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  1. Yes I'm chuffed with it. A girl at work noticed it too! Thanks for all the kind words of advice.
  2. Hi Welcome, Awesome collection.
  3. Hi, You said it right - this place makes you want more and more....!
  4. Oh and a storm and a vintage F1 tag heuer green on a bracelet.. Haven't worn it recently because it's mid size but nowadays it looks small.
  5. nice one scottswatches I've looked at Steinhart, Lum tec, Alpha. Seiko - yes. What would you recommend to get me started. I'm looking at sub £500 really. £100ish for a seiko or citizen
  6. This is embarrassing :) I've got rubbish. A diesel, lorus and that's it.
  7. wazi

    Hello All

    I respect anyone who can repair watches... seems crazy hard!
  8. Some Nice watches there - I'm big into Oris
  9. Love the 2nd watch - Lumtech - never heard of them.
  10. i'm in the same boat too. The way I see it - there will always be a watch to buy once you've hit the magic number! 10 days - just 5 posts a day and that's it. A wee bit of patience,,,
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