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  1. Welcome Tony! Lots of Canucks on this forum. My son may be interested in your school. What language is instruction in? The language of instruction is mostly French, but they are having to translate it into English now that they have 5 anglophones studying here! Robert, one of the teachers, is bilingual so we are managing well, although the translation sometimes leaves something to be desired. The textbook comes in both english and french. If your son has a passion for watches and tinkering, then this is definitely the place to be. There is a need for watchmakers in Canada, now that many are retiring and there are few to replace them. The luxury watch market ($25,000 and up) has improved, even in the recession! He could also go into aircraft instrumentation, vault timers, or anything requiring mechanics and gears (transmissions, robotics, etc).
  2. The School is wonderful. You go at your own pace, they switch from theory to practical and back so you don't get bored, and so far I've learned a lot in just a few months. 5 months in, and I'm doing jewelling and lubrication of watches. I also have a few side projects which get done a bit at a time, depending on what I learn. We learn about watches and clocks, from simple timpieces, to chronographs and grand sonneire (sp.) grandfather clocks. If you're the tinkering sort, you'll love this place! Tony.
  3. Well, I see you know Trois-Rivieres quite well. And as soon as I get a motorbike (been wanting one for some time now...) I'll let you know! lol Cheers! Tony.
  4. So this is part 2 of my post, and this will refer to the movement of my Great Grandmothers gold-plated watch. The movement was in rough shape, and corrosion had crept in from the hole in the case and the crown. It has cleaned up nicely, and with some proper lubrication and TLC, it should work like new. I was able to identify the movement, although not marked as such, as a Peseux calibre 30. I was able to identify it using the movement idenfification guide of the Bestfit catalogue. It seems that the setting lever and yoke are unique to most watches, and can help with identification, especially if you need to order parts. On the ratchet gear it says "+ Patent + No 104593". The barrel bridge has "15 Jewels" on it, but other than the same patent number on the dial side of the main plate, there are no other markings on it. Usually there is some symbol or marking under the balance wheel, but nothing exists. I am quite perplexed by this. Most companies WANT you to know what movement is inside a watch. The watch may be a Peseux brand, but I have no evidence of this. If anyone here has any information on this or any ideas as to where to look, I would be happy to hear from you. Thanks again, and I hope this will prove to be a delightful challenge to you all. Cheers! Tony.
  5. This is my Great Grandmothers watch, given to me this year when I went to see my folks for Christmas holidays. It's very old and my Mother gave it to me to have some fun with while I study Watchmaking here, and possibly to restore. The movement is working, but the case, as you can see, cannot be saved, lest I do some serious work patching the hole at the 5 position, re-shaping the lugs and replating the whole thing. I might as well re-make a whole case, but then the idea of restoring it is lost. Ah, me, the perfectionist... The dial is worn, and has no markings save the raised metal numbers on it. A friend of mine thought that someone, sometime ago, may have tried to clean the dial with some solvent, and ended up cleaning the paint off it! Thus the reason for my posting. I have no idea who made the watch, nor exactly how old it is. The back has considerable less damage and wear than the front. The only source of information on this watch lies in the mystery of the makers mark on the back. It is not in the Bestfit calalogue, and I can find no reference on the internet. The back is marked "Rolled Gold", "Warranted 10 Years", "PB", and "Swiss Made". the numbers "9563" are scratched in underneath. I am hoping someone may have some information on this, or may have seen something similar. The case is hinged at the top, which I find unusual, and rather unique. The crystal is still intact, although the adhesive that held it in place is long gone. The interesting thing to note is the 3 repair markings on the inside of the caseback. The first two are similar, indicating that it may have been repaired twice at the same workshop. They have the numbers "#8501030" and "8511264". The third is hard to read, but I believe it says "glass 82/6". My mother has had it in her posession since before 1982, so this might mean the crystal was replaced in 1882, which could also mean it is at least that old! Other than that, I have no proof of its age. This watch was originally purchased in England, so I wanted to see if there were any English Watch Aficionados who could help me solve this little mystery. Since I can only post 5 pics per post, I will put up the pictures of the movement in my next post. Many Thanks in advance, Tony.
  6. Hello All! My name is Tony, and I am a watchmaking student in Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, Canada. I am halfway through my first year and am still as gleeful as a kid in a candy store. I have truly found my calling. I have been looking into the history and background of a couple of watches, and have been a bit stumped. My parents are originally from England, and brought over some watches when they moved here in the '60s. One of them is my Grandfathers Smiths watch, which I will be restoring when I learn a bit more, and one which has no name, and belonged to my great-grandmother. I will definitely need some help identifying it, and I will post pictures and what little information I have on it soon. I hope to find the answers I am looking for, or at least one of you will be able to steer me in the right direction. Cheers! Tony Swinton-Lee
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