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  1. ooo interesting, I'm following this
  2. welcome, you are at the top of a very slippery slope
  3. Zeno 41mm Quartz, bought off someone on this forum (or could've been the old format). Anyone recognise it? lol the mark on the watch is a reflection of a sun like lampshade.
  4. More Trapdoor, in a dark dark house, in a dark dark room, was a cupboard with light shining in it
  5. 710 bought me two for Christmas to get my need for watches going again.
  6. Except the wife doesn't know I bought this
  7. Were Japanese movements always as good as Swiss? or have they upped their game over the last few years?
  8. It's not for charging the lume it's for charging the solar battery I briefly looked at lux values for sunlight; 107000 lux, daylight; 10700 lux, indoor light level; 100-2000 lux. so a few hours under a 6000 lux led should keep it charged I'm sure you're right, I had this in the window in full sun, the case and crystal got hot to touch.
  9. As you all know I bought this Seiko Solar So my thoughts then wondered into the realms of colour temperature (change lux) and the charging of said watch indoors, so this also arrived today It's a 6000 lux led lamp that should in theory equate to daylight, happy days
  10. This arrived today, as a replacement dial for the mega homage I took pity on years ago. It has a SeaGull ST1902 movement, (I know the dial has a 24 subdial - didn't have the 12), I intend for the watch to be sterilised of homageness
  11. So these two ickle things arrived today, thank you Roy, just need to buy some tools to start a tinkering
  12. I put home use, it stated registration was accepted.
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