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  1. Took off Friday morning . A spur of the moment trip. Mind you almost 5 hours one way drive. Some nice scenery, a good change. Snapped almost 500 pics. Just a few to give you an idea. Georgian Bay side of the Great Lakes. Super clear water, makes for some great diving. Enjoy
  2. ok. hot chick shots by request what? its all you get tonight
  3. thanks. it is a large watch but for some reason I like it. as far as something new picked up, you will have to visit the photo forum, she has been living here 10 or 14 days or something
  4. Images do not do it justice at all. So cool a watch. Something very unlike me. But was chatting to a friend in his store late last week. And simply love it. Crappy gray day pics
  5. It was a nice hotel. Embassy Suites, a corner unit
  6. From this weekend, a three day affair. Shot about 700 images, just a few for you as I sort them out
  7. Kind of no daylight left but still managed a couple quick pics. So kind of dull pics
  8. The LeJour I had the lume done. The white dialed Nivada was still orig lume
  9. OK going back to my love of the case style. Had these up at one point over the years and pulled them for various reasons usually sanity, back and forth. The older ones like the Croton and Nivada had drilled lugs but same case, the LeJour was no drilled lugs a bit newer. The early Croton had a wider bezel but same case structure
  10. Windows 7, hmmm. Well it has some neat things. Still bloatware, even the McAfee I did not like the interface uninstalled it went to a previous version, uninstalled a lot of things that came on the laptop. Too much security in 7 though, defender this, security center that, file protect this. No just give me one good firewall and an av proggie and I am happy. Yes I turn off indexing, turn off restore points, turn off a lot, I am rebel. But I did do a backup disc and run my own backup proggie daily for what I need in case it all crashes down
  11. No, no, no, I will give ya naked chicks but I will be banned lmao But the naked chic reminds me of the farm. My uncle when he was younger made a home made cannon thing. Was a metal tube pinched off at one end, with a hole and well drilled near the closed end. He installed a trigger and spring arrangement with keeper. So maybe 8 years old I got a hold of it after watching my uncle. You put a bit of gun powder in it then fill it full of wheat. A blasting cap in the hole, the well. Stuff the whole pipe into a mound of dirt of side of hill, anything. Set the trigger and stand back with a long string. Pull it. I used to aim it at the chickens. I got me ass beat because of this after dad saw the poof of feathers. Naked chickens And I have been a **** disturber ever since. And I enjoy it. So that chicken may have got in the line of fire twice ........
  12. OK. Was out picking up female maybe get pics lmao But for now a few while I was waiting, kind of too contrasty
  13. the thing on the top of the box is just a pad, I did not ask looked like a holder or something. so I believe its to set the watch on I am not sure. I am glad the croton sticker on the back popped off OK good to save that. the sticky stuff I removed
  14. Its here. Yes its brand new too. I have polywatch'd the crystal to freshen it easier than cleaning years of sitting off. The tropics strap seems pretty delicate taking that off. Its quite a feeling like a time capsule. Will get pics but not today
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