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  1. We went this time last year and loved it. A bit expensive but not as bad as it used to be. We hired a car and did the golden circle (gulfoss, strokkur) and blue lagoon ourselves Dolphins seen on Wednesday, Humpback yesterday and killer whales today. http://www.whalewatc...hale-diary.aspx We just ate wherever we were so I can't recommend anywhere in particular, Definitely going back and maybe summer next time.
  2. I'm going next weekend just overnight on Saturday. Chinese meal at http://www.seapalace.nl/en I was going to suggest the iamsterdam card but it seems more expensive than I remember. Includes public transport and museum entry but can be most useful for priority queues into museums. Have fun.
  3. It baffles me when people call Andy Murray 'dour'. He's from Central Scotland where we consider him dangerously flamboyant, talkative and over-emotional. (from today's Herald)
  4. I like premium bonds but get a much better effective return on my offset mortgage at the moment. Trying them for a year is ok depending on what you are giving up. It'll take a few years to get £30k back into ISAs.
  5. To eat or not to eat - that is equestrian
  6. They are not always welcome http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-17270980
  7. How much you paid for a watch generally doesn't matter. If it was a gift then you paid nothing but you would still get a new for old settlement. How much you paid for a vintage watch may be used as a guide for settlement if a modern equivalent isn't available Policies are worded something like We can choose to settle your claim by: • replacing; • reinstating; • repairing; • payment. If we are able to replace property, any replacement will be on a like for like basis or based on the nearest equivalent available in the current market and payment will be limited to the cost of replacement by our preferred supplier. A deduction for wear and tear will apply for clothing and linen. Remember though a vintage sports Rolex would be replaced with a modern equivalent so anything out of the ordinary must generally be specified if you want the full value.
  8. Robert

    Any Cat Lovers?

    A disappointing £7.57 - think I'll keep her.
  9. I know there are cat lovers here http://www.webuyanycat.com/index.asp From the FAQs Q. Do you buy dogs? A. What do you take us for - crazy people? Well, it made me laugh...
  10. Anyone got any recommendations? Ideally like something that is central and/or on the hop-on hop-off bus route.
  11. I'll guess PG is on holiday No you don't - it'll save you money too.
  12. Cammy, if its just the engine that's knackered you could ask for a cash settlement with you retaining the salvage. Then see if you can get a full engine from a scrappy. Weren't you talking about cycling to work a while ago?
  13. My other half has more watches than I have. Here are three - a Timex Electric bought NOS, a Jean Pierre from RLT and a RLT710.
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