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  1. Curious how this thread digressed from the hazards of wearing high end (or high end looking) watches into everyone's expertise in buying handbags for SWMBO. I imagine thieves might realize they've got a ringer when they rip the watch from your wrist, sprint off, and hear you laughing and holding your belly as they go.
  2. 1. Try CTRL+SHIFT+V when you paste in the text ... this pastes without any formatting (unformatted text, some programs call it). Then you can format in the forum editor as you like. Be warned: things like numbered or bulleted lists may not paste in formatted as a list. 2. Log into www.google.com in Chrome on the new system. When asked to "remember this computer," check YES. It will then associate that machine+browser combination. You will still get the warning message; it's a good thing. If you're daring, enabling two-factor authentication, where Google will text your phone
  3. No, waiting until i'm flush with ducats again and ask a pro to take a whack at restoration/conservation.
  4. Love this unusual watch with a brilliant ETA movement ... sold to me by a RLT'er.
  5. Interesting (segmented) chapter ring, but otherwise it screams that it wants to be reminiscent of the Connery Bond (gilt 6538). But this one celebrates the first in the EON series that Connery wasn't in. Irony piled thick as too-much icing on a cupcake. They should just stick with a design with OO7 on the second hand, reading LOO for half of every second (as someone said elsewhere).
  6. Looks like my dad's old WWII US Army Air Corps watch
  7. It will consolidate subscribed/participated threads and forum sections across multiple forums for you, in one spot. So for example if you frequent three watch forums (I'll let you decide which), you could catch up with all three in one application. You can reply, attache pics, etc. USED TO BE you could upload to Imgur.com through the app, to your Imgur account, but they yanked that away (like other features) in favor of their own hosted solution. I'm not always comfy with providing my original pics/artwork to a company that may claim a license to it (I"m looking at you, Facebook). Anoth
  8. THE END IS NEAR ... as a paid buyer 5-10 yrs ago(?) of the Tapatalk Pro app, I've been free of ads. No more, Tapatalk is now putting interstitial ads in my iOS client asking me to "extend my VIP status" for free for three months, thereafter they will gladly charge me US$0.99 a month for the honor. Almost every thread is marked "new" and has their pitch as the last post. Hum ... Um, shall I? Or ... naw, I can find other ways. Considering this forum's past experiences with the Tapatalk plug-in failing to keep up with the forum software, I thought I'd come back to see if others are seeing
  9. Some movements will accelerate or slow a bit depending on an overnight resting position, e.g. crown up, dial up, on a stand with “12 up.” I would expect a brand new Coaxial movement to be a bit more accurate than +12 secs/day, I’d give it a week to “settle in,” then if still gaining a minute or so over four days, bring back to the AD for regulating/inspection.
  10. Congratulations to you both, Davey.
  11. I’m trying to fathom some of your logic … you want to spend £500, but not sure what you want, but “don’t want to lose [too] much money” on resale. Well depending upon the pre-owned model you buy, you could probably flip at near the same, but you have to pick the make and model carefully, either it’s one you like or don’t. As far as new, I don’t think there are any in that price range you can buy new with VAT and then flip as pre-owned for the same price, unless you find some dolt with limited reasoning abilities. I guess the answer is “buy a used TAG.”
  12. I don't want to miss the junkanoo.... I need a little Fiona Volpe in my life.
  13. Meh. Danny Craigs suits have been too tight and short on him, making him look like a schoolboy. Maybe that's interesting fashion, but a blunder for clothing OO7. The watches show the same lack of imagination IMHO. Great article as always, Always.
  14. I thought you spied a watch in The Avengers: End Game trailer and wanted to know what it was. How about a Tudor BB 58 ? Beautifully made, stylish, none of the date issues the BB GMT has suffered from, not quite as "slab-like" as the BB or other Tudors. Classy, attractive, but should be built to be a daily wear/tool watch.
  15. Well I love the Seiko PX8307X1. Lovely no-nonsense aircrew watch.
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