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  1. Hello Hope any members can advise here, what is the expected power reserve of this of this movement when fully wound, and not using the Chronograph ? I understand it is both hand wound and Automatic. therefore how many many turns are needed to fully wind the spring? (this is a very fair question because many automatics have a clutch that disengages) and therefore how can one tell when it is fully wound ? lastly is the Self winding mechanism uni - or bidirectional ? (is it efficient at self winding I am not not allowed to wear a watch during my employed hours (NHS) and so am wondering
  2. Does anyone remember "Lucerne " watches ? My first ever watch was give by my granny when I was very young , it was a great watch and introduced me to watch nurdism, It had a white dial , gold plated and hands an sub second dial, and gold bezzel with a non screw baseplate that stated "unbrakable mainspring", it had fixed lugs , but i remember checking the time with it on radio time signals etc, and it was good. one full wind would keep it going for three days easily, I was separated from this when i was knocked off my Moped , by a rear shunt, I had this watch from like 11- 16 year old, I j
  3. Hope this finds its way to the right place, great bloke , knows what he wants and goes for t no messing!

  4. unusual application for a "Sub" but , looking good thanks for Pix!
  5. you can get new capacitors for them, any good watch parts distributer should have them. I have replaced a few over time for friends and whatnot ,the ones I replaced where no more difficult than putting in a new standard battery , dead easy.
  6. Hi Johnbaz , so glad you like it I think a lot would agree its an unusual style, and believe me its GENUINELY hardly ever been warn.
  7. Hello Everyone. I have a couple of watches made by "Reidenschild Germany" which says on the back "DFC glass", I have googled it and it seems to be associated with making wine glasses !, but cant ascertain what it actually stands for?, and, being has the how the makers feel its important enough to say so, how does it stand in the scheme of things watch glass wise? in amongst mineral crystal, Seiko Hardlex, Sapphire ET AL. Thanks in advance.
  8. Nothing at all wrong with the pic! I just love my original Orient beast and my 2ER submariner type diver, what I still find amazing is just how accurate both these automatics are, I would`nt know from personnal experience but have read that Orient automatics can be more accurate, straight from the box,than watches (autos) costing hundreds if not thousands of pounds. The Orient you have chosen is very stylish.
  9. Does anyone know if there is a UK dealer/outlet for Robert Watches? also the posiedon range look incredibly similar to the Grovana, Steinhart, and Debaufre sub homages, are they made by the same manufacturers? And one final question which Im sure will invoke intrigue, is,who, or what is the name of the Ultimate parent company of this "group" of watches? I am sure that i once read somewhere that they are part of Revue Thomen, vise versa. Cheers Jezz
  10. this is the VE Tupolev TU 144, made to commemerate the Russian Version of the concorde, all VE watches seem to be made to commemerate Russia`s Technical & Scientific achievements. The movement is definately an uprated Vostok automatic movement,in a Latvian case I BELIEVE,but, choose where the case is actually made Im personally not bothered because the whole watch is built to an extremely high standard.But,Comrade, this is the Mark 1 version, VE have since released an uprated altogether larger version of this watch which can be seen on their website, I personally think the MK1 version is
  11. I think you do yourself an injustice the pix look fine to me, I think its a stunning looking watch, especially enhanced with the saphire front and back,let us know in the near future wont you? what the ordinary time keeping accuracy is. Regards Jezz
  12. With Seiko Kinetics, its a different kettle of fish from fitting a new capacitor to say Echo drive, tough solar,ET AL, with the kinetics when the capacitor is discharged to the point of not being able to power the watch AND SUSTAIN time keeping, the watch has to be placed on a winding machine which is totally different from a conventional winder for a mechanical automatic, such machines are made by Seiko themselves, and there are aftermarket jobs out there, the reason for this is that a Kinetic rotor has to spin at a much higher rate than a mechanical auto watch rotor. How old is the watch? if
  13. Seiko Chronographs,ordinary battery powered,not kinetic or solar,are the dogs bolox! superb quality product that non millionaires can afford,Ive got two but Im damned if I can make head or tail in the instruction manual of how to make that alarm work! nice photos from all.
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