks in advance.
  2. Nothing at all wrong with the pic! I just love my original Orient beast and my 2ER submariner type diver, what I still find amazing is just how accurate both these automatics are, I would`nt know from personnal experience but have read that Orient automatics can be more accurate, straight from the box,than watches (autos) costing hundreds if not thousands of pounds. The Orient you have chosen is very stylish.
  3. Does anyone know if there is a UK dealer/outlet for Robert Watches? also the posiedon range look incredibly similar to the Grovana, Steinhart, and Debaufre sub homages, are they made by the same manufacturers? And one final question which Im sure will invoke intrigue, is,who, or what is the name of the Ultimate parent company of this "group" of watches? I am sure that i once read somewhere that they are part of Revue Thomen, vise versa. Cheers Jezz
  4. this is the VE Tupolev TU 144, made to commemerate the Russian Version of the concorde, all VE watches seem to be made to commemerate Russia`s Technical & Scientific achievements. The movement is definately an uprated Vostok automatic movement,in a Latvian case I BELIEVE,but, choose where the case is actually made Im personally not bothered because the whole watch is built to an extremely high standard.But,Comrade, this is the Mark 1 version, VE have since released an uprated altogether larger version of this watch which can be seen on their website, I personally think the MK1 version is a much better looking watch though. i paid well less than £100 for mine (yes i have exact same watch) aprox two years ago new from our host, so you can work out the current sterling/dollar exchange rate to decide if you have a good deal. Im hanging on to my VE Tupolev TU 144 MK1 and have no desire to purchase the MK2 simply because it offers up no improvement whatsoever IMHO.
  5. I think you do yourself an injustice the pix look fine to me, I think its a stunning looking watch, especially enhanced with the saphire front and back,let us know in the near future wont you? what the ordinary time keeping accuracy is. Regards Jezz
  6. With Seiko Kinetics, its a different kettle of fish from fitting a new capacitor to say Echo drive, tough solar,ET AL, with the kinetics when the capacitor is discharged to the point of not being able to power the watch AND SUSTAIN time keeping, the watch has to be placed on a winding machine which is totally different from a conventional winder for a mechanical automatic, such machines are made by Seiko themselves, and there are aftermarket jobs out there, the reason for this is that a Kinetic rotor has to spin at a much higher rate than a mechanical auto watch rotor. How old is the watch? if its not ancient then the chances are that its not a capacitor problem. I am not actually an expert here but have sorted out a few colleages(NHS mates) Eco drives and stuff for them in my time by now,and know Seiko kinetics to be different,all Im saying is tread carefully before fitting a new capacitor! by the same token IF im preaching to the converted, sorry didnt mean to ,just that no one else seems to have picked upon it. Best wishes with your Kinetic repair
  7. Seiko Chronographs,ordinary battery powered,not kinetic or solar,are the dogs bolox! superb quality product that non millionaires can afford,Ive got two but Im damned if I can make head or tail in the instruction manual of how to make that alarm work! nice photos from all.
  8. Hi A long long time ago, whilst was a member of a pre digital age camera club, this sought of thing happened every so often to members camera lenses and it was serious s--t because it could get in between the glass elements of the lense(s)warranting an expensive often non cost efective strip down of the lense, and subsequent ultra sonic cleaning etc, however i recall that a nifty method of dealing with it was to clean the lense in question with s--t loads of Vodka- (staight up)because thats the nearest your going to get to medical grade alchohol unless your a doctor /nurse, its bacteria, take the mov`t out completely and clean the s--t out the glass because if you dont it will spread. All this of course is based on the assumption thats its not a leaked battery, etc. Good luck
  9. got nothing to do with watches i know,but, the Shinohara was also a highly advanced (some authoritys have it that japanese were ahead of allied and AXIS power in sub technology at this time) long range japanese submarine that took part in Pearl harbour in 1941 and was sunk at truk cove in 1944. Sorry its not watch related but that name rang a bell AND you at least have reply!
  10. Hello Members Does anyone have experience with these watches,Ive just been asked (and done successfully) to replace the battery for the analogue part of one these.Its a big solid watch with TWO batterys, one for the analogue part and one for the digital chronograph feature and illuminator part. It has a winder in the conventional part and four other buttons for the chrono bit similar to say a Casio.While the small battery (626) for the Analogue came out easily enough, the larger (SR41) is "sealed" in place by the fixed backing plate that forms the contacts for the function buttons.Its really hard to describe without a pic, but the makers have gone to so much trouble to ensure it cant be removed without SERIOUS ball ache that I was wondering if it was intended to last ten years before factory only replacement or something?. Sorry for no pix but had to do for a work mate real pronto between shifts at his convenience. Ive done what was asked and its up and runing, but of course the 2nd battery is gona run out sooner/later and it looks as though its not intended to be removed from the movement its that seriously "trapped" so to speak. If anyone has previous with these, or,knowledge of, all info gratefully taken on board!! Many thanks Jezz
  11. Ya dont have to justify to yourself or anyone else!! Ive only got two wrists and FAR too many watches (OCD?) and Casios are arguably one of the most intriging, inovative, collectable,quirky,and affordable / loveable brands of modern times. Good choice!!
  12. Thanks Robert, thats appreciated, didnt know the mov`t was so cheap though! RW and all! Cheers Jezz
  13. Dear Members I have just successfully repaired a Raymond Weil parcifal gents quartz watch,for lady freinds brother the situation was that this High end watch had been batttery replaced at its first time so to speak by a jeweller offering a while u wait service, who having taken the watch apart, replaced the battery and then pronounced the watch dead because it was not working.So I opened it up myself at the heartbroken owners request and found that the upper battery retaining clip had been bent (distorted) upwards so it was not contacting the battery, I extracted the battery and tested it and it showed 1.59 volts, healthy enough.The battery which had been inserted to replace the old one is a Renata 371. So what I did was to bend the upper + contact back downwards so as to make a positive sprung contact with the battery,HAPPY DAYS watch sprung back into life immediatly BUT< couldnt help noticing that said battery looked too thin in its housing,someone previosly had destorted it,the upper contact, but had to bend it back an awful lot . So am trying to determine the mov`t to establish its correct battery requirements (now that its established that the mov`t itself is fine)this battery some how doesnt seem quite right even though its powering the watch apparently prefrectly.The only identifying marks are 6000-A919152 on the back plate and ISA 307 marked on the single jewel quartz mov`t itself.It might be that his battery is spot on, I know their are some very knowledgable members out there who`s advice has been spot on in past. It may very well be that is the corre ct battery but if it is its a suprisingly baggy fit for such a high end watch. All help and advice gratefully recieved. Regards Jezz
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