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  1. Thanks for the info , I assume the number 11044 is merely a record of this particular watch in the production schedule. I have two Bulova Accutrons which are marked on the back with date codes for the year of manufacture M7 and N4 the first being 1967 and the later one 1974. I have always thought that MuDu watches represent the output of many different makers hence the immense numbers of different styles of watch plus the use of an Umbrella logo on some examples which may suggest an umbrella organisation which shelters many makers . Does anyone have any idea about their origin as it does not seem to appear in lists of makers of Swiss watches in the early 60s ??
  2. I have recently started wearing one of my favourite dress watches a MuDu super automatic 25 jewels made around the early 60s. It reminded me that on the stainless steel back of the watch as well as antimagnetic, water resistant, Swiss made and Incabloc it has " Full Lever" and under that 11044. Can anyone tell me what that refers to ?
  3. Paul, I have already thanked you for the great job on my Accutron which came back yesterday, but I wonder if you ever get any straps from the states. The identical model with the pinstripe dial like mine was shown in an advert some years ago from an American vintage watch dealer but his example ( for about US$250 IIRC) had a steel mesh strap which looked really smart. If you get anything like that or if you know where I could look for one I would be very interested in hearing about it. Thanks again Reg Diggins
  4. I recently adjusted all my dated watches at the first of July but after winding on a Mappin and Webb quartz watch,when I pressed the crown back in, the second hand now moves in jumps of 4 seconds. I wonder if anyone has had a similar experience with a quartz watch and what if anything can be done to rectify the fault??
  5. sounds like the very man how does one get in touch with him ??
  6. Just bought (last month ) Gervais Penard on ebay. Advised on Electrics forum this watch takes a Renata 301 battery but obtained one and had it inserted to no avail. Assume a problem with power maybe movement is jammed and needs clean. I live in Basingstoke in Hampshire does anyone know of a specialist who could service this watch some where nearby ??
  7. Thanks for info Paul I knew I could rely on you. Have not had much luck looking for info about this make on Google so do not know when it was made. I assume pre quartz and possibly early 60s can you confirm ?? Reg Diggins
  8. Bought a Gervais Penard on the bay. It looks OK and has a label with Lip R 148 so that is the movement nailed down. Before it arrives can anybody tell me which battery it uses and if there is a modern equivalent.If I have the correct battery I can tell if it needs work to function properly. Thanks in anticipation Reg Diggins
  9. I seem to have lost my update so here we go again. Despite getting no info on this forum in other quarters the legend persists of MuDu being Blancpain second brand. This has been suggested by two different sources independently (one in Germany ). I intend to pursue this line of enquiry but am still amazed by the lack of commercial activity under the name ( list of agents, stockists and advertising ) and if it was Blancpain why only available in UK and not in Switzerland or other European countries. The plot thickens !!!
  10. I joined the forum recently with one purpose only and that is to find out about MuDu watches. I am old enough to have owned one in the very early sixties and like all my fellow owners I bought it in a pub for £5 from a fellow with a choice of about half a dozen. None of them had a strap of any sort and I recall it cost me £4 10s for a Fixoflex strap.(Perhaps it is worth pointing out that the total outlay represented about half of my weekly wage at the time) Having given me faultless service for the next ten or so years it disappeared as most old watches do to be replaced by Texas Instruments red LED watch in the early 70s. Recently I came across the name again on ebay and early this year bought a Doublematic on ebay. I was lucky enough last month to buy on ebay once again another Mudu but this time with a second hand described on dial as "super automatic" and marked on the centre of the back as "full lever". Now I have become very interested in them not for the usual reason but because there seems to be no information about them other than the urban legend. Here is a supposed Swiss maker producing for the time fairly expensive and sophisticated watches without any reference to the firm historically to be found in advertising of any sort or lists of manufacturers. They seem to have had no agents in the UK Did they ever exist????
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