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  1. The Seiko SRP043 is one of my favorite watches, in fact after selling the original one I traded for one some months ago. I like it so much that just before Christmas while perusing the watch sales forums (I know I should not have done that... ) I found one at a bargain price. It was head only and per the data from the seller it had seen action (military) in Afghanistan. Nevertheless I thought that it could be my beater, since the price was good. So I pounced on it and snatched it. A few days later I found and bought a used bracelet from another watch forum - I know I am cheap... but c
  2. Thank you very much. Always nice to hear feed back from different people.
  3. Thank you and the donor watch is a Seiko Starfish, here are a couple of photos "before":
  4. And here are some wrist shots to show how the watch and bracelet sit on my 8 1/4" wrist. The link design makes it a little flexible thus making it very comfortable since it adapt itself to the contour of the wrist. Sorry is some are a little blurry.
  5. Well, after the original plan for the bracelet for this watch bombed out, I found a used Yobokies Hammer bracelet. I got it in record time and mounted on the watch... I am actually really surprised but very pleased with the result. I think this watch is now as good as any divers south of the $500 mark. Really solid, great lume, hefty and comfortable. Here are some pics:
  6. Thank you very much every one, I really appreciate your very kind words.
  7. Some time ago I decided I wanted a tool watch. I did get a Casio ProTrek which is a wonderful watch and I have used it quite a bit actually. However I still wanted something mechanical. Of course there are many possibilities and options, some of which very espensive. I wanted something large but not overly large. My first choices were the marathon JSAR and/or the Ecozilla. The JSAR unfortunately was way over my budget and is also Quartz. The Ecozilla was also quartz and could not find a good piece for the price I wanted. Either one of these would have required additional funds for the
  8. Thank you very much and yes I like that one too... :thumbsup:
  9. Thank you very much for the kind words. I like them both too and in fact I like yours too, a lot!
  10. The Glycine Combat model is one of my favorite watches. Its beautiful dial is super readable in any condition, the large face is immediately noticeable but the slim case makes the watch super comfortable to wear even under a shirt. I like this so much that I have two of these, one of which I wanted to use for a special project. The original one has now a mesh bracelet and other then that it is totally original, works great, keeps incredible time and is one of my favorite watches. The second watch is a different story and it has been a planned project for some months. Yesterday after
  11. Certainly. The case is original a Seiko Sumo case, including all the parts like crystal, crown, stem, washers, etc. The movement is original Seiko 6r15 which is the movement used in the Seiko Sumo. The Dial and hands are original Seiko 300m Marine Master. The spring bars are original Seiko fat spring bars. The leather strap is from Debaufre, vintage Buffalo. I would have included these photos but the posting limits the number of photos. But here you go.
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