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  1. lol the seagull at the top right, gives you an idea how small things are in comparison to the power of falls. you gotta enlarge to see sigh, I wonder what happened. did it divert at the last second? or was it just an proper end to a really shitty day? never know now. maybe, was a case of bullying its head is hung low and I am fascinated by this ledge ........
  2. Here just for you. Now you can see why I was getting a certain look, her bag of buns for the birds was empty, mine was full. So that is the prefect "Hey What About Me" look with many !!!!! marks along with it. Calmness followed! Now you can see the other bandage besides the one on the nose. Two spots of skin cancer removed, the nose required two stitches
  3. I hate em too. My first one left me cold and I sold it. damn that was when the old GF was living with me I think I have boobie pics of her, lol I know I do. Anyway.............. http://www.thewatchforum.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=32159 My thread of disappointment in the Speedy. Sigh, now I have replaced the vintage one, bought the 40th anni one, and two new ones one on loan to Spanish gal. I moved too soon on my disposal of the very first one
  4. oh this one watches what I keep on-line if its not flattering out it goes
  5. James

    Canon S95

    Yea I read his review and Stevesdigi cam review first before I bought it. I will say if you open up my thumbnail images you can see some good detail in these pics. Better than his! Mind you those thumbnail images have been adjusted slightly, color, contrast, sharpness, brightness By using a very free and simple tool so no magic that is not available to everyone Here is what I used to adjust those images hence it blew the size up more than double in some of those thumbnails. I use the stand alone version and make sure its v1.3 thats in the zip file. Good and simple little application. I find for flash image enhancement I turn off the auto balance slider. Listen I have photoshop the latest, ACDSEE Pro the latest and various photo appz. I went back to ACDSEE for resizing, cropping all that crap and then went back to a simple free tool to make the other adjustments, weird eh! I just go back to simple! You know if I had to go back to carrying a huge camera bag all the time, multiple lens's I would most likely not take as many pics http://www.mediachance.com/digicam/enhancer.htm ........
  6. James

    Canon S95

    Yes - raw. These are all jpegs though Yes - Omega watch upside down I was drunk lol. And actually I got my boobs mixed up too that one. Those are Chinese boobs with the big tat, you can tell same necklace as in the first pic of my Niagara Falls pics and noticed now too still using pink nail polish wtf. Will get German's boobs up some time soon they are on the car camera, I think I said these were Germany's boobs somewhere. Too many boobs this yr. to deal with. And the rest of my toys arrived today. The ring around the back controls came last week, no more accidents in changing the film speed that always ticked me off since I use that ring for that. But mind you that B&W pic in this thread was an accident and was shot at something like 2600ASA the effect was great. But that lil ring is a must for this camera. Installed the grip and filter adapter, both are non intrusive. I like the lil grip actually and worth it. Can you tell I am back to enjoying photography? Its a phase .......
  7. and u thought all i was interested in was boobies & butts & stuff. I like all pretty things lol ............
  8. James

    Canon S95

    These are also with the S95 some amazing results this time again. I don't always shoot pics, it will wear off and go through those stages http://www.thewatchforum.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=65060
  9. There is something about this edge that I am hug on lol
  10. Here I adjusted a few. Keeping to the ones already posted and keeping with the jpegs. Just to give you an idea the detail that came up in macro of the flies! Some were in macro and at 100ASA not the lower 80ASA. Considering I was stretching out to get close to take some of these holding with one hand shaking they turned out damn sharp. The moth was at, mind you have to look back but I believe was at full regular telephoto to reach it. The first one you can see the lil wee bugs too on the flower cool. So either almost full size like the moth or cropped but still a full size crop and I mean really close up yep you can see their teeth Oh and that was not a lip ring on the one fly my error Careful some of the are 10MEG in size but worth it. Hence the thumbnails. Enjoy!
  11. Ah yes bet were no Monarch there, which by the way are not back from Mexico but are well spoken spanish insects oh and keeping with trends today notice the piercing in image #3. nice lip ring ! ....
  12. yep one big fat bug lmao they had poison frogs display too but did not take pictures there. its funny you mention the blue one ha. shortly after arriving I told her be careful the blues ones bite and leave a huge welt. So have pictures of her ducking every time a blue one came near, I then told her the truth after one landed on me for a picture!
  13. No it would not be man's place for a meeting but William we are speaking Lada's though :) And yes these were taken with the S95, some in macro. There are 136 pics on the A720 looking at those now. But back to bed now 4 hours sleep not quite enough. Too many to go through and that is the good thing about digi pics. That moth is a big moth it has to be 9 inches across It turned out pretty good shot a lot of pics in total. The winds drove the falls mist downstream so was good for pics there and did not get semi-drenched while poking around at the top of the falls. ...........
  14. nite....lil bugger deletes most of the ones I took of her always seemed to get an odd look on her face mind you I get the same odd look, I simply do not like having my pic taken and freeze up so I understand
  15. OK. Fast forward a few hours past lunch. Past many lil stops and stuff, more stuff. A few of the water. Took many around here just a couple its just water and more water. Yes we are that close to the water. Soon after we left the falls it became dark again and the rain came back, worked out perfect. Any that were with heavy fog or mist, or what she took I used the car camera did not want to get my better unit wet lol Now I finish my beer go for some Chinese. She is a nice girl oh yea. It was a great day she is very clingy. I enjoy making people happy, makes me happy.
  16. There were maybe 150 pics in these two places too many to look at now I am just relaxing having a brew. OK so that was sunny and bright. Back outdoors various stops look at more water. I will show you a few B&W pics at make out point lol. Stopped raining but very foggy, but it was lifting. Still no sense taking color shots outdoors yet.
  17. 1AM Sunday Morn Well I promised Chinese a weekend. She is so tired sleeping like dead now, maybe I wake her up I know what to do :) Anyway. Day One. Niagara Falls. It pissed rain all the way there heavily. Got there and still raining and bloody foggy. So I knew where to hit first a couple indoor functions. She is so shy lol. Deleted a bunch of pics she did, took maybe 450 pics on two digi's, will have to recover the deleted ones tomorrow one great flashing shot she did LMAO. Did dinner all the usual stuff, made out at the area where the B&W photos are no one was there a little hiding spot I know just gotta get over the gates lol, not that I have done this before Enjoy some color So, the two greenhouses first..........lots o pics small now full size close ups amazing and have the raw too
  18. Unboxed one of these again. Think I let one go last year. Nice solid titanium piece
  19. Well still this since just picked it up retail
  20. Here oh this is better!! I actually have the exact look and moment on file of the "hey what about me" that I got from the other. I knew I could use this at some point. I luv expressions. This goes back a couple weeks when I told her no way was I sharing the bread to feed the birds lol, that day I did share though Sorry don't mind the lil bandage on her nose, couple stitches ...
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