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  1. I was amazed the crystal came out better than I thought it would.
  2. 22mm bracelet arrived, would be rude not to.
  3. It is my sad quest today to inform you of the demise of the Citizen Crystron LC, after attempting to restart into life with a new cell; I am saddened to say it is deceased, it is no more, it is pining amongst the ethereal Fjords now. Rest in piece my little friend
  4. sorry @mach 0.0013137flieger friday out early so no time to take current tme photo (this from stock) Laco Aachen Taupe LE 42mm, modified Miyota movement
  5. Unless you're on the dark Web, then just expect a knock at your door
  6. @SolaVeritatethe image is taken from the back, some of the smaller scratches are as you say not noticeable, but the deep scratch remains. The sanding was done face down on a flat surface, so it will eventually be taking down the metal case as well, I believe the plastic crystal is glued in. It could all be a moot point if the watch doesn't work.
  7. So the crystal started out like this below After 600, 1000, 1500 & 2000, it looks like this Not perfect by any means, but man those scratches are deep and the crystal has a finite depth. I'm happy with the results as a "what if?" trial.
  8. 1 day on and still loving its simplicity, it's military styling, wears very well. Best of all everything lines up, so bonus.
  9. good article, but the "70's" photo of the P3 Orion over a Russian submarine - the submarine appears to be an "Akula" class submarine entered service in 1986, someone on here is an ex submariner, could be @Biker? they could possibly elucidate more?
  10. so this landed today from the green isle, it's a Citizen Crystron LC from I believe Jan 1978. not sure if it works, I've ordered a new battery, it's very grubby, hence in a state of disembowelment and the crystal is very scratched (polywatch on order)
  11. This but unboxing this Seiko solar V158 42mm w/o crown, 22mm lug, very subtle green dial, half price in H Samuel
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