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  1. I live in an old stone house and I used to suffer from condensation until I installed a dehumidifier in both bathroom and kitchen. Now I have to watch out for a different problem, the air being too dry.
  2. Omega, all day every day, when you buy an Omega you're buying a classy watch. When you buy a Tudor you're saying I can't afford a Rolex so this is all I can afford.
  3. Send it to me and I will give it a thorough testing. About a year should be enough.
  4. They are the future, I wear a "normal"watch merely as man jewellery. When I want to know what the time is, as well as all the other things listed above, I look at my Samsung S3.
  5. @WRENCH,that's way beyond stupid.
  6. The price of watches has become stupid. I just saw a G-Shock on sale for £650. Yes that's right, six hundred and fifty quid for a Casio.
  7. I clicked on this thread expecting to be disappointed and I was. Disappointed. Skeleton hands have no place on a diver's watch, never have, never will.
  8. Anything unusual, not the humdrum kind of thing that that can be found on any wrist down the pub.
  9. Looks like he really needs that magnifier. Some people actually buy watches with a date magnifier and have them removed which I find rather silly. If I want a watch without a magnifier I just buy one without.
  10. I use mine mainly for timing filling a bath and boiling an egg. Other than that just for gloating.
  11. I just Googled it and they are going for 1,398 dollars. I paid a fraction of that for mine. I don't know how to post pictures as photobucket is trying to hold me to ransom. I've posted pics on TZ-UK in watch talk as they have an app which allows that.
  12. Thanks for the reply, mine is similar to that but with a slightly different bracelet.
  13. I have just received a Spaceview today, its in quite good condition for its, age? That's the puzzle, it doesn't have a date code anywhere. It has the hand setting device on the back, 214 style, and the battery loads through a screw in hatch, its a chunky TV case with an integral bracelet signed with the Accutron tuning fork with the number 10811 stamped above the words "stainless steel" Can anyone explain why it doesn't have a date code?
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