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  1. Thanks for the replies fellas. Back in the box now, need something more robust for work :yes:
  2. I've had this one for a couple of days now and I'm pretty well chuffed. NOS 70s Tissot Seastar on a Milanese bracelet. Very 70s design, the case is almost completely round with no lugs to speak of. Manual wind runs like a charm and at 40mm across including the crown it's a nice size, neither too small or big. It's got lumed hands and markers which I'll charge up and see if there's any lume left. Just some cheap iPhone pics to begin with I'm afraid but dedicated photo shoot coming soon. Roll on Sunday old watch I say! Cheers
  3. Having been in the workforce for a considerable time, I've begun studying part time, having ummed and ahhed about it for a while on several occasions (usually hardest when working some $hit job surrounded by numpties). Anywho, the 710 finally convinced me to sign up, so I'm doing a bachelor of business as a mature age student. Should take a few years but really looking forward to the marketing side of things. Anyone else part-timing it??
  4. Thanks for the replies fellas. There's just something about sitting around, drink in hand, watching the fire. (and not in a pyromanic way either :D )
  5. Thought I'd post up some recent shots I took. Criticism welcomed (but be nice, or at least constructive) :) I ended up using a 30 second exposure (on a tripod of course) with an ND variable filter cranked up to as dark as it would go. The different colours were achieved by playing with the white balance.
  6. Best of luck with the nuptials mate. Whose gonna be the one to get too pi$$ed and cause a scene? (apart from me, that is...) No change for me
  7. I'm looking forward to the photos, sounds really nice. Nice enough for me to suggest paying a professional to get the exact look you're after. Yeah yeah we all want to DIY these days but at least you will be happy with the result.
  8. Very nice. Very classy :thumbsup:
  9. Looks pretty neat to me mate. Not a bad addition at all. There's a fair few divers from the 70s sharing a common case (ancre, helicon etc) which I thought yours might be but pics of your caseback proved me wrong. So sorry can't help other than a bit of admiration. But then that's ok, right? ;)
  10. Well it ain't Friday anymore here but this was what I had on...
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