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  1. thanks. I noticed this morning my internet is down, so at the coffee shop. Its an s95 still. I have tried the G1X, Sony NX5, T2i, T3i and took them all back, none gave me the results of the S95, mind you the T2I and Sony had more contrast but the Canon was soft at the edges and the Sony very soft in the center, when taking pictures of a flat brick wall on tripod. G12 same sensor as the S95

  2. thanks. did a bot of traveling early July, even that took a lot out of me. Took some great images, some of Canada's only rattlesnakes, close up about 20cm out of its striking range. Will get some images up sometime, now I take them but don't spend the time adjusting or cropping

  3. Hi All,

    Been a long time. Went through some health issues, not good. Couple things that made me stop and look at what is important in life and what is not. Out of the woods again I guess. Lucky cat. Lost my job because of it in the end, back to work though. It took its toll on me financially and beat the hell out of my body.

    Still taking pictures. Too numerous to post. So will post a few from earlier this week and today. I hope to be around more soon. One good thing in my life, my woman, same one, happy, peaceful and with longevity I am hoping.

    Enjoy .....................








  4. ha. ha. no. its for someone else. but chinese is back though. I thought she was long gone. but showed up a couple times in the past week, one at 3 in the morning, the other before midnight. I never expected her to get back in the country. about all I can say. life is not simple been one H of a year. bah my life is open book. who knows. but skype or a method is for a friend.

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