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  1. Thanks Gents. Have no idea when last serviced, but I suspect a very, very, very long time past. Maybe even never. While the mainspring "feels" smooth when winding (no slipping, grinding, etc.), the spring will only accept about 10-half turns until resistance. In fact, the 10-half turns is probably consistent with the short run time. Don't most pockets take more than 10-half turn to load? So putting the watch into the hands of a proper watchsmith is probably best. No easy task in the piedmont of North Carolina. Anyone know of a reputable watchsmith that works via postal? Thanks.
  2. I recently took ownership of a Waltham pocket watch that appears to be in very good working order. However, I noticed that it only runs for 12-14 h when fully wound, and lost ~5 min during that period. My question: Are some watches designed to have such a short run time (~12 h), and if unlikely, is this an indication of a problem with the main spring or other component? I can't provide details on the model or age at this point as I don't have the tools/skill to remove the back cover. Need to take to someone who knows what they're doing. Thanks for any insight.
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