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  1. The Seiko SRP043 is one of my favorite watches, in fact after selling the original one I traded for one some months ago. I like it so much that just before Christmas while perusing the watch sales forums (I know I should not have done that... ) I found one at a bargain price. It was head only and per the data from the seller it had seen action (military) in Afghanistan. Nevertheless I thought that it could be my beater, since the price was good. So I pounced on it and snatched it. A few days later I found and bought a used bracelet from another watch forum - I know I am cheap... but cash is hard to come by these days... Anyway, the second watch received was actually in excellent condition with only a few small and superficial marks and not a beater at all. However once I had the bracelet together with the watch I thought that the first watch looked exactly like the second one and so I wanted to make a small difference. At first I thought to change the seconds hand but then while I was still mulling over what to do, I got a glimpse of the PRS25 from Timefactors, the Smith Everest. I really liked it but I was shot for cash and I knew I would still not be able to get it for a few months... it is then that I got the idea to transform the Seiko so that it would have a similar look. I gathered together a few bucks and ordered a set of hands from Yobokies... They arrived pretty fast from Hong Kong and surprisingly enough they match the color and lume of the Seiko dial very well. It might not be perfect but for the time being it scratches the itch I had for a nice explorer type watch... I guess this is an explorer watch on steroids... Here are a few photos, and while the specs for this watch are available elsewhere, some few points that I really like are: 44mm diameter all stainelss steel 4r15 movement with over 50 hours of power reserve 200m diver watch great lume super solid bracelet comfortable on the wrist drilled through lug holes for ease of changing straps Sorry for the dust and lint particles on the photos, hope you enjoy, and yes I still have another one of these all original, unmodified and untouched and it will stay that way...
  2. Thank you very much. Always nice to hear feed back from different people.
  3. Thank you and the donor watch is a Seiko Starfish, here are a couple of photos "before":
  4. And here are some wrist shots to show how the watch and bracelet sit on my 8 1/4" wrist. The link design makes it a little flexible thus making it very comfortable since it adapt itself to the contour of the wrist. Sorry is some are a little blurry.
  5. Well, after the original plan for the bracelet for this watch bombed out, I found a used Yobokies Hammer bracelet. I got it in record time and mounted on the watch... I am actually really surprised but very pleased with the result. I think this watch is now as good as any divers south of the $500 mark. Really solid, great lume, hefty and comfortable. Here are some pics:
  6. Thank you very much every one, I really appreciate your very kind words.
  7. Some time ago I decided I wanted a tool watch. I did get a Casio ProTrek which is a wonderful watch and I have used it quite a bit actually. However I still wanted something mechanical. Of course there are many possibilities and options, some of which very espensive. I wanted something large but not overly large. My first choices were the marathon JSAR and/or the Ecozilla. The JSAR unfortunately was way over my budget and is also Quartz. The Ecozilla was also quartz and could not find a good piece for the price I wanted. Either one of these would have required additional funds for the conversion from quartz to mechanical which put the price even more out of reach for my meager budget. Several other options were gone through but in the end I decided that for me a good tool watch had to be solid, practical, legible and reliable. The whole package also needed to be economical. When I saw the black dialed Seiko Divers "starfish" with the huge black bezel and humongous white markers for the first time I thought "boy that's ugly"... but when I saw the orange dialed one I thought that while it was still ugly I liked it... What I mean with this is that this watch does not have the beautiful and smooth lines and proportions of a Rolex Explorer or Diver watch, or the military beauty of a IWC pilot. With these edges sticking out and the funky shape, it was far from a beautiful watch. But I liked it and I preferred the silver bezel and the toolish appearance of the orange dialed version. This is obviously my personal opinion and someone could decide that this was the best watch in the world or so terrible that it could make him puke... well taste and is taste and that's why we have so many watches to choose from... I took what I thought was the best part for me and decided to make a project tool watch. I already had the dial and hands in mind and now I had found the basic watch. When I finally got all the parts together I was actually happy of the result. In addition to the dial and hands I had to also get a metal ring called minute chapter ring because in many Seiko diver watches this ring provide space between the crystal and the dial and has the minutes and hours marked on it. The original one was black and since it is attached to the original dial like the Seiko Monster one, I had to get another ring. I ended up using a unmarked steel ring originally made for the Seiko monster. It seems to fit pretty well. The dial itself is from a friend who has made a batch of these and also the hands. These were originally made for Seiko movements like SKX007 for example, he also has the chapter rings for these as well as special bezel insert that are designed after one of the versions of the 50 fathoms. The lume is excellent and is C3. It lasts all night and is very bright, really close to Seiko lume. Last year I made a watch for my wife using the same dial, she has been wearing it every day since and even she commented on the great lume... The case itself is all steel and dimensionally is 44mm large, a couple of mm larger then the regular SKX Seiko diver like the Seiko Monster or 007, it is also slightly taller. It is very solid and the lug holes are drilled through for ease of strap changing. The crystal is slightly recessed and hence protected by the bezel on any accidental hits on door frames or walls. I ordered a bracelet but I found out that it is coming from Singapore and it did not arrive yet. So I have not worn the watch at all yet. I had it running though and so far it seems to keep time. I wanted to share a few photos with the forum members since this seems to be the second Seiko Starfish used for a custom project...
  8. Thank you very much and yes I like that one too... :thumbsup:
  9. Thank you very much for the kind words. I like them both too and in fact I like yours too, a lot!
  10. The Glycine Combat model is one of my favorite watches. Its beautiful dial is super readable in any condition, the large face is immediately noticeable but the slim case makes the watch super comfortable to wear even under a shirt. I like this so much that I have two of these, one of which I wanted to use for a special project. The original one has now a mesh bracelet and other then that it is totally original, works great, keeps incredible time and is one of my favorite watches. The second watch is a different story and it has been a planned project for some months. Yesterday after Thanksgiving dinner and the Pumpkin pie I found myself with half an hour during which I did not what to do. I decided to go ahead with the project and did it. This consisted simply in replacing the original hands with some pilot style hands to change the looks a bit. The hands by the way come from Mr. Roland Kemmner a gentleman WIS who was very kind and extremely helpful in sending them to me for this project. They are really nice, glow all night and fit well. Now I have my custom Glycine Combat "Pilot" watch. I hope you enjoy the photos and sorry for the dust and lint on some of the pictures. My wrist by the way is a little over 8".
  11. Certainly. The case is original a Seiko Sumo case, including all the parts like crystal, crown, stem, washers, etc. The movement is original Seiko 6r15 which is the movement used in the Seiko Sumo. The Dial and hands are original Seiko 300m Marine Master. The spring bars are original Seiko fat spring bars. The leather strap is from Debaufre, vintage Buffalo. I would have included these photos but the posting limits the number of photos. But here you go.
  12. I received this watch some weeks ago and it has became one of my favorite. I actually liked it at first sight almost one year ago, when I firs glimpsed it one a forum's post. However a brief search and exorbitant price (at least for me) smothered my interest at that time. Months later it started to pop up on the forums, sales posts. I snatched this from a great guy who had it and only used it for a few days. As usual the original rubber band had to go, and I fitted a leather band that I had available. This is 22 mm shaved and sqeezed down to 20mm at the lugs. Even though I was not sure about it, the result was quite pleasing to my eyes. The watch has been photographed and reviewd multiple times, so I won't get into many details. However I have to mention that it is 44 mm wide and it is rated for 200 m water resistance. The crystal is hardlex and the body steel. It is only a couple of mm wider then the Seiko Monster but due to the dial and bezel design the impression on the wrist is that of a larger watch. This is exactly what I needed as I decided that the Seiko Monster looks too small for me. The dial is my favorite color, black. The hands and markers are white and create a stark contrast that makes time easy to tell in every condition. The readability is excellent at all times. No idea if there is any AR treatment but for sure there is no problems in telling the time at a glance. This is one of my favorite features and one of the main reaons for buying a watch. I also like the design and the pilot/military inspiration. In fact originally I had purchased the dial and hands from Yobokies and cusomized one of my Seiko Monsters with these. However the combination of the dial, hands and bezel on this particular case are much more fitting, at least in my opinion. The lume is great, not as bright as the Seiko Monster but close. I did not have any trouble at any moment and in any light condition, to tell what time it was. The lume is bright and long lasting. This is one of THE reasons to buy Seikos. Otherwise the watch is very comfortable on the wrist, it sits flat on mine and the weight is well distribuited over the whole surface including the lugs. Talking about lugs, the width for the spring bar is 20 mm, which makes this more suited to a bracelet. The original one flares out to 24 or 26 mm tapering at the buckle. The strap I put on may seem awkard at some times due to the share thickness of the lugs themselved. My thought is that if the width was 22 mm and the lugs a little slimmer, it would make the watch look better. But this is not a big deal at all, and in fact I like more and more the look of this watch with this leather strap I put on. To mention also that the lugs are drilled through which makes changing strap a breeze also to these strap-changing-challanged individuals. The crown is great, it is big and easy to grasp. It is a lot easier to screw down then the one of the Seiko Monster for example, even with the protective sides. The screwing is a little rough but positive and intuitive. I could not see any flaws with the finish and the fit. The material used seems the same usual steel used by Seiko which is good quality per what I can tell. The crystal is Hardlex and for the price I wish it would be sapphire. I don't use the bezel but this is tight and easy turning, but not as easy as to do it by itself. The movement is the newer 4r15 of which I don't know much. However it apparently has 52 hours of power reserve which is better then the regular 7s movement and on par with the higher end 6r15 movement used on the SARB line. Therefore I can speculate that it is at least higher grade then the basic movement in that it must have at least a better, bigger spring. Also it appears to be better regulated as it keeps time within a few seconds a day (2-3) which is much better then any 7s movement watches I have had unless I personally adjusted them. I was looking for a big diver watch, but anywhere I looked I only saw $500 divers. Then I focused on this, it may not be a 500 m diver, it may not be the heaviest or biggest, but it does all it should do well, to me this is a winner. If you like the style, then you have also a bonus. Sorry for the dust, lint etc. I hope you enjoy.
  13. Thank you very much, and well, I cannot compare as I ... Don't have an Omega... But yes, it is very satisfying. But hey, you don't have to do it yourself either. As an idea one could pick the different parts, dials, etc. and then ask one of the PRO's to do the assembly. It will still be your own design... Just an idea. :yes: Kind regards,
  14. Thanks a lot for the kind comments. Yes this is a special watch to me now and a keeper. I did finally find the bracelet from an Italian Watch lover (I am in Los Angeles) this is really an international watch, as the parts, while being all original Seiko, were sourced from Hong Kong, Netherland, US, and now Italy... :thumbsup:
  15. I posted this in other Watch forums but then realized that maybe you could also enjoy the story and photos. Unfortunately I can post only 6 photos... What is a grail? Each WIS has probably his own deifnition, and of course his own concept what one would be. Someone wants the most beautiful watch, another wants the most prestigious, most expensive, most limited, the one with most complications, the one has the most water resistence, etc. I think it is a highly subjective matter but I believe that there is one thing in common with all and this is a superlative horologial characteristic. In other words, each one has the highest degree of something. In my case my own definition is the best watch I can get. Meaning that it is something I consider the greatest but also that I can at the end have or own. Like many other forum members and readers, I don't have unlimited funds and not even plentiful. This however does not stop me from enjoying my horological thirst for the search of the best watch. In looking through the forum posts, one can see many wonderful watches. Some costing a few hundred dollars, some many thousand. I could sit there and dream over a Rolex Deep Sea Sea Dweller or a Omega Planet Ocean which are amazingly beautiful watches, but I know in the end that I will not be able to get one of them any time soon. I have always been intrigued by the beaty of the Seiko Marine Master, but that too is out of my league. I wanted to check out the Sumo as I read so much of it, but that too was a tad too expensive for me and I did not like some of the things with it that kind of put me off spending much on a watch that is not perfect... However one day a breakthrough occurred. In looking through the forums I found someone who had a Sumo case. I asked about it and the other WIS was kind enough to agree to sell it to me, after a couple of weeks I was able to get it in my hands. Next I needed the guts, and as I needed cash, I sold my two almost new Seiko Monsters. I was not wearing them anyway as I considered them too small. With the return from these I ordered a 6r15 Seiko movement. I could not find any Sumo dial anywhere so I went for the very next best thing. I already had the hands I wanted to use so I went ahead and sourced some other parts, like movement spacer, fat spring bars, and Nato strap. As anyone knows the waiting is the most painful thing for a WIS... LOL It took me almost two months to get all the parts together and as soon as I got in the last part I was more then ready and went to work immediately. The dial had the feet in a different position so I had to remove them. To install a dial on a movement without reference is somewhat laborious as one has to center the indices so that they match the chapter ring marks on the case once you insert the movement in the case. This is a royal pain in the rear... However after one and half hours or cursing I finally was able to be satisfied with the installation. This required only one last tweek afterwards including cleaning the omnipresent speck of dust that found its way to the innner surface of the glass right in the middle of the face... The result however is stunning, at least to me. The combination of the shiny parts of the dial with the brushed parts of the hands is absolutely magnificent. I have never seen something like this in person. The work done by the Seiko people who produced these parts is incredible. Of course my photos are not even close to do justice to the looks of these. But what is most surprising to me is the overall look of the watch. I always loved the Seiko Marine Master and I have to say that these hands and dial on the Sumo case are stunning, impressive and not out of place, at least in my opinion. This custom job is now my grail, so at the end I was able to get it, after all. After sourcing the different parts from other WIS in the USA, Europe and Hong Kong, I still miss the bracelet. I tried the Nato and in fact two of them, but the head appear too massive for such a thin strap. I ended up using my trusty leather band for the moment while I am looking for a bracelet. I might have found one from a WIS in Italy of all places. So this is a real Seiko made only of original Seiko Parts and assembled in the USA. The watch is very comfortable and nicely and proportinally made. I would have preferred 22 mm lugs as I think such heft could use a larger bracelet, it would make it more comfortable I think. The construction is great and the finish of the case is impressive. The lume is really something, it is the best I have ever experienced on any watch, a little brighter even then the Seiko Monster. Lasts all night and the visibility of the hands and dial in any condition is superb. The glass is hardlex per what I know, it does not bother me but for such a watch it would be nice if Seiko offered an optional sapphire. I love this watch. It is a limited edition 1 of 1, I have not seen another around like this anywhere yet and the best part of it is that my efforts became the labor of love, and this is really my watch as I have built it. Please enjoy the photos, and sorry for the occasioanal specks of dust etc.
  16. I saw a similar post on WUS, the price of the watch will be what someone agrees to pay and not just what someone is asking. If noone buys it then the watch is worth nothing, no matter what the seller asks. There is a relation between sellers and buyers. If there are no buyers then there are really no sellers. I have not seen this monster being talked about that costs 400 but I know that one could spend that much in modding it. As to the worth, that is only in the eyes of the seller and the buyer.
  17. These SUS are great looking watches, if only they were a little bigger... They could easily use a similar set of hands and dial on a newer 6r15 movement based watch and make it 39-42mm. I am sure it would look great.
  18. Thanks a lot for your review and photos. I have one of these and it is truly a great watch.
  19. Nice job, especially considering the condition before the work was done. Nice touch and also nice photos. Thanks for sharing.
  20. Thanks a lot and agreed. I think that if I had to describe the Seiko Monster with one word I would use the word "Practical". I think this sums it all up.
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