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  1. Just wanted to clarify. So you were wearing the watch since Thursday, being active and Saturday it just stopped? What did you have to do to get it started again, tap it shake it etc? When it is dead, fully unwound, how many turns do you have to wind before it starts up again? Regarding the cleaning you are worried about. It is always good with any mech watch to get it cleaned every 5yrs max as it will protect your investment and provide you with long term enjoyment so that may be something to save for.
  2. er thats a hard one. my fav I guess and I could not let go is the Titus 18K chrono. paid less than 7 bills for it this year but I think well worth, there is not a mark on it and the hallmarks etc are real clean. if i remember its a landeron 48 movement. the face has this tan look that is so nostalgic and thats why I fell in love with it
  3. an 18K Doxa auto, pardon the blue reflection from the TV
  4. go to my place, a fully legal site. read the rules well please general and each forum, search out the music sub forum. www.nxsecure.org
  5. James

    Kitty Cannon

    Well it made me chuckle so perhaps it goes in this forum. When you have exhausted those gaming desires and have nothing to do try out the Kitty Cannon. No animals were hurt during this game! /http://www.addictinggames.com/kittencannon.html
  6. A lot of universities and companies in Canada have switched to FF. But I have to agree it does tend to drop the bookmarks, I have learned to back em up often. Even with the latest or betas it still does it once in a while. Still better than IE in other respects. Cheers!
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