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  1. A bit of a heads up - I noticed today that the Scurfa Bell Diver 1 is now on sale. See here: http://scurfawatches.com/bell-diver-1-automatic I think it it has some good original design elements, and I have been wanting one since they were announced about 6 months ago. Mine arrives Tuesday! Egads Dave
  2. Yo, dude. Er...wassup like, innit.
  3. This one seems pretty nippy - must be the new processor Regards Dave
  4. I've done something I thought I'd never do - bought an Apple watch to go with my new iPhone. I've read all the whys and why-nots of having one, and was a bit dubious, so I went for the cheapest 42mm Series 1 (the one with twin processors, but no built in GPS or 50m WR). And you know what? I absolutely love it. Take no notice of the detractors saying it is not a proper watch. The complications you can have are amazing. It is easy to use. It connects to the iPhone system brilliantly. The 1 day battery life is not a problem - just pop it onto the magnetic night stand and it charges (takes 2 hours) and doubles as a night watch, with a special big display and sensitive motion detection, so just the lightest touch on the bedside table turns it on. And above all it is useful. For example, I have customised a face for when I go out walking which shows elapsed time, steps taken and temperature (and normal time, day and date, of course). You can answer telephone calls just using the watch. Ask it to navigate home and it gives directions. Ask it if it will rain. etc, etc , etc Try all that with a "proper" watch. Of course, it will never take the place of all the real watches I own. Definitely not. Except I can't take it off my wrist. Egads Dave
  5. I've not posted much on the forum recently. There is a reason for that - things have got a little boring on my wrist, as it would appear that my sixteen year quest for my ideal watch is at an end I have been wearing this almost exclusively for the last three months: I have many other watches. But every time I try one on, it will last usually 2 minutes and at most an hour or so before the Steinhart returns to my wrist. Why do I like it? I think that, to me, it is the perfect design. I has great lume. It is accurate. It just looks right. This is my subjective opinion - others will think differently, but that's OK - this is what I like. So, my quest for the Uber-watch may well be over. Probably. Egads Dave
  6. This might be of interest - it's about Bremont, amongst others http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-36902222 Egads Dave
  7. Sekondas can be really good watches - this one looks great. Egads Dave
  8. Quartz are so much more convenient than autos. All I had to do to get this ready for wear was to pick it up Egads Dave
  9. I like the unmarked dial on this one (it's a Geckota btw) Egads Dave
  10. A Chunk-O-Watch this morning (cheers pauluspaolo) Egads Dave
  11. Eye-catching & practical. Enjoy.
  12. Lovely watch for a mere "beater". Bet you don't do any demolition work with it on Rgd Dave
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