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  1. ah, the Roger Moore bond watch that my entry is the homage to
  2. Wearing this again for physio, Casio Royale.
  3. very nice job, I was pleasantly surprised how well a DIY can be done, I did a month ago.
  4. Let's paws for thought you are under the misapprehension that he wanted to count; but why should he, since you are his man servant, therefore, YOU got it wrong
  5. Bob is illiterate, be like Bob
  6. Delivered today, Casio AE-1200WH Lume shot
  7. Same watch, the tag one is before I read the manual to correct the date/time
  8. I have the bigger brother 43mm, doesn't wear big though.
  9. Mine arrived today, original strap is a folded affair
  10. Delivery of incoming Casio Royale
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