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  1. The crown is part no 1E70AMSNW2 available from Cousins. Cousins ref S21297. Not cheap though. Cheers Dave
  2. BTW, where do you think Longines et al get their high end Valjoux 7750 movements from?
  3. Well if you had said that in your original post, I shouldn't have wasted my time replying! :censored:
  4. Hi Neill Aftermarket replacements are available from an Ebayer in Philippines. Search on Seiko retaining ring. Hope this helps. Kind regards Dave
  5. Roy should be able to fix it for you. If not, send me a PM. What is the model number of your watch? 7S26-xxxx? kind regards Dave
  6. It looks like someone has fitted a new stem and not got the stem length correct. If you decide to attempt this yourself, first accurately measure with a digital caliper the dimension from the crown top to the other side of the case. Then remove the crown/stem and seperate the crown from the stem. The stem is brittle hardened steel and can snap quite easily. If you break the stem in the crown you will need to buy a new crown and stem!!!!! Then fit the crown (without stem) to the case and measure the dimension again. The difference is approximately how much you need to shorten the stem. Note you do not want the crown to fit tight against the case. Measure the stem length and use a file to shorten it. It's best to do this in stages, measuring and refitting to check. You can take more off but you can't put it back. When the stem is the correct length fit it to the crown using Lock'n'Seal or something similar. This prevents the crown unscrewing from the stem when the crown is turned anticlockwise. Do not use normal cyanoacrylate glue! The process isn't difficult but if you're not confident it's maybe best to leave it to someone more experienced. Hope this helps. Kind regards Dave
  7. Hi Jonathan This may help. http://forums.sohc4.net/index.php?topic=73735.0 Kind regards Dave
  8. Hi Davey Well done on your !000th post. I may also get there before I'm pushing up daisies - I hope. According to my friend Mr Tim Nice-But-Dim you are a "bloody nice bloke". Accordingly, I claim my place in your stupendous Sunday Draw. Kind regards Dave
  9. It's difficult to see from your pic if the screw head is intact. If it is, think I would soak it in WD40 to try to release it a little then maybe apply a little heat to the bridge to expand it and see if the screw can be turned. Lots and lots of luck. Dave
  10. The 6309 movement is available in two formats. One has the crown/stem in the 3 o'clock position commonly found on the "dress" watches, the other has the crown/stem in the 4 o'clock position as found on the 6309 divers. The day and date wheels on these movements are in the same 3 o'clock positions, consequently the day and dat dials on the movements are different, to allow both variants to show properly in the 3 o'clock window. Very often you will find a 6309 diver has had the incorrect movement fitted so the day and date doesn't line up properly in the window. No big deal really if you can get the correct dials and swap them into the "dress" movement. I believe however that the hour and minute wheels in the "dress" movements may be shorter (not absolutely sure on this so happy to be corrected) and this is not be such an easy fix. The day/date, date only, no date options are largely irrelevant as you can leave the day/date wheels in place and just fit the dial on top. The 7S26 movement has its crown at approx the 19 minutes position AND the dial feet are in different positions from the 6309. So the only way to fit a 7S26 dial top a 6309 movement is to chop the dial feet off and botch it! For a 6309 diver modification it's easiest for you if you stick with the 4 o'clock crown option designed for the 6309 movement. I agree with Mr T, Harolds hands and dials have superb lume. Hope this helps. Kind regards Dave
  11. Problem with "Seiko 5" 7S26 movements (and others) is they don't hand wind so you can't unwind them by "gently" applying finger pressure on the crown. You have to control the unwinding movement of the barrel with a screwdriver while moving the click from the barrel. Otherwise the principle is the same, Kind regards Dave
  12. Sorry mate, totally unintended. Thought I'd found your grail. Bugger! Kind regards Dave
  13. According to Ranfft http://www.ranfft.de...&2uswk&ETA_2630 the ETA2630 runs at 21600 bpm whereas the 2836 runs at 28800 bpm so (not being an expert) I would assume the escape wheel for the 2836 would not be the same as the 2630? I did a Cousins look-up for Roamer calibre number 482 and Swiss part number 705 and it comes up with Escape wheel, 413 705 Cousins ref MST413705. OOPs!! Sorry, the Cousins search function strikes again. That was for a different Roamer movement!!!!!! Kind regards Dave
  14. This has been on my wrist since January and I see no reason to change it. If only it had ARC on the sapphire crystal and better lume it would tick ALL of the boxes for me. Kind regards Dave
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