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  1. Hi - I've had the above watch circa 1990s for just over a year now and I'm very fond of it. However, it keeps telling the wrong time and seems to seize up (the minute hand is clearly pulsing but not moving forward so it's not the battery). The problem is intermittent. On closer inspection I noticed that there is a hair inside the watch between the crystal and the dial and I think this is what's causing the problem. So I took it to a friendly high street watch fixer who removed the thing in 5 minutes and didn't charge me. I was very grateful and assumed the hair had got in during the service which the watch had been through before I bought it. A ye Sorry posted before I'd finished typing, don't know how that happened... A year later and I have exactly the same problem! Yes, I'm a hairy bugger, but this is kind of weird - any thoughts? How the hell does a hair get into a watch?? Am I going to have to shave my wrists for the rest of my days or is there another solution other than begging a watch maker to perform a hair removal every 12 months?? I don't even wear the watch every day... Any constructive advice much appreciated! Does anyone else have this problem or is it just me?
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