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  1. I like it too but the Maktime (without moonphase or clear back) is nicer IMO (I don't like coin edges either, or cathedral hands)
  2. I forgot the comic! Would have to be a copy of Dean Motter's Mr X (Vortex)
  3. Thanks for the help guys, I've gone for an orange one from the watchbandcentre, we'll see how it works out :)
  4. What I'm wearing today (and most weekends) GW-M5600-1ER Atomic time synch (which wouldn't have worked!), solar powered, auto-light, loads of functions, so I would have loved it Also, seriously tough, so would have lasted, and not worth a fortune so not too much guilt when it gets lost or stolen (which is what happened to my first 5 or 6 watches). Anyone who wishes a moonwatch on their 9-year old self clearly never got out of doors or did anything messy :D
  5. Hi Jim If it was an automatic seiko chronograph (stop watch) as opposed to chronometer (very accurate) then chances are it was purchased in 1969 since by most accounts the earliest is a 6139 model dated to March 1969. There's a photo database of seiko mechanical chonos here, perhaps you'll be able to find yours? I have a 6138-0049 and it's a lovely watch. All the best, Paul :)
  6. a gent to deal with, trade in confidence :)

  7. 6138 brown bullhead, all original with a refinished case so it looks near mint Lots of dream watches but a Zenith ElPrimero from the 70s will do for now
  8. This feature has been part of google toolbar with IE8 for ages, why it took them so long to put it into Chrome I've no idea but I'm glad they did
  9. Personally I don't like new watches much, generally rather brash and bling for my tastes, so I'd be looking at a 6138, black bullhead (to go with my brown one) or sliderule Other options in the running would be a Heuer-lite e.g. LeJour, or any number of non-name 70s chronos For something dressier and slimmer wearing under a tight cuff I'd look at a Seamaster, or something from Longines maybe Too many options really :)
  10. Hiya The mrs has allergic reactions to most stuff, and prefers a nato as a consequence, but I can't find one narrower than 16mm Can anyone point me in the right direction or will I have to go for a bund? Thanks Paul :)
  11. I don't get AP RO at all Seiko spring drive for me, spacewalk would be nice but over budget so have to settle for a GMT or Ananta chrono
  12. some sort of old chrono for me, if it has to be very black then seiko 6138-300x on a black leather rally maybe
  13. Some interesting assumptions have been made on this thread, very revealing about people's values. I don't think companies like Rolex are worried by the fakes, quite the opposite as it all adds to the brand's prestige and profile and doesn't erode sales of the genuine versions. Let's face it they're still selling an awful lot of watches and yet somehow maintaining the illusion of exclusivity. Is every fake sold taking away a sale of a genuine version? Hardly. 40m units is pretty trivial in terms of global sales per annum of over a billion units, the swatch group gross sales in 2009 were £3.25bn, the total swiss watch industry exports in 2008 were £10.2bn, citizen alone make over 300m quartz movements a year. As for my personal view, I wouldn't wear a fake as a matter of taste rather than principle, I don't mind homages, and wearing a watch to show off wealth and status is deeply naff whether it's fake or genuine. Trademark infringement and ripping off intellectual property isn't very nice in any market but I really can't bring myself to get very exercised about it, especially considering some of the other things going on in the world. :dontgetit:
  14. My main areas of interest is for chronos from 40s through to 70s but I voted 70s as that's probably my favourite due to the variety, colour and size of models from that era. I was born in 1970 so that may explain it to an extent. Most of my current small collection are modern quartz of retro design but I'll be adding stuff as above as funds allow.
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