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  1. I nearly every day wear my Oysterquartz 17000.....timeless design and keeps the time :-) I do have other watches, of those I wear my Tissot Seastar 1000 automatic diver during vacation, the rest I look at from time to time but do not wear....
  2. always amazed by this deep knowledge some of you own.....Iam only wearing watches and enjoy them :-) The Bulova is an all time classic, keep it, it will always keep its value!
  3. I own this one with blue dial (sorry I do not know how to upload my own pics and post them as a link)....any suggestions? https://uhrforum.de/attachments/dsc00901-jpg.300165/
  4. Thnks for that info. I acually never thought about when wristwatches "Came up" actually....Maybe also wristwatches are only a trend of the 20th century
  5. Great watch! I like the dial, reminds me a bit on the longines legend diver, case being "cushion" which always appeals to me. Great combination! How will you distribute it? How will you build up the brand? Cheers!
  6. Great having this brand section here! Iam the second :-) (Picture taken from my presentation on a German forum when I bought it.)
  7. Like the bezel, looks like a keeper :-)
  8. Nice watch! I actually rarely saw this model. Especially the solution to set the alarm with the rotating bezel is nice! Cheers
  9. Great watch, iam also proud owner of several orients and orient stars. Could you add some real life pics of your beauty? Cheers!
  10. I own this model....just awesome dial and bracelet picture from uhrforum.de.
  11. Hi there, I own the Orient Mako I......now since 10 years and iam still VERY happy with it....never had a Seiko, as obviously there never was any need for :-)
  12. ok, that is the other option.....Saphire is what you will never get, though :-)
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