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  1. Some movements will accelerate or slow a bit depending on an overnight resting position, e.g. crown up, dial up, on a stand with “12 up.” I would expect a brand new Coaxial movement to be a bit more accurate than +12 secs/day, I’d give it a week to “settle in,” then if still gaining a minute or so over four days, bring back to the AD for regulating/inspection.
  2. Congratulations to you both, Davey.
  3. I’m trying to fathom some of your logic … you want to spend £500, but not sure what you want, but “don’t want to lose [too] much money” on resale. Well depending upon the pre-owned model you buy, you could probably flip at near the same, but you have to pick the make and model carefully, either it’s one you like or don’t. As far as new, I don’t think there are any in that price range you can buy new with VAT and then flip as pre-owned for the same price, unless you find some dolt with limited reasoning abilities. I guess the answer is “buy a used TAG.”
  4. I don't want to miss the junkanoo.... I need a little Fiona Volpe in my life.
  5. Meh. Danny Craigs suits have been too tight and short on him, making him look like a schoolboy. Maybe that's interesting fashion, but a blunder for clothing OO7. The watches show the same lack of imagination IMHO. Great article as always, Always.
  6. I thought you spied a watch in The Avengers: End Game trailer and wanted to know what it was. How about a Tudor BB 58 ? Beautifully made, stylish, none of the date issues the BB GMT has suffered from, not quite as "slab-like" as the BB or other Tudors. Classy, attractive, but should be built to be a daily wear/tool watch.
  7. Well I love the Seiko PX8307X1. Lovely no-nonsense aircrew watch.
  8. I see a pattern, all the people with problems are on EE. @martinzx Yours is working, what carrier are you on (when using forum on mobile, Android, Chrome)?
  9. I think I found one bug (theme or software, not sure; and it may not be new), when I tried to edit and save an already saved post, outside of the 15 min (?) timeout for editing, it popped up the error that I could not save the change, but the "Submit Reply" button remained on Saving.... , and hitting ESC (I'm on a PC keyboard) didn't change it. Posting the additional text in the quick reply window and submitting, corrected it and submitted the change normally (appending it to the prior post, as per forum settings). Severity: low (no loss of data) Priority: low (hardly anyone will encounter it)
  10. @KO_81 This is the thread you're looking for. What mobile network carrier do you use?
  11. White text on a dark background has long been known to be a bit harder to read on some monitors, for some people. Suggest you bump up the font size or even choose a different standard font on the dark theme for readability. I did some dark pages back in the day (when Yahoo! was just an index, LOL) but made the backgrounds #202020 or #404040 (RGB 32 or 64), and made the fonts slightly less than white. I usually use #FFFAF0 (255, 250, 240), I set that for my "white pages" backgrounds as well, works well even in 16-bit color displays IIRC. I'm happy to help test it if needed. (edit) Ooooh, the feedback ribbon is semi-opaque, as is the "back to top of page" icon. Neat! ... The page did seem to load quicker, but I'll log out/in to clear cache. There is one thing I'd like to change. The Activity top menu. It drops down when you on mouseOver with a PC, but there is no corresponding action with a phone/tablet/touchscreen. You tap. So selecting Activity, My Activity Streams requires a sort of legerdemain of tap, slide, release to get the sub menu. I'd prefer if the menus all behaved the same i.e. required a tap/click to activate. (Note that the menus without sub-menus already require a tap/click to activate.) I've mentioned before, I know, I'm a broken LP record skipping back on the same track .
  12. Just happened to revisit ... and agree with you. The old "buy the seller, then the watch" applies when striking up a dialogue with the seller, inquiring about the history of the watch, reasons for selling. I think it applies more to private sales like on forums than the madcap bazaar that is is FleaBay, which rivals Mos Eisley spaceport as a wretched hive of scum and villainy. But on Ebay the "ask the seller a question" generally refers to the product on offer, not "hi, how're ya, what's the reason you're selling?" Because the answers are publicly posted on the auction description (by default, or mandatory?), I can understand some sellers declining to impart any information other than related to the sale item.
  13. Wait, you need a clock on the Watch Forum to tell you the correct time? Where … is … your … WATCH, man???
  14. I think it shows little more than he’s skeptical, not necessarily an inexperienced eBayer.
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