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  1. hmm we will see if FedEx next day by noon actually means tomorrow by noon
  2. It was unexpected my lil thing is still fine no giving it up. I was in getting a few printer cart. Paid for them but noticed something on clearance. Acer Aspire One, widescreen backlit 10.1, with 2GB memory, windows 7. After making many adjustments and tweaks its damn quick. Just a toy. Was on clearance for $150 Canadian how could I resist. Runs all my old software, well new too, office 2007 anyway. And lmao now that I have my old HD's accessed I found the zip file with the original Unreal Tournament in it. Complete with a couple hundred of the best maps, mods, muts, models, skins and voice packs. I extracted the folder, started it up and instantly it was wide screen and rocking. That I did not expect. The Acer runs it well does not even get warm. Now I go for the other games I have on the HD's, ah yes COD so many good uns I am impressed with the lil thing. Not for daily use. I expect the electronic HD in the eeepc will still outlast the spinner in the Acer Damn windows 7 has too much crap too me hours to get it disabled lmao. Bloody bloatware .....
  3. Well. Thought I would follow up on this. Almost 2 years ago the operating system failed on my main comp. I could show you pics was state of the art. Had it stored. So the eeepc has been my main comp, fast, instant, took many mods and adjustments. It still works fine I leave it on all day, have it hooked to two monitors now. Never broke although did a fresh install 4 weeks ago. I guess the electronic hard drives do work well. On Monday I dismantled my old unit. Good buy UV everything, goodbye Zalman cooler, goodbye see through uv power supply etc. Still use my lil eeepc daily I pulled its 5 hard drives. I have a lot of stuff and now access to all my pictures again that I was missing, boobies..... but..........
  4. Oh what a memory! Yes it was but not the case style I like. These I like and in Nivada, LeJour too and in the Heuer style cases. These are a good size case and wear large. Well worth the bucks I think. It was funny, fleabay, always makes me wonder. You have almost 500 people watching it. I think my old bid was $600 & something. Watched it hit I think about $980 for a couple days. In the last seconds I punched through my bid for $1433 pushed it just over the $1200, so someone thought they were going to get it for $1200, someone a pro lol with 670 feedback and me with my lil feedback. Nope you want it you don't play silly bugger. ha I had to wait 12 days to get this and I knew regardless I would. The first time he had it listed I think it was stated it was a Valjoux 92. I told him no not with those hands and year. So he took it to his watchmaker and yes its a 7733. He then closed the first auction in the last day and relisted. I did offer him a grand for it privately, was not far off .....
  5. I will post only the fleabay versions. He sent me his original pics and for sure this piece is NOS has not been worn nor sitting in sunlight. Its been hiding. I think he is shipping it FedEx, I want my hands on it lol. Overpaid for it but pretty rare to see these on fleabay, maybe a little more common floating round between collectors. It hit just over 1200 but honestly if you keep it unworn and like this its worth it ppffft and u thought I forget about watches I will take images when it arrives, enjoy the originals for now.........
  6. The first one has a bit less color in the red flag. But in the second one the flag is open a bit more catching the sun from the south west, the image is facing dead east
  7. yea I thought the first one too. I believe there was no change in the sun and clouds would have to look back see if the exposure was the same. I tried to make it as challenging an image as possible those limbs against the sky at a distance etc where you see it most is if you scroll over to the right hand side of the image the first one has a UV filter on the S95 ........
  8. OK, which is the more pleasing or sharper image please? Taken seconds apart with one difference. It is a crop of the crappiest part of the picture an area that is always tough with that lighting etc against a bright sky. It was even with a bit of digi zoom so made it worse which I was trying for. Nothing has been done to them other than cropping The better, first or second? You kinda gotta download em flip between the two. Thanks
  9. mmnnnyyeeaa, that was hard to get out, sittin here emailing re the arrangements, txt's, thought I would pop in. I am wearing this, maybe fortis days lol. now I pass out, alone yes, and early need to count the rabid sheep, maybe zombie sheep, no normal sheep thats boring, right, ba ba you remember the movie......l8r .............
  10. James

    Aging Parent

    tks, oh there's time for care :) it will hit me, funny how we react to things and pressure and circumstances. at least tonight I can go to sleep maybe 830 and know there will be no phone call no emergency as there seems to have been for 5 years. and its not bad to say that
  11. James

    Aging Parent

    Thanks guys! Its rough I guess loosing the last parent. Funeral is private graveside beside the old farm. And sorry to hear about your mom. My condolences. Yea William I am having to do a lot to avoid issues with that one. Everything is joint, or was, the bank accounts, investments or were done using a beneficiary so really the will means nothing but she will fight. And in the end if everyone is nice we all sit and work it out but until then this time its bows to me. Hopefully in a week and three days will be back to boobs lol. I still need sleep. You know you do strange things when under circumstances I got a lot done today. thanks again. Really I should be passed out. So After I wrote he passed and I woke up, called people yes at that time of morning, I contemplated what to do but I am up so everyone is up thats life. - drove out there, really foggy but the coffee shop was open thank you - he was still uncovered and in the room, and went in his sleep. paid my respects covered him up - took all his belongings went back to his place - forgot his walker back over to the hospital - maria arrived there, she is scheduled to fly out next week I hope she can get back for the funeral but no biggie, told sis there is no need to come, its like three and a half hours - then weird stuff we do when the mind is fogged. took all of his cloths, coats, shoes and anything he wears at all and piled them high on the bed. meaning of it dunno. loaded up the car with a few things in case bad sis crashed the place - then hit the post office, lawyer, funeral home, bank, tax office and a few friends one twice in his town. came back still working on stuff, wording of things, everything else is done. lots of emails, funeral home, things, rev, church group for catering, sister way too much, calls coming in, people knocking at my door, had to ship a watch out locally as promised, went to the coffee shop caught Nikki, shopping mall and I think I am almost done literally. no boobies tonight well crap damn lol. now I am tired sleep lmao
  12. James

    Aging Parent

    My dad died I just got the call its a little after 2AM, he went peacefully in his sleep. Now I guess I sit here and try to wake up then I don't know
  13. James

    Aging Parent

    Thanks. Just arrived back home again, I thought I left the stove on. I feel for all who go through it sorry for that pain. We all will unless we pass in our sleep or perhaps are lucky enough to be able to get on the bike and pile it into a cement bridge at top speed. Perhaps these two ends are best. So just laying down for an hour then I will head back. I expect no change tonight but by tomorrow night we see. Just entering some notes into my personal diary and thought I would share these........... Dad has been in the hospital, today marks the 12th day since being admitted. All was going pretty well, overall I mean, he thought he was getting better and thought he would be getting out this week. He's not coming come. I received a call last night at 10:30, Monday, April 25th. The nurse told me I better get out there fast. His blood pressure was 58/27 he should have been in a coma but was still talking. He had a heart attack, his kidneys have shut down also his liver. The doctor told him last night to prepare. He knew it anyway I guess you can feel these things. Again, same as with my mom I am left totally alone to handle all of this as far as immediate family goes, thank god for my friends, Maria, aunts and uncles etc such great people. So I stuck around until 2:30 in the morning his BP came up a bit and it looked like he would not die yet. Went over to the house out by the old farm for 2 hours sleep then went back over to the hospital. He was still the same. I stayed there until his own doctor arrived at 8AM. In that time span he was coherent enough to answer the nurses questions, questions to which I already knew the answers. He was asked if he wanted palliative care or to work to treat the causes. He stated no he is tired and done. So they stopped all his medication and are treating to make comfortable only. Its just a matter of time maybe a few hours maybe a few days. You see they have to stop fluids because the body won't get rid of fluids so it fills up the lungs which it has started to do already you can hear it. He can't eat because he can't swallow. These could be avoided with dialysis for the kidneys and tube feeding but its a stop gap measure since the heart is finished and no circulation. So they treat him with gravol and morphine for the pain. Anyway I left after I spoke with his doctor and came back home. I stopped into the coffee shop it was now 9:00AM Tuesday, April 26th the day of authoring this. I see Nikki its her usual time to be there. I told her and Gordie. Had a couple hours sleep then went back out to the hospital. I rounded up some people his relatives, brothers, sisters, and friends and many came to pay last respects to him but still left to deal with the choices to make on my own. You know what its like to watch a person for hours and days gasp for air, shrink away, dry up and be in pain from lack of fluids because they cannot have any. Its like watching someone being tormented in the worst way ever. He does try to speak, I can't understand him. I wonder what its like to be in pain, want something, need something and have no one understand? It's killing me, I have my own problems to deal with I don't need this. It's a blessing I guess he does go. He did manage to tell me after maybe 20 minutes of trying to get a picture of him and my mom together and bring it over so I did. The day passes. He gets worse his lungs fill he now lay in the fetal position. I have to come home for a short bit I hope he does not pass away while I am gone. Only reason I came back I thought I left the stove on but am going to lay down for an hour. I think he may die tonight but who knows it could be a few days but no more than that. So I write a bit while things are still fresh in my mind, it eases things to do so. I will go back out by myself I am not going to make anyone go through this or run around with me, I need others to be fresh, to be able to catch me when I fall. This, Is what we all have in store for us no one escapes it black, white, male, female etc we all will see this and hopefully reach the light in some kind of peace I pray for that. I was looking at the stuff in his place, I don't want any of it. Some nice things. Picked his mail up, there were three bills and a dividends cheq. Paid the bills and put the cheq in my account and transferred most the other funds out of his so my really screwed up sister does not try to lock everything up on me, the other sister I thought was alright but again it seems she has bailed on me. Now I rest and wait for the phone call or until I get back there. Maria is passed out at the house I am at the condo she is only 7 minutes away I am 40 minutes away. I imagine I will be preparing for a funeral this Saturday the 30th or shortly after that's my best guess right now .....
  14. James

    Aging Parent

    Hey Mike, Yea I understand. That's what dad is at 86. And it does take time to get the head straight as you state, it sure can. It did too when my mom went. But this time round it is not stressful, will actually be a relief. We survive. Just working from home have some things I have to get done or I let people down and may pass out on the couch for an hour. We see. Maria will dart back when my one sis gets out there this aft. Who knows the bugger may go for weeks he has proven so far to be working towards the nine lives ha
  15. James

    Aging Parent

    Just got home. This is the second time I got the call. My mom's thread is still around here when she passed back in 06. Dad's still kicking, but its wearing me down. I tend to be totally open in real life no need to change that for the internet. I actually think its time for him and although some may balk at the idea, prayed for it last night. I think after my last post here last night, about 20 minutes after I get the call better come quick. His BP was 58/27, and he was still talking! But his kidneys have shut down, his liver, had a heart attack last night. I just wondered around literally all night in and out in and out. Maria is out there now I am going to work today. So they stopped all medication, he can't really take much in fluids, its pretty much wait and see but expect it this week, its comfort care now. I just waited around till his own doctor showed up. His BP this morning was 84/44 so bounced back a bit.I hate this and I need sleep. But either way he won't be going home. He is in the Uxbridge Hospital, Ontario not UK. Funeral all pre-arranged even down to the newspaper release which will be in the Toronto Star and Uxbridge paper. You know what, it does not bother me, I am not frantic, not upset, guess I have been prepared for this one for some time now, or maybe just grown hard not sure which anymore. So that was my night, hmmm He knows its done or done soon seems content with it. Yesterday they did ask him when he was still speaking enough if his wishes were no life support etc and he stayed by his choice of none, which we knew. Do you know how hard it is to sit and watch and discuss all knowing we are just waiting. It's an odd thing this time around. Even when he was almost gone it did not raise an emotion out of me. I don't get it l8r ....
  16. didn't it evolve into the first x-ray machine :)
  17. If its a watch with hands I glance at it frequently, if it is a digi watch I look at it to tell the time and don't glance back. I think thats due to me looking at a watch with hands but the time not really sinking in but a digi I read the time so it sticks in my mind. Perhaps that explains why we look at our watches all the time, the first time we did not actually put to brain what time it is.
  18. you know despite what u may think, I am a normal, caring human being lmao back to the suicidal seagull ah what the hell, here is this ones boobies, u can tell by the necklace and pink nail polish lol, I make the promise never to show a face in same image online. I had these mixed up with the German chick but I found hers this afternoon, soon lol, I have to ask first.
  19. Well a thought. I use Sandisk Extreme Pro SD cards in the cameras. Then the first time a woman deleted images before I got a chance to look at em all I bought extras, Kingston 2GB they were on sale for 4 bucks each. I like to have all my images or at least see them and 60% the time I again delete them because they were rightfully deleted in the first place. So if a lot get deleted, somehow always while driving somewhere, I pull the card so not to write over that space, I can get everything back quickly with data recovery. They all do it the women I know, look, delete images that do not shown in best light I would never run a key logger that would actually go against my grain for any use and means. All history gets deleted before shutdown using two diff appz to do the job. I do not want to know anyone's business that uses my comp, women, nor do I want them to know mine. But I did run data recovery on my two hard drives. And there is some stuff found I did not download. I am happy it was nothing disturbing. But I found out one ladies fetish that I did not know. Again not disturbing at all. Why do I feel bad? I mean had I found like pics of a buddie or another guy now that would have been disturbing. But I feel bad. I did not do it for this reason I was looking for something I deleted, along came up 1600 other files. I never wipe the free space or write over it or use secure delete methods Raised the question. Would you do it? And see what the other does on your comp? Me, I have no interest in doing it. ..............
  20. Anyway a bit bigger images still downsized excuse the dusties
  21. Here, tried to get a bit better pics still grey and dull out. Again its not a big watch but just right in a way for me. Case is old school perhaps with no bezel insert looks older style case too but I like it, knew what I was getting. If you do get one remember a silver bezel makes it look smaller than would a black bezel but again I knew that! I like it!
  22. Some quick and crappy pics outside, very grey day so very grey pics. Its with the double AR. I missed my last one after I let it go yes we all do! I would call it mid size but perfect for me it seems right its not too high, not too large or bulky. Solid 1 piece bezel. Amazing lume. The chrono in this would be too high for me. Case at first reminded me of the older oysters for some reason the side profile perhaps
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